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No7 Maple Glow Palette Review & Swatches

Well hi there No7's autumnal, everyday, go-to, travel friendly palette that i got free with my purchases, it is SO lovely to have you ;)

Yep, for FREE! Right now in Boots, they are offering this beautiful palette for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you buy 2 or more products from No7 Cosmetics/Brushes.


You can buy this palette on it's own once this offer has ended for £25.00. 

Here's what the outer packaging looks like in all of it's autumnal glory... 

This travel friendly and everyday use palette comes with 4 flattering eyeshadows, a bronzer, blush and 2 highlighters.

Charlotte Tilbury had a very similar product out which i would have brought if my purse had let me for £49.00, which had very similar shades to whats being offered from No7! 

The 4 eyeshadows are buttery and pigmented, offering different eye looks for many occasions with 2 matte and 2 shimmer shades. I can't wait to sweep that golden orange shade all over the lid as soon as Autumn hits for a burnt rusty eye look. Until then, i think the nude all over the lid with a smudged out line of the maroon shade will be perfect for a effortless day time look. 

The blush and bronzer offer great pigment but gives an option to build. So if your only wanting a slight bit of bronze to the cheekbones, a touch of the brush will add enough impact without being over the top, yet dipping in again will add the depth you need to create the cheekbones you desire. 

The matte bronzer is a caramel toned shade without the orange tones. 

The blush is giving me NARS orgasm vibes left right and centre. This blush though has a slight peachy undertone but still lets that golden shine beam through in the light. So pweddy. 

The 2 highlighters offer a spectrum of an angelic champagne hue to a golden goddess living it up in Santorini. 

The champagne shade offers a gorgeous light gold effect which will be perfect for all occasions. The bronze highlighter could be blissfully worn on top of a bronzed cheek and even swept across the eye lids too!

This palette is just glorious. I can see this being my grab and go for when i'm travelling as it has so many steps i need to create my makeup look in one palette, for a drugstore price... well done No7 <3 

You can get No7 Maple Glow Palette HERE

Thank you so much for reading and chat soon...

Emilie xx




Perfect for all occasions

Nars Dupe

Charlotte Tilbury Dupe

Costs £25.00


Perfect for travel 

Eyeshadows - 0.8g

Bronzer - 2.8g

Blusher - 2.6g

Highlighters - 1.9g

Simple Eye Cream Review

Eye bags that i can fit my kitchen sink into? Puffy eyes that look like I've been in a fight (and lost) with Anthony Joshua? Tired dark circles that look like 2019's version of the solar eclipse?
Yep, me too & I'm sorry, i'm not having it anymore. No sir-ee!

Off i went to the shops to find me an inexpensive BUT effective eye cream and i knew what brand to check out first and of course it was simple, it was Simple! ;);) 

Simple do the most.. well.. simplest of products that don't contain anything you wouldn't want to put on to your skin, you know all those mumbo jumbo words in the ingredients you not sure where to begin with pronouncing? yeah those ones. I knew that if i was putting something under my peepers i wanted it to be kind and sensitive just how i like my men. 



When purchased, your soft 15ml tube of eye balm with come in a cardboard box which gives you all the info you need to know about the product. 

The tube of balm comes in soft matte bottle with a narrow spout for easier flow of product. 

With the tube being soft, it not only means when you think you have ran out... SNIP goes the scissors and voila you have a few weeks worth of product still tucked up in the corners of the bottle. 
It's super easy to squeeze and control how much you apply. 


Simple's soothing balm contains Jojoba Oil, which basically comes from a shrub called Simmondsia Chinensis (totally copied and pasted that) which helps to treat sores and bruises. This must be where the soothing property comes from. 
As well containing pro-vitamin B5 which helps to heal wounds and moisturise. Vitamin E is also added in here to help reduce inflammation (i.e our puffy the vampire slayers) & has anti-aging benefits.
Along with all of it's ingredients, this balm contains Bisabolol which is basically the essential oil from German Chamomile which is renowned for it's soothing properties as well as helping irritated skin. 

The Consistency

When i noticed this 'cream' was in fact a balm, it made me to try it even more. I know don't why. I think it was because to me a balm sounds like it's really going to soothe down my extra eye baggage.

The balm itself is a milky gel like formula. It's not thick like a cream and has a loose water like feel upon the touch. 


 I was concerned about the gel like texture as previous gel products tend to leave a film under my eyes, which NO THANK YOU *washes off instantly*. But this product blends right in leaving a soft, calmed like effect to my tired little eyeballs. 

I like to apply a grain of rice amount to my ring finger & pat pat pat niiiiiice and gently. I apply it under my eyes, to the sides, inner corner and brow bone. 

The Results 

IT IS SO SENSITIVE! The relief of no stinging is bliss. There is nothing but a refreshing cool, calm and soothing feel when applied.

When i apply it of an evening, i wake up with barely needing to apply any more the next morning. Although, i still do. I love how refreshing and awakening my under eyes feel when using this balm from simple. 

I really like how it feels underneath my makeup. I find that it helps to moisturise my under eyes to minimise my concealer from creasing throughout the day. 

Would I recommend?

It's Simple (hehe i'm at it again) absolutely!

Thank you so much for your time to read today's post & i do hope you enjoyed, 

Love, Emilie x


£3.99 from Superdrug 




non sticky

sinks in quickly to the skin

reduces puffiness

doesn't sting

works well underneath makeup

sensitive to your under eyes

no artificial colours or perfumes

no harsh chemicals 

no alcohol

no animal derived ingredients

contains pro-vitamin B5 , Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Bisabobol