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Essence Fresh and Fit Healthy Glow Foundation Review

Let's take a look into why you should purchase this inexpensive but fabulous foundation from Essence. 

1. Price
It's £5.00!! For 30ml you will be getting a quality foundation for such an affordable price. 

2. Packaging
Not all foundations have the easiest packaging to work with. Although i do personally prefer plastic packaging (i love that you get every last drop), the pump has a slow pressing release that gives you complete control as to how much comes out, which means no flooding of foundation on the back of your hand to waste.

3. Coverage
You can easily use less product to give a light, thin layer. Add a little more and you will see blemishes being blurred but your skin still being visible. Add an additional layer, you will achieve a high coverage that still looks natural, yet covers all imperfections.

4. Finish
With it's vitamin complex and cranberry water, automatically when first pumped you will see it's light whipped like texture; Then when the product is applied with hands or a brush, you will accomplish a smooth textured look, that has light reflecting particles to give an awaken look to the skin whilst working along side a natural glow.

5. Feel
The cranberry water adds to the natural and fresh feeling that is left on the skin. It is smooth to touch and feels lightweight on the skin. 

6. Longevity
When applied in the morning, with a blot or two around my sweaty areas through out the day, i can get away with happily wearing this foundation for as long as necessary. I have no qualms that it wouldn't last a good 12 hours, with a good set right after application. 

 Where can I buy it from?
Right here... @Wilkos 

How many shades does it come in?

Unfortunately, only 4. 

Would I purchase again?


Thank you so much for reading my lovelies and we shall chat soon...

Love, Emilie xx

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