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Testing Slimming World Weetabix Cake

Weetabix? I know! It's not just for a morning breakfast/midafternoon/midnight snack let me tell ya!
I was mooching around on slimming world's website looking for some alternatives to some naughty favourties that i love to have. One of them being bread and butter pudding which this tastes just like!!
When i came across this loaf cake, with such an easy method and not too many ingredients i thought AY! Imma give this a go. 


2 Weetabix
(i used Sainsburys own brand)

200ml Skimmed Milk

100g Sultanas

100g Self-raising flour

1tsp Mixed Spice

2 level tbsp of sweetener
(i used silver spoon)

2 Large beaten eggs

Heads Up!
Next time, i'm going to try adding a tsp of cinnamon & a tsp more of mixed spice as i found i could have done with just a pinch more for my tastebuds


Preheat your oven to 180C, 160 Fan, gas 4 and either line a 450g loaf tin with a baking sheet liner or i just rubbed some coconut oil all around the tin including the nooks and crannies. 

Put the weetabix into a large bowl and pour in the milk, leave to stand for 2-3 mins, then mash mash mash with a fork. 

Beat in all the other ingredients. I used a figure of 8 when stirring to add a bit more air into the mix also. Once combined, pour the mixture into your loaf tin and bake in the oven for 1 hour. 
(half way through i checked my loaf and decided to pop some tin foil around it, to ensure the top wouldn't burn)

Once baked, cool on a wire rack.

Once cool enough, turn out onto a pretty plate and this will slice your around 12 servings.

(Trust me, if your a lover of it, douseeeeee it in custard and it would just be PURE heaven)

Sins: 3 & a half per serving

So there we have it, a loaf cake produced from Weetabix! 
How fab?!

If you would like to bake this cake along with me, i filmed the whole thing which you can watch below <3

Thank you so much for reading & chat soon, 

Emilie xx

P.S I take no credit for the recipe or method, this is all thanks to slimming world. I thought i would share my little added snippets to the recipe in today's post <3 

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