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Journalling Ideas: What do you love most about your life?

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The people who are in it. 

I could have been born into another family, at a different time, in another country opposites sides of the world from where i am now. In another century... and yet here i am. Here i am in 2020 with my family that consist of a number of uncles, aunties, cousins, 2nd cousins, great aunties, my mom, a husband, brothers, sisters in laws, nieces, nephews, not forgetting all the furry animals in my life and each one of them is someone who i love. Friends who you may as well include as family, friend of friends, friends of family members who we see once a year at Christmas gatherings. All of these people i have a connection with. 

I was thinking the other day of different kinds of love you have for people. Friends for example. You meet them sometimes super randomly, sometimes through other friends you have and you build a connection, a friendship from scratch. You make that connection of love from the relationship you have. I was looking at that difference to those of family members. Do you just love them or SAY you love them because they are related? Because they have came into your life through someone else you know? Are you expected to just love them let alone LIKE them?

For me, personally. I feel like the love i have for my family members is a natural instinct. For blood relatives alone, i feel an instant connection with them. We share the same cells & DNA so how could I not feel an instant connection with them. Do i just love my brothers because they are my brothers? No. Similar to friends, i have obviously grew up with them and learnt things about them that have made me fall in love with them, but at the same time, if i had spent zero time with them over the years, i believe i still would have this undeniable love for them. A solid connection that we are related, we are bonded for life. 

I have just also realised whilst re-reading this back, that one of the many reasons of this natural instinct is because we can see a lot of ourselves in them. I can see physical and emotional traits like that of myself. My eldest brother nick. The way he presents himself and the things he says mirrors so much to me. Simon, his humour and emotions are so a-like with mine it's crazy. 
They might see this differently when they look at me and each other. But that's my perception. That's one of the reasons i have based my love for them. You feel instantly connected and attached to someone who is like to yourself. You know you will get on with them a lot easier than someone whose completely opposite... more than likely. 
You spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with yourself, your soul and mind. Someone who shows even a slightest little similarity to you, it's a little spark that pings from your heart saying, your a little like me. Your my squishy :') (Any Finding Nemo lovers, high 5)
That connection has been made. 

I cannot believe when i look at my life. How many collections i have in my friendship and family real life album. When i think about each and everyone of them and why and how we have this bond, it astounds me. 

 My life has been capable of finding these people, naturally or randomly. That's what i love the most. That's what truly makes me happy. 

P.s I cannot forget how to mention one of the most loved drinks in my life for currently 26 and a half years... a hot cup of tea. x

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