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Revolution Banana Light Powder Review

Let's delve into a puff of lightweight, finely milled powder and ponder of Revolution Beauty's gem of a product.

1. What is it and what does it claim to do?

This is finely milled baking powder and 7th in Revolution's loose baking powder range. 
It is claimed to be just like their original baking powder with the same unbeatable setting and brightening power. The product is claimed to prolong makeup, banish shine, brighten and balance skin tone. ( everything i want and need in a powder, can i getta hell yeah?!)

2. Price

Compared to other baking powders on the market, this comes in at a fraccccction of the price.
For 32g of product it costs just £5.00

3. Packaging

I was excepting a rather big tub from the pictures i have seen online but when it arrived, i was so surprised by its cute little podgy-ness. It's compact enough for travelling on holidays but not tiny enough to pop into a clutch for touch ups.

4. Shade

Within the 7 shades, this one is designed for brightening lighter skin tones. 
When purchasing this shade, i knew i wanted to try a banana powder after hearing many a good things about the benefits of brightening under your eyes, but was a little concerned about the yellow tinge. 

With the banana light, although it does have a touch of lemon colouring to the powder, that cannot be seen when applied... thankfully.

5. Application

 If you like to tip the loose product into the cap before applying, good luck.
It's rather tiny.
Upon finding this out, i opted to then use the back of my hand to sprinkle the product onto which works just fine.

I use a dry beauty sponge to pick and place the product on the desired areas of my face. Sometimes i bake, sometimes i just pat straight in. Either way is very easy to do with the sponge method as you can pick and place the product onto designated areas, rather than sporadically applying with a brush, if thats not your jam. 

6. Feel

When i bake or pat this powder straight into my skin i get the same outcome.
It doesn't feel heavy one little bit.

7. Finish

It doesn't cake into my pores or rest onto the dry patches of my skin.
It absorbs any oil that has annoyingly escaped through since applying my foundation or when i touch up throughout the day.
I love how it glides over my makeup rather than just sits there.

Unlike some powders i have used in the past, it doesn't LOOK heavy either and doesn't look like a cast of dust over my skin which is da best.

Flashback? nu urrrr.

With it being a slight touch lighter than my foundation shade, it gives a subtle natural brightness under my eyes which blends in so naturally to the other products on my skin.

8. Longevity

As Revolution claims, it does hold my makeup in place. It doesn't hold it amazingly well with some foundations but i put my blame to them instead of powder.
I do sometimes have to touch up around my nose but when do i not need to do this? ( gee thanks sweaty shnoz!)

I love the fact it doesn't clog and cake up when re-applying to touch up. It just blends into the previously applied products and sits just as well as when first applied.

Where can I buy it from?

Right here... Revolution Beauty or Superdrug

What are the other shades and their claims?

Translucent – for all skin tones

White – for the fairest skin tones 

Banana Light – brightening for light skin tones

Banana – brightening for medium skin tones

Banana Deep - brightening for medium to dark skin tones

Lace – for medium skin tones

Beige – for warm medium skin tones

Peach - colour balancing for medium to dark skin tones

Orange – colour balancing for dark skin tones 

Deep Dark – for dark and deep skin tones 

Would I purchase it again?

I may look into purchasing the shade 'lace' for the summer time when i might gain a little tan.

Thank you so much for reading my lovelies and we shall chat soon...

Love, Emilie xx


32g for £5.00

Comes in 7 different shades

Doesn't have a yellow cast


Locks in makeup

Non cakey look

Doesn't cake when applying touch ups

Works well with other products

Looks natural on the skin

Finely milled and light texture

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