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October Favourites

Oh my hat, it's been a hot minute since i last uploaded a monthly favourites post and boy have i missed them. 
I won't bore you with the ins and outs on why i have missed the past oooft has it been 3 months? So lets swiftly move on to what i have been loving lately...

1. Z Nation

Zombies. Comedy. Thrill. Loveable characters. Gripping Storyline it has it all.
The first episode in, we knew we was in for a treat. If your a fan of Zombie films/series then i think your going to LOVE Z Nation. Each episode has a different story whilst sticking on track with the main plot. The characters just make the WHOLE show. Can Doc please be my real life friend please? And the zombie side of things isn't too scary. It has a lil bit of thrill with some tongue in cheek comedy.

2. Autumn

Ohhhh my second favourite season has been upon us and showering down it's maple coloured leaves on us. 1st of October I sprinted to our radiator turning on system thingy-me-bob and turned that shizz right on! We ploughed through September, pushing the thought of the heating being turned on until October and you can bet your bottom dollar as soon as I flipped my calendar over to the 1st the heating bill risen. 

3. Weekly Vlogging

Yep, thats right. It's me, filming my week. Albeit it may be boring, it may be repetitive but hey ho, we have a laugh and make plenty cups of teas and declutter my stuff quite a lot and chit chats in between. 
I have been LOVING filming my days to have a natter with you guys and after having a week from not filming titbits of my week I have really missed it! Can't wait to get sharing my bed head and groggy morning voice again.
(I'm really selling this to you aren't i?!)

Here's some I made for the past few weeks if you fancy a ponder....

4. Family Time 

Richard has had over a week off from work and it has been wonderful having him home. Even just hearing him in the other room chatting to his playstation buddies or cursing at the game for being silly is just so nice to have him there. My little cat Cloud has adored snuggling up next to him and occasionally sauntered in to see what i'm up too. 

We didn't really get up to anything different, we have just got over the longest bloody lingering cold known to man so we just chilled for most of the week with an exciting outing to Aldi & a pit stop at  a bakery to pick up some naughty cakes whilst watching my next fave...

5. The Great British Bake Off.

Ohhhhh my year isn't complete without rushing to the tv at 8pm every Tuesday with a freshly made cuppa and a snack in the other to watch the bake off. Whenever i hear the into music... da dun dun dun, da dun dun dun, you know how it goes, i just instantly feel happy and content with life right there. 
Richard even watched every episode with me this year which is un heard of and just added to the family cosy times each week. 
It's all ended now though boohoo, but so happy with the final 3 <3 

Thank you so much for joining me today for a wee little catch up on the things i have been loving lately. I hope you are doing fab and can't wait to chat soon!

Love, Emilie xx