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What's In My Bag - Spring Edit

Today we shall delve into what sometimes feels like a Mary Poppins bag and where my kitchen sink wouldn't feel out of place. 

For all my nic nacs, i like to designate a little bag to keep them all in from being lose in the depths of the main bag itself. 

A pen. So i feel organised when someone asks, 'anyone got a pen?'

A mini bottle of deodorant, for those days i work up a sweat running errands. 

A snack bar, to keep me energised whilst running said errands.

Tampons, for when mother nature comes a knockin',

Tissues, to wipe away evidence of chocolate from previously shown snack bar & for the occasional blow of the shnoz. 

Hand Sanitiser, because sadly, i can't fit the kitchen sink in my bag so i had to downsize instead. 

A bobble & clip, for them days my hair just needs to get.out.my.face.

A tote bag, i like to use less plastic and save as many 5ps as poss. 

Headphones, for when my heart calls to listen to blast from the pasts.

A bottle of water, for when i'm spitting feathers. 

Glasses, for when i get tired of squinting and remember i need to wear glasses. 

A hair brush/mirror compact, for when it's a windy day & it's causing problems to my bonnet.

Finally an empty purse. I like to imagine i have money, so i obviously need something to carry it all in. 

Thank you for coming along with me to see what i pack into what is often seen on the crook of my arm trophywife.

Thank you so much for reading <3 

Chat soon, 
Emilie xx

The video version <3 

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