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Benefit Cookie Highlighter Review

Who even am I? A benefit boxed highlighter? I never thought i would see the day. 

A benefit highlighter goes passed my everyday budget to spend on a piece of makeup but as this was in a bundle from a left over xmas set a boots, i could not let it pass. 

Let's delve into benefits highlighter - cookie.

Did I know this existed until perusing boots website? No. Heard much about it? Nope. 
Do you need to hear about it? YES!! 


1. Packaging

I love the uniqueness of benefit boxed products. The way they can stand out in your collection for all those circle and square shaped blusher, it just grabs my attention

Cookie, features a drawn model featuring the same shades of the highlighter, which is a cute touch. 

You might think a box blush would be flimsy but in fact feels quite sturdy. The open and close mechanism is rather satisfying. 
It opens with a smooth sweep and when closing, tucks in nicely with a hidden magnet, this will help if it ends up in a makeup from opening and smushing against your mascara. 

2. Shade

Benefit describe it has a golden-pearl... a soft gold shimmer
I do agree, but also would add that it has a peachy hue too. It's your classic champagne shade with a glint of peach in certain lights. Even it certain lights it could pass as an ivory silver tone

3. Formula
As dua lipa would say...one touch is all it take, to take my breath away. 
A little intimate touch of the finger picks up the product effortlessly

4. Application.
Hard to work with? Even though its so pigmented, its so easy to work with. 
A little dab of the product can go a long way but can be blended out to a subtle hint on the skin. On the other hand, you can go HAM and build that baby up and shine to the heavens.

5. Look
It is so finely milled that on the skin it looks effortless, fluent on the skin. No chunky particles that give of an unnatural look. The butteriness of the highlighter glides over the skin making it look soft and silky. With cookie catching different shades in certain lights, i do believe this would suit every skin tone. With it having a silver tone, it would suit the palest of skins but with it having a peachy tone too, it would to the deepest of tones and all in between.

6. Longevity
Being so pigmented, it lasts on the skin until your doing your deep cleanse.
With it being so silky, the product almost melts and meshes with your bases products and locks in until it's time to remove. 

7. Amount of product

You receive 8g of pure delight. 

8. Extras

I've noticed benefit always go above and beyond with their fine details, when purchasing you get a cute little pamphlet giving you a demo of how to apply. 

A brush that fits perfectly inside the product. I don't keep this in the box itself, i find that when i go it has scrape against the highlighter, uplifting the product and ends up with product all of the applicator. I don't think it would be completely useful for blush, but for highlighter, its quite a nice shape for a dusting on the cheekbones. 

My favourite is the cute little mirror. Not one you could do your whole makeup routine in, but definitely one those mirrors you forget you have with you and then happily realise benefit have done you could and provided the goods. 

Where can I purchase and how much is it going to cost me?

You can purchase it right here... CLICK ME
for £27.00.

Anything similar? 

I have found an amazing drugstore dupe if your not wanting to splurge today... 
Wet and Wilds MegaGlow Highlighter in Previous Petals 

Would I recommend?

YES! Especially if you like to collect benefits boxed products. Albeit i know it's pricey, but the quality of the formula is outstanding & you really know your getting a highlighter thats going to last as long as you need it too and look natural, glossy and shining. 


unique but sturdy packaging

silky soft formula


long lasting

unique shade with pearl, peach, gold/silvery hues

applies effortlessly

comes with mirror and brush

cute design 

8g of product

Thank you so much for joining me today, why not check out another post? You'll find some suggested below just for you :')

Lots of love, Emilie x

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