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Hotel Chocolat Lip Balm Review

I don't know about you, but when I stumble into (more like arrive into, after hunting the store down before i can head anywhere else) Hotel Chocolat, a thought runs through my mind every. single. time. 
''If only there were something that i can slather all over my lips that looks AND tastes like chocolate? hmmmm''

Low and behold *angels sing* there sat small, cute, wooden pots holding such a product.
Hotel Chocolat have only gone and brought out their own lip balm! 
Willy Wonka missed a trick here!


1. Packaging

Wouldn't you just looooook! I'm going all heart eyed emoji over here.

I have never seen a such a cute and compact yet luxuriously rustic lip balm in all my 25 years. I've never seen any packaging like this being offered amongst the usual lip balm brands.
When you grasp the soft wooden pot in your hands, if feels so deluxe. On the top and bottom of the pot is a Hotel Chocolat simple yet fitting label for the info needed.

2. Price

Please oh pretty please don't gasp when I tell you this ok?
You promise?

Ok, this lip balm costs £7.00.
I shall admit, a wee bit of air passed through my lips when i saw the price but we are talking Hotel Chocolat. A fancy, lavish chocolate store that always deliver quality and per-ZAZZ.

(Unsure of wether this is a promotional offer or an ongoing offer but online at Hotel Chocolat they are offering 2 for £10 mix & match, perfect if your buying for a gift)

3. Scent/Flavour

There's 4 to choose from including:

4. Formula

If you have experienced biting into Hotel Chocolat's dizzy praline chocolates, you may remember the texture inside that was thick, yet silky and of course delicious.
I don't know if this was Hotel Choclat's intensions but scoop the middle of a dizzy praline out and you've got this lip balms formula.

If you've never had a dizzy praline, 1. your missing out on a treat! 2. The formula is thick but loose, when applied onto the lips it feels like an oil when warmed from the finger tips giving a luscious juicy lip look. 

5. Ingredients

In this particular balm, the natural blend of ingredients include almond oil and cocoa butter (what a combo) rosemary leaf extract and beeswax. All blended together to make a natural, vegetarian lip balm for us to slather on our puckers. 

Hotel Chocolat do emphasise that all of their products are made in a factory that handles tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk and soya so therefore may contain traces.

6. Feel & Look

The balm is a silky but rich formula that feels almost like a glaze on the lips. Applied to thick, it could feel a little much as a small amount can go a long way. 

Although the Almond Chocolat has a cocoa tint in colour, this doesn't particularly show on the lips, maybe a slight hue. But it does however give a juicy plump appearance and leaves your lips feeling softer and hydrated after first use. 

Where can it be purchased?

Both online and in a Hotel Chocolat store. 


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my post!
What flavour would you choose? The fruited chocolat sounds very appealing for Christmas time, christmas cake lip balm anyone?

Can't wait to chat soon!

Love, Emilie xx



(2 for £10 mix & match online)

May contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soya and wheat

Silky, soft, whipped like formula 


Can be applied thickly for a great overnight lip treatment 

Gives a glossy, plump appearance to the lips 

Deluxe packaging 

4 varieties including Almond, Fruited, Coconut and Peach Chocolat. 

Hydrates and softens after one use 

Smells (& can confirm after ''accidentally'' licking my lips, tastes) delicious

10ml of product

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