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February Favourites

Oh my hat, it's March. I can't believe were into the 3rd month of the year all-a-ready! 
I wanted to share with you some things i've been loving through feb and have a ponder over the shortest month of the year together.

1. Turning 25.


Not going to lie, i was dreading it. The weeks leading up to the 20th kept dawning on me that i'll be officially into my MID TWENTIES. 
The day came and after spending 10 mins with my husband on the sofa with a cup of tea and nibbles, chatting about what 24 brought me and what i had achieved in that age, it all started to feel a lot better.
I think when it comes to my birthday, i panic that i haven't appreciated the age i have been for that year, but sometimes it just takes 5 minutes to sit down and look back on all the positives that you have achieved to get ready to make your new age better than ever. I'm now super excited to be 25 and rather lovin' it i must say.

2. Mua Highlighters.

If i were a highlighter, i would want to be a champagne gold, with a smooth texture that gives a wet glossy look to the skin. Mua have only gone and made me in highlighter form!
I got this gem from Poundland believe it or not! See what other MUA makeup i brought from there in this post i did.
It's a beautiful shade of champagne with more gold than silver. It doesn't leave a chunky texture on your cheekbones unlike some cheaper highlighters i've used before and just looks better than a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.

3. Instagram.

I've been loving uploading to Instagram this month and just had a real passion to be more active over there. I will agree, there is probably one too many selfies from the same day but hey, when the hair is doing what you want it too, then you've got to grab the moment while you can.
I want to be even more active on the old stories more too, as a little vloggy style day in life in the future too. Here's what my insta looks like as of now, i know, selfie galore ay. If you like the look of my face gallery you can follow on instagram here.

4. Jonathan Creek


Me and my husband decided that one night in February we would try out a old murder mystery series from back in the day and i tell you from the get go we was hooked.
Jonathan and his companion Maddy entertain with humour, suspicion, intensity and never seizes to hook you in every episode. Whenever we pop on an episode i turn into Jessica Fletcher and find my Cluedo checklist out to figure out who the suspect is.

So there's a little insight into my February. Turning mid 20's, salivating over highlighter (not literally ofc) & being hooked on a old tv show. How was your Feb? Hope you had a grand month and i'll catch you on my next post.

Chat soon,
Emilie xx

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