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After patiently collect 6 items from makeup to be empty, i took them on a little adventure to a MAC store where i was able to exchange them for a FULL SIZE lipstick. Waaaaaah?!

When you have 6 empty products from MAC you can do this thing called, BACK TO MAC. 
I presume it's a way of them being able to recycle the packaging as well as a great marketing strategy to lure customers to buy more to make up their total to get a free lippy. Genius! 

After many, many moments figuring out which lipstick to go for, i decided to opt away from the nudes and go for a gorgeous wearable everyday pink. 

Introducing... Syrup. 

No editing, just flash....

Hello my new little friend that i'm going to describe as my lip colour but that's a little bitter better!

It's the most gorgeous natural 'pink flush' shade that just washes over the lips.
This is only my second MAC lipstick and is a whole new formula from my Velvet Teddy. 
I must say, i love them both!

Syrup is a Lustre. It has that balmy look but with quite good last power. My favourite part about this shade is that as it wears, it tones down even more too such a gorgeous natural shade, it barely looks like your wearing anything, with just an added glint of colour to your lips.

Thank you so much for reading today's post & can't wait to chat soon.

Love, Emilie x


Lustre Formula

£17.50 or FREE when you BACK2MAC

Natural, flush of pink

Great lasting power

Fades gradually to a sweep of a flush pink shade

3g of product 

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