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Essence Mattifying + Pore Minimising Primer Review

Today were looking into what I think about Essences' Primer that is so super affordable.

1. Price

This is the cheapest primer that i have ever owned in my collection. It costs just £3.50!

2. Packaging 

In essence's primer range (includes 3 different types) they all come with a suitable colour on its packaging as to what the primer claims to do. 
This one in particular has a splash of grey, in a powdery black clay picture.

As always, i love a tube. You will be able to get every last drop out rather than wasting a smidgen with a glass bottle product. 

You get 30ml of product which is quite a lot considering some primers on have half that amount.

It has a little spout to ensure you can personalise how much you get out of the packaging too, which is a nice touch when you might only need a tad of product for the nose lets say.

3. Scent

It has quite a strong whiff of baby wipes, which is rather refreshing. It's quite satisfying when applying the primer to have a fresh, awakening fragrance. If you do have sensitive skin, i'm not sure this would be a bonus for you and possibly would avoid due to this reason. 

4. Formula

Essence claims that due to the black clay infused in this primer, it gives a light, airy texture to the product.

It also comes out as a very satisfying grey shade thanks to the black clay and thankfully it turns clear when applied to the skin, so no worries of looking very ill, phew.

5. Feel

When felt between the fingers & when applying to the skin, it does feel like a whipped formula. 
It's a very light consistency which enables it to sink into the skin quickly and without residue.

With the primer being so light and airy and non silicony whatsoever, it feels so light on the skin. It doesn't feel as though it's clogging my pores up which is always a positive.

6. Application

I like to add this primer to my t-zone especially. I find that when applied to my nose and forehead it does fill in the pores as good as a non silicone primer can do. I find that silicone primers are more effective when filling in all the nucks and crannies but this formula does do a good job at minimising them.

Over my shiny areas, being my forehead and cheeks, with the black clay in this primer, it does a great job at mattifying that down. I love to do this and add my own glimmer later with highlighter. 

It leaves me skin feeling soft and smooth and refreshed thanks to the scent.

7. Longevity

This primer does keep my skin at bay and keep my pores looking less visible as the day goes on.
I wouldn't say it has an impact on how my other makeup performs. It doesn't keep and hold my base on for anything longer as when i don't use a primer. That being said, it does create a soft, smooth shine free base for my other products to go onto.

Where can it be purchased from?

Right here... @Wilkos

Do they have other types of primers?

yes, there's 3 within their Prime+ studio range including,
Mattifying, Glow Boosting and Redness Correcting

Would I purchase again?

I do really enjoy this product for how it feels on the skin, but in future, i may look for a similar product to this one but with the added bonus of keeping a hold of my makeup for longer. 

Thank you so much for reading my lovelies and we shall chat soon...

Love, Emilie xx

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