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My Spring Cleaning Plan 2019. Organising, Decluttering and Cleaning

One of many reasons why i love Spring, is Spring Cleaning. Any excuse to have a good old clean and sort out i'm there for.
Today i'm sharing with you 10 of my Spring cleaning plans to complete before the end of April. 

1. Clean Oven & Oven Trays.

Preferably, i like to get my hands on the pink stuff but i'm not gonna be spending £10 plus on amazon when poundland do some very similar stuff from the brand Astonish. Its a paste that you can rubadubdub over your own in hopes do get all the cooked in grime off. For the oven racks and trays that are very much well loved, i have a oven cleaning bottle of solution from home bargains that you let the trays and racks sit in for over 6 hours, which means while thats a cleaning away in my kitchen, i can get on with some more spring cleaning. 

2. Descale Kettle. 

As we have a see through glass kettle, it gives me constant reminders to descale. You would think it would be spotlessly clean, the amount of times i boil it throughout the day for my cups of tea. Home bargains treated me well by selling me a descaling pouch that you drop into your kettle for just £1. It should only take about 10 mins to tick off my list too! Jobs a gooden'.

3. Organise memorabilia boxes.

I love hoarding cinema tickets, plane tickets, little nic naccy things to keep as souvenirs from trips and memories. These boxes are OVER FLOWING and need some attention asap. I'm going to dust the boxes for a start. Then piece by piece organise all my bits into sections and then hopefully come up with a way to organise and sort them to keep everything need and tidy.

4. Declutter Seasonal Box.

Ahh yes, another box of trinkets. I love to decorate my home for seasons all year round ( spring being one of my faves ), which means i have a collection of goodies from autumnal ornaments to summer bunting. Some of the pieces are a little worn and old now and could be doing with going in the bin. After decluttering, i can give everything a good clean and shine to ensure them staying as good as new throughout the seasons to come. 

5. Organise and clean protein cupboard.

Also known as the cupboard next to the oven full of goodness knows what! When me and my husband moved into our flat we was showered with wonderful pieces of kitchen wear from friends and family. Nearly being in our apartment for 2 years, most of the stuff that was given and not instantly put to use has been sitting in this cupboard, from extra bowls to teapots. I think i'm going to have a good old tidy up in there and give some items to a better home. Oh the protein in the protein cupboard yes, i shall be checking the dates and making they are all in order ready for use. 

6. Clean the inside windows.

Once a month we have a fabulous window cleaner come to clean our outside windows and does such a fabulous job that it puts my inside cleaning abilities to shame. I want to get my washing liquid out and a buffing towel and get cleaning and shining up my windows to match the dazzling ones outside. 

7. Vacuum under the bed.

This used to not be an issue when i had no drawers under the bed, but now our bed has heavy fitted chunky drawers, jam packed with shoes, clothes and MORE seasonal goods, it's not very regular for me to vacuum under there. I'm sure there's going to be gathers of dust and lost treats my cat will be more than happy to find again (picks them up quick before my cat gets her chops on them, goodness knows how long they've been there! they have a coating of fluff n all)

8. Organise hallway cupboard and give a good clean.

What would be the cupboard under the stairs but in our case, just in the hallway. This place holds our everyday shoes, coats, spare coats, going out coats, light jackets, shoes we forgot we had, shoes that don't fit and a collection of stones that have come from our shoes. This place needs a good sort out i tell you. I need to declutter the shoes i don't wear and hopefully sell them or give to a good home and get the vacuum and duster all up in the corners to make it look spic and span. 

9. Clean out letter drawer.

It's so full it has now overflowed into another drawer and down the back of the cupboards. It's in a right state. I'm going to grab some folders and spend an hour or maybe 5 sorting out and shredding unwanted/unneeded paper and letters. Why do i need 5 leaflets from farmfoods? Oh that's right, they have coupons that you always forget to take with you grrrrrrr. 

10. Clean and vacuum airing cupboard.

This is wear my little cats supplies are kept. It has a massive space that really could do with some sort of DIY storage unit to make the most of. But first things first, i would like to organise the cupboard by sorting through toys my cat no longer plays with. Gather the empty treat packets that we just chucked in there out of the way incase someone got their paws on it and chewed it open to check there's not one last crumb left. We also keep our bath towels in there too. With the flannels being bunched up with them, i'm wanting to come up with a storage solution to separate the two, so when wanting to wash my face, i'm not yanking out a beach towel. A few cobwebs are lurking in the corner too, so vacuum ahoy! (saves spiders first)

There we have it, my Spring cleaning plan. It won't just stop there i'm sure. You try and stop me cleaning out the fridge with some spring meadow Zoflora and feather dusting my radiators.

Thank you so so much for reading, chat soon...
Emilie x

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