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Journalling Ideas: What are 3 new hobbies you would like to enjoy?

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1. Swimming. 

I all for it. Since the gyms have reopened, i'm considering getting on sports direct and ordering myself a waterproof swim hat and some swimming shoes. It's getting serious :O I love the idea of swimming as exercise. To me, it's so different to what i normally do working out and feels fun and before you know it your out of breath and you have ACTUALLY exercised. 

The only thing that has put me off in the past is these 3 things:

- i'm not a strong swimmer. The only way i can get better is to get going!

- All the faff of getting ready in a squished cubicle with wet hair. Hence the waterproof cap idea. I know i might look like i have all the gear and no idea but if it saves me having to wash my hair and damage it with the chlorine then on that hat goes. 

- Winter = cold. Coming out of the baths with wet hair, a damp body because i'm usually in a rush to get home and showered at this point and freezing! This coming winter i have a super thick coat so that will conquer the cold and my swim hat yet again is just becoming more and more a good idea!

2. Knitting. 

My mother and auntie in law are huge knitters and they are always inspiring me to have a go at it. They have given me needles, wool and motivation but i always start. stop. start. stop. I've got some amazing dark grey wool in my wardrobe that i would love to make a chunky scarf for the autumn winter. I love that i could produce something to wear with my own 2 hands and what are practically chop sticks.

3. Ariel and Pole Dancing

I want to act like i'm in a circus show and twissle around some ribbon. I would imagine it would need some core strength and i could only imagine what strength you would build too!

Pole dancing is always something i've loved the look of. I've heard it's AMAZING exercise and again, with it including dancing and technique, i'd be concentrating so much on that, not noticing session by session my 6 pack is forming! 

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