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2019 New Years Resolutions - 6 month Recap

How is it half way (or just over in fact) through the year?!?! 

A seems like yesterday that i was compiling a list of goals i wanted to achieve for the year ahead with 12 fresh long month to achieve and woooooosh, it's 6 and a half months down & i think it's time for a recap to see how i am doing with achieving these resolutions. 

In all honestly before i start, i honestly thought i was would be working 9-5 Monday-Friday, so a lot of these goals were set to work alongside this expectation, i thought i would have more structure (& a lot more money) but hey ho, life is so unexpected and let's see how my life has worked out differently from what i originally thought...

I'll leave the link here to my original 2019 Resolutions, Goals & Dreams incase you fancy a quick skim through to see what i have been working with here.

'' 1. Devise and maintain a structured morning and evening routine.''
Hmmm, yeah not so much. 
With not have the structure of a full time job, the idea of a set out routine morning and night just hasn't taken place. I still would like to incorporate set things into my morning and evening routine that don't need me to be working in order to have them, so this is something i can definitely work towards in the last of of this year fo sho!

2. Time Save.
No job = more time. 
So i haven't particularly needed to ''save time''. But, i have found myself batch cooking a few different meals to make sure i have a guaranteed meal if i have a busier week than usual. If i know i'm going to be out and about, rather than grabbing a quick sausage roll from Gregg's, i'll take my microwave lunch box with some pre-made chilli, bish bash bosh, i'm fed = time and money saved.

As regards to laser hair removal to save time in the beauty department, this has been a fail. The treatments are pricey and my bank is tiny so no laser hair removal trips for me yet. 

3. Spend more time with friends and family.
To a certain degree, we have been making a bit more of an effort to go and see our loved ones but no has much as i really want. This is the most important goal for me to complete for the rest of 2019. Lilo and Stitch would be furious at me right now for not spending more time with my family, but stitch! That's gonna change! 

4. Maintain gym and eating plan.
Finally something i can say is a full success!!!
I have stuck to my healthy eating and fitness plan every. single. week.
This isn't something that will change. It's a major part of who i am now and is my lifestyle rather than a dream. 

5. Gain a presentable and organised style/wardrobe.
Although not yet complete, i do believe i have been able to achieve some style staples within my wardrobe that I'm chuffed with and along with feeling more positive in my body, i am able to wear things i may have neglected in the past and given them a new lease of life into my wardrobe, which is always nice to do. 

6. Take more care of skin and hair.
My hair has had the pleasure of being cut my yours truly, so maybe it hasn't be treated by a professional for a while, but still, it's had a regular trim every now and again to keep it looking fresh. 
My skin routine has been a little up and down, sometimes i do forget to slap on some night cream but for the most part, i always apply spf, LOVEEE taking my makeup off and thoroughly enjoy lathering my under eyes up with eye cream to prevent dark circles, yay me. 

7. Make a house a home.
Yeahhhhh.... no this hasn't really happened. With no job sort of means no splurging on new home decor in Dunelm mill unfortunately, BUT!! We do have a new addition in our home which i have desired since moving in... a dining room table!! Can i getta woop woop?!

8. Hit 1k on youtube.
It's not happened yet but i am soooooo very close! Today's current number is 723, so i'm nearly there but do you know what, even if i don't move a single number up, i'd be happy with this amount by the end of the year, my youtube is my little happy bubble land. 

9. Organise regularly.
I've gotten to a point of not being able to organise much more would you believe. It has felt so refreshing know that i have been keeping things like the junk drawers and letters organised throughout the year, it helps keep everything under control. 

10. Get a provisional license and take some driving lessons.
Nope, nope AND A BIG FAT NOPE.
Me gots no monies to be spendin on driving lessons, i got a lil cat to feed!


So, looking back at my goals for 2019 so far, i wouldn't say i've done THAT well. I'm a little bit disappointed but i'm going to turn that frown upside down and BE POSITIVE. 

I have 5 months and 2 weeks to get back into shape with my goals and dreams and reach further and further to achieve them, gooooo Emilie!! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today, i do hope you enjoyed and I look forward to chatting soon, 

Lots of love, 
Emilie xx

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