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June Favourites

Oh didn't June go quick!!
Blimey were now in the 7 month of the year! Get your Christmas lists ready kids!

Lets have a wee little ponder at what has taken my fancy throughout this blast of a month. 

1. Love

It was my husband and I's 10 year 'together anniversary'. 10 years of being life partners, soulmates, boyfriend and girlfriend, i love you buddies, prince and princess just to name a few descriptions.

We didn't have a fancy smansy meal, but what we did do is celebrate with one of our favourite passed times of having a home cooked meal and snuggle on the sofa whilst binging on a series on Netflix.

2. Jessica Jones. 

My husband had to twist my arm to get me into watching the marvel series on Netflix, starting with the Jessica jones series. After so many marvel series binged, I have to say I'M HOOKED to them!
The latest series to appear to our screens was the 3rd series of Jessica Jones and ooft it was a gooden'.

It had action, power, tears and more action, my bum was tightly clenched to my seat most episodes. 

3. Podcasts. 

Instead of music in June, my ears opted for something a little different in the form of podcasts. 
The series i have been listening to is from a gorgeous and oh so inspirational lady called Jenna Kutcher. Jenna has a podcast called GOAL DIGGER, offering so many tips, tricks for your business and life in general. Her voice is soothing, motivating and inspiring to listen too.

I also feel a little bit more productive when i'm commuting as i know my brain is learning little by little and not off into a dream land listening to Mariah Carey envisioning myself driving with the roof down instead of on a bus. 

There we have a few lil tit bits of what i have loved throughout the month of June.

Thank you ever so much for reading and i hope you have a fabulous July, bring on the bbq food ay! 

Lots of Love, 

Emilie xx

Watch to see some more of my recent faves on my youtube channel....

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