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June Favourites 2020

Let's not remind ourselves how many months it has been since i last popped up a blog post. *Elephant in the room shouts.... SINCE OCTOBER*
Yep, October. My October favourites. I've just counted how many months that's been... has it really been 8?!?! 8 months? gosh. wow. Let's get straight into what i have been loving in June and get right back into this! 

1. Pushing through trying times. 

I don't think i have updated you since, but as of December last year, i started an actual job. After being practically unemployed for 2 years before, with the odd job here and there, i was now in the working world. Not only gaining a new job but also realising the terror of anxiety that came along with it. 

Having OCD, i'm no stranger to some heart flutters and panic but boy oh boy. I had never in my LIFE experienced agonising mental health than that i did last December. That story i'll share at a different time. But i wanted to mention this because after working 6 months and being so strong, the start of June brought all of Decembers feeling back again. 

Why on earth would this be a favourite? Well going through this again, albeit not AS bad as the start of job, but hard enough to make me think i could not do it anymore, i realised that I can. That's what my favourite has been. Knowing that i can work through it, i can go past it. Not let anxiety rule over me & make me leave ANOTHER job, make me feel in-superior, worthless, give me agonising tremors. I have come out of that, feeling stronger than ever with the help of self help books and mainly my husband, who reminds me of everything that we learned from the start of the year to get through this.

I am so beyond proud of myself, that i've got through another hard time in my life and it's given me so much hope, knowing i've got another notch (experience) on my belt to look back and learn from if/when my anxiety flares up again. 

2. Fresh Flowers. 

Walking into Aldi with my reusable bags in the crook of my arm, i first of all see the abundance of flowers there before me. I love to see whats in season and with a quick search on google to make sure my desired blooms aren't toxic to my little cat, a fresh bouquet of flowers are the first gently placed item in the trolley. 

My favourites so far have been the beauuuuutiful fluffy stocks that came in a blackcurrant shade and the bright summer sunflowers that sat proudly on my kitchen windowsill for all public passer-byers eyes to catch, and hopefully make their day a little brighter. 

3. 2020 Diary 

Unlike me, i went through a few weeks where i wasn't using my diary as much. I usually LOVE to open my diary, grab some pastel highlighters and get filling up my days with the neatest writing i can create, showing me at the end of the week, i have been somewhat productive. 

In June i quickly snapped back into the writing and highlighting mode. Drawing little boxes next to my medication chart ready to tick, starting the long list of jobs i'd like to get done that week, admittedly moving some over from the previous week that i did not complete. Planning out that weeks youtube videos, completing a brief description of that nights meal for future reference.... When i am active with my diary, i feel a piece of me is complete. I have something to be accountable for, even if it is just ticking a box complete.

Want to see more?
There's a video on my youtube channel ready to view. I included different favourites for your ears and eyes to discover. Why don't you grab a cup of tea and start to watch...?

Thank you for sharing your time with me today to see what June as brought along for me to become a fan of.

See you soon, 

Love, Emilie x

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