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How To Organise A New Routine

So your wanting to set up a new routine ay? I'm guessing it could be maybe a morning or evening routine? A fitness, meal prep, housework routine? Even if i haven't listed what your wanting to set up, these tips can help you set up a brand new routine to get all those organised feelings flow'ennnnn.

1. Write down what you want to achieve from this routine. Not just on the back of an envelope, grab your phone or a pretty notebook and brain dump everything down so you can physically see why and how you want to achieve this new routine.

2. Draft up what you want to incorporate in your new routine. Then estimate how long these things will take. By making mock up of how you want your new routine to look, for example an evening routine can consist of... washing your makeup off, brushing your teeth, reading 3 pages of a book, having a herbal tea... Jotting these tasks down in order of how you want them to go can really help you clearly see your routine coming into place. By a lotting an amount of time to these things will then help you determine what day/time of the day for your new routine to take place. 

3.  Get prepared. If it's a cooking routine you could easily get prepared by setting up a shopping cart at a few or your favourite online grocery shop and when your needing to order, you don't have to go round the whole site adding things to your basket as it's already done for you. You can easily add extra things or take things away from the trolley and life has just been made that little easier. Have your meal plan prepared. Know what your going to be cooking and make sure you have all of the ingredients you need before starting your new cooking routine. This will mean that when you come to start your all prepared with all of your ingredients and utensils and get stuck in without having an annoying onion missing for you casserole which can cause fret and stress into your routine which you don't want to have. 
Apply this step to anything. For a new fitness routine... make sure you have a water bottle, your workout clothes, comfortable trainers that are worn in so not to give you blisters that can have an impact on your routine starting. 
Preparing ahead of starting your routine will set a perfect foundation for starting whatever your routine may be.  

I do hope these steps have been helpful & you have some encouragement to organise a whole new routine. Thank you so much for reading, 

Chat soon! 
Emilie xx

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