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Journalling Ideas: What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

1. The view. 

As i sit here typing these words, i can turn to my left and see trees.
Louis Armstrongs - Trees of green will no doubt be stuck in my head for the foreseeable day, but instead of red roses, i can see a peep of lavender hydrangeas. 

I've been trying to google the correct same of the hugeee trees I can see beside me but instead of finding the exact word, i'm going to describe it as a MASSIVE Christmas tree...
You can see where the past few days of sunshine has scorched some of the ever green leaves but to me, it adds more depth, more of an autumnal look which i love. 

2. My new favourite app... Alarmy. 

One of my favourite videos to watch on youtube is morning routines. Especially if i feel in a slump with my own, i find watching these types of videos give me inspiration. One of the videos i watched a gorgeous lady Lyn Allure, shared she has used this app for years and has been the main help to get her up early. 

It's a free app, you can set your alarm just like normal but you can choose to do certain tasks before you can stop it. I opt out of the snooze option and have swapped it for a memory game, maths solutions or to even take a picture of a barcode from a recipe book in my kitchen. Before i know it, my mind has been given a task to forget about snoozing the alarm and so far it's really helping me to wake up early to seize my day. This morning for example, i was awake and out of bed for 7:30 which is VERY unusual for me. 

3. I get to see my mom today.

YAY! I try and see my mom at least once a week. I hop on the bus for about a 20 minute journey and we spend the day together. The past few weeks we have been organising her garage thats filled with YEARS worth of our family stuff. The Marie Kondo in me has loved it! 

Today, i'm going to do a little more organising with her but mainly help her put the last piece of wallpaper up in her living room to make it complete. 

I wasn't able to visit during lockdown for reasons we all know why. But now, i had no doubt who was going to be the first person in my bubble. My beautiful mommy bear. She is my best friend and to not be able to physically see her for months, like so many others was so so hard. But now, i am so grateful she is a bus journey away and we can spend a lovely day together. 

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