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* I just wanted to pop a little disclaimer before you start to have a lil read that I am going to be mentioning a lot of my OCD triggers, I know that in the past, I have found it difficult to read what others go through as it would sometimes mirror onto myself, so i just wanted to let you know to forewarn you just incase x *

**If you would prefer to watch a video version of this post with more in depth about my OCD journey, I have a whole playlist uploaded on my youtube of previous OCD videos I have filmed, this is the link... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ8jW5x-QISE-nO2YXSW5sWg5X_I8FOli**

Chapter 6

Once we had finished working through this pyramid, Jennifer asked me where do I now see our sessions going. To be completely honest, towards the last few sessions, it was going that amazingly that i was wondering what we were to discuss next as i felt everything had been covered.
I realised that I had no other concerns, no other triggers I wanted to work through. I felt like my life had completely changed. Each time i walked out of those doctors surgery doors i smiled and was so excited to improve that coming week with my new challenges.

We decided to end our sessions after week 8 I believe. The last session we discussed about relapses, what to do if that happens, what could cause a relapse, how will i feel if it does, what will happen etc. We recapped on everything we discussed over the sessions and Jennifer is going to send me a pack of papers of everything we discussed so i can always look back to them if i need some encouragement.

There is so much more i could tell you about my therapy sessions. So so much more help that Jennifer helped me to see. I would love to keep writing 'little' posts like this to help you if you or you know someone who is struggling too.

The main reason i wrote this post today was to share my experience and what it that I have found to be a near complete cure to my OCD. Has it banished? No. Has it came back from day to day? Yes. Will it ever go away? Probably not. But i have never felt better. I never thought life could be like this. That this is how my life is without OCD holding me back.

I also wanted to share snippets of my thought records and maybe upload some in the future for me to have something to always work towards with my OCD. To keep on top of it. To maybe do weekly thought records and upload them to my blog so you can see the things i have had to tackle and give you some confidence that you can do it too and that your not alone.
It will help me out so much too. Having something i can look back on and seeing what I have accomplished will help for sure if i'm struggling with my OCD in the future. Knowing i have got through a similar situation before, i know will help me.

Thank you so so much for the taking the time to read my post today and i couldn't recommend speaking with your GP if you are going through OCD, anxiety, depression and ANY form of mental health! That's what they are there for and as soon as i visited my doctors and therapist, my whole life changed and i started my path to stop making OCD define me. (oh how cheesey hehe)

I would have popped it all in one post but it was sooooooo word heavy & I thought uploading a chapter daily might be easier to read & digest. So I've added all chapters to my dropdown menu under lifestyle, where you can find all chapters inside <3 

Thank you so so much taking the time out of your day to read my post.

I have been wanting to write a post about my OCD for a very long time but if you know anything at all about OCD, you will know how much information you can hold. It's so tricky to put it all into words sometimes and me being me, i do love to jabber sometimes haha!

Thank you so much again for reading and i do hope that this somewhat helped you or someone who you know. Even if it just gives you a little bit of hope that there could be a nugget of a cure out there for you to help you get through your journey. 

Lots of love,

Emilie x

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