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Spring/Summer Skincare Routine

Wash, wash, washhhhhh.
Rubba dub dub,
This is my spring & summer skin regimeeeee......
to give my skin a good cleaaaaaaan

(me like poems)

First things first i like to wash my skin from the previous nights sleep and night time products used. 
This is where the Tea Tree foaming fave washing comes in...

It's quick, easy and SO affordable. 
It smells and feels super refreshing on the face thanks to the foamy fun'ness. 

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash - Home Bargains £1.00

Here's me pumping a splodge in my hands...

Lather, lather...

Wash, wash...

Pat, pat...

Then comes along my new skincare obsession, ALDL's £4 dupe of Pixi's £16.00 rose water toner. 
This feels amazing to add a refreshing, awakening feel to the skin after cleansing. It helps to calm any redness down whilst helping my face to keep a toned complexion. 

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Toner - Aldi £3.99

Applies to a wee cotton pad...

Swipes over skin... 

& è viola i'm ready for the next step which is most important, SPF. 
No matter how sunny or how gloomy the weather may be, i always make sure to apply SPF. 
I use the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 that smells like an all inclusive holiday, skins into the skin effortlessly and creates a great base for makeup.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 - Superdrug £7.00

Pumping a pea size amount to fingertips...

& smush, smush, smush...

Now to tackle my mulberry bags. Me don't want dark circles that look so puffed up they could keep me afloat. This is why i take an eye cream to calm down my puffy eye bags, to sooth and awaken them from last nights sleep & to keep them moisturised to prevent any wrinklage. 

Simple's soothing eye balm feels so gentle yet refreshing to my under peepers and sinks in so quickly without any stinging or sensitivity. 

Simple Soothing Eye Balm - Superdrug £3.99

I apply about a grain of rice amount to my ring finger for the last pressure...

softly dab dab dab, dib dib dib...

Now i look like i have slept for 87678 hours, i apply the last step of my skincare routine which is lip balm. I want luscious, kissable lips and to achieve and keep this i use the Vaseline lip balm, mine is the aloe vera 'flavour' which has SPF 15 to prevent sun damage on the ol' smackers. 

It's super lightweight, not heavy or sticky & most importantly feels comfortable to wear. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy - Superdrug £1.39

Pop goes the lid...


& now i'm ready to pucker up to my husband wooooo!

There we have it, my springtime skincare routine. I love all of these products as it's barely any faff to do this off a morning. I feel, clean, cleansed, toned and protected from the sun and not forgetting a lighter load from sorting those eye bags out. 

Thank you so much for reading today's post and can't wait to chat soon!

Love, Emilie xx

May Favourites

Daaaaaa, da da, daddadadarrrrrr, dadadadarrrrrr, HEY JUNEEE 🎵

Now May has gone, you MAY be wondering what i have been loving, let's take a goosey gander. 

(Just a heads up, keep a look out for a muscial intro for each section, i had such fun.)

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

🎵I'll be there for yoooooou, cuz your there for me tooooooooo, durdurdurdurdurdurdurdur dowwwwww 🎵

For. MONTHS, i was trying to convince Richard my husband to watch friends with me. Can you even fathom, up until that point he'd never watched a full episode, shooketh. 

After agreeing to finally watch something that's been on his watch list for months after saying i would rather watch paint dry, it owed me a chance to watch Friends with him. 


I have never watched every episode & i am disappointed in myself for that. 
But one shall not fear, we are speeding through the seasons and finally realising little quotes i often hear people say. ''I don't even have a PLA''

2. Stratford Staycation

🎵Me, me mom, me dad and me gran we went to vindaloo. 🎵
(talk about 90's throwback) 

For realsies, me, my mom and nan went on holiday at the beginning of May.
My nan and mom treated me to spend a few days with them in Stratford Upon Avon and it was BLISS. 

We spent so much time laughing and shopping & can't wait for our next staycation destination. 
We had some lovely food, played board games, made friends with the locals and nearly got eaten whole by the sites residential swan. 

3. Online Course

🎵Learn baby learn, disco inLEARNoooooow🎵
I started my online course doing Business & Administration at the beginning of April i believe and have been LOVING it.

So having any qualifications, i was really interested in upping my knowledge on new things.
As i'm looking for a job along the lines of administration, i thought this course shall do me wonders.

It's so easy to follow & you are given ample time to complete the assignments meaning a stress free learning zone. Best of all, it was FREE. I stumbled across a free course page on REED.co.uk and there it was, applied and i was soon sitting at the computer with a notebook and highlighters at the ready.

Thank you for coming along my May round up of things i have been loving. Make sure to check out my previous months loves too you might find something new to love in June 💖

Thank you so much for reading & chat soon my lovely, 

Love, Emilie xx