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Testing Slimming World Weetabix Cake

Weetabix? I know! It's not just for a morning breakfast/midafternoon/midnight snack let me tell ya!
I was mooching around on slimming world's website looking for some alternatives to some naughty favourties that i love to have. One of them being bread and butter pudding which this tastes just like!!
When i came across this loaf cake, with such an easy method and not too many ingredients i thought AY! Imma give this a go. 


2 Weetabix
(i used Sainsburys own brand)

200ml Skimmed Milk

100g Sultanas

100g Self-raising flour

1tsp Mixed Spice

2 level tbsp of sweetener
(i used silver spoon)

2 Large beaten eggs

Heads Up!
Next time, i'm going to try adding a tsp of cinnamon & a tsp more of mixed spice as i found i could have done with just a pinch more for my tastebuds


Preheat your oven to 180C, 160 Fan, gas 4 and either line a 450g loaf tin with a baking sheet liner or i just rubbed some coconut oil all around the tin including the nooks and crannies. 

Put the weetabix into a large bowl and pour in the milk, leave to stand for 2-3 mins, then mash mash mash with a fork. 

Beat in all the other ingredients. I used a figure of 8 when stirring to add a bit more air into the mix also. Once combined, pour the mixture into your loaf tin and bake in the oven for 1 hour. 
(half way through i checked my loaf and decided to pop some tin foil around it, to ensure the top wouldn't burn)

Once baked, cool on a wire rack.

Once cool enough, turn out onto a pretty plate and this will slice your around 12 servings.

(Trust me, if your a lover of it, douseeeeee it in custard and it would just be PURE heaven)

Sins: 3 & a half per serving

So there we have it, a loaf cake produced from Weetabix! 
How fab?!

If you would like to bake this cake along with me, i filmed the whole thing which you can watch below <3

Thank you so much for reading & chat soon, 

Emilie xx

P.S I take no credit for the recipe or method, this is all thanks to slimming world. I thought i would share my little added snippets to the recipe in today's post <3 

Motivational Monday: How To Have The Most Productive Week EVER!

Many of us know and love how a to do list can keep us on track and get everything we need to get done on paper. But something that i have incorporated into my Monday morning routine for the past couple of months now has been a to do list head quarters. I grab a piece of plain paper and my clipboard and title with the starting date to Sunday's date and then let me mind spill out everything onto paper. Every single thing. Until there is nothing i can think of and until i have it all down where i can see it.

What you will need to begin...

  • Set aside 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to write your to do's down, wether that to mean setting your alarm slightly earlier or jotting them down on the bus to work.

  • Choose a pen that you enjoy using as well as a bright shaded highlighter

  • Use plain paper or designate a notebook for your to do's

  • Keep your writing neat & tidy for a clear read & a more appealing approach 

  • Write everything down no matter how big or small the task is until you simply cannot think of anything else you need to get done, you can always add to the list throughout the week

By titling the page with the date beginning to the end of the week, you are physically writing down the allotted time to get these tasks done. It doesn't matter if you simply can't achieve all of them as you can always roll them over to the following week especially if it is an especially long list. But having all of the tasks at hand in front of you can spur you on and more than likely become enjoyable to see your to do's slowly decreasing. 

Making the most out of your list...

  • You can mark next to your most important task a symbol of your choice such as a star to remind you the importance of that task. You can give a go at tackling these jobs first as it will feel so accomplishing to get that dreaded to do out of the way.

  • Have your list in a visible place. It could be on your desk, in your bag, you could take a photo of your list so you can have visual copy on your phone and always with you.

  • When you have a completed task, grab your highlighter and neatly mark off to show that it has been achieved. Not only with it distinguish what tasks are left but will give you another physical thing to do to feel accomplished in achieving that done task.

Tips for the rest of the week...

  • Any other job that crops up in the week can almost feel like you are moving backwards, but don't be tempted to add it over to the following weeks list. Add that job to your list and look back on everything you have achieved so far to remind yourself that you can keep going. 
  • Set aside some sticky notes next to your main to do list and pick out some tasks for that day. Looking at a big list may feel over whelming especially on a day you may not have a lot of time to achieve your to do's. By taking some tasks from the main list and adding onto a little piece of paper can take some weight off your shoulders & will help you to feel at ease by working from a smaller list.

The end of the week...

  • On Sunday evening have your notebook at the ready with your pen and highlighter ready for your next Monday morning. If you have any left over tasks you didn't get around to achieving, you will clearly see them through the highlighted ones on your list. The next day start all over again, keeping last weeks tasks at the top with a star for importance next to it to tackle those first.

  • Reward yourself! Even if you have or haven't completed everything on your list just look back on the ones you have. Even if it was simply cleaning your makeup brushes or keeping your phone charged during the week. You could have that donut that's been calling your name or that lipstick thats been luring you in from Superdrug or simply just pat yourself on the back and really take in your achievements and use that to spur you on for the following week.

Thank you so much for joining me on my first instalment of my motivational Monday, i know it has been text heavy but hopefully my tips will help you start off the week right and keep you productive and feel achieved throughout the week.

Chat Soon, Emilie x

Start Planning For Spring

Hello daffodils, welcome to my Spring inspired post. 
I am so beyond excited that in just a few days marks the official start date of Spring 2019. 

I wanted to share with you some ways that you can get a head start in planning the best Spring you've ever had. 
I'm going to share to ways that you can get prepared before or during the month to ensure that you make the most of the ever delightful blooming season. 

Here's a bunch of areas that you can start planning to make the most of Spring:

Cleaning & Organising


Gather the Spring decor that you may already own, give a bit of dust and start planning where your going to place them. Now is fab time with easter coming up to add to your collection of spring inspired decor esp if you haven't got anything in your stash already. Most supermarkets, poundstores, home bargains will have an easter range and mothers day section that have some right gems for this season & inexpensive too. 


If you have been lusting after getting your spring wardrobe out the dark from winter now is the time. I love nothing more than opening up my spring clothes that have been in hiding for months and injecting some pastel and bright shades in my wardrobe. If your wanting some new bits in your collection, stores will have the latest fashion trends for the season to treat yourself too but if your budget isn't going to be happy with splurging on some newbies, then try some charity stores... Those too change up the store/window displays to each season and you might may be able to find some new belongs for the season and treat yourself and your bank balance to some preloved items.


Grab your diary and start planning some spring adventures/outings with friends and family. Towards the end of the season will hopefully be peak time with the weather warming up for summer, to start having picnics... a cheap easy way to gather loved ones together and spend some quality time over food and garden games. 
Start setting in stone dates and ideas now with friends and family, so come the midst of spring every one is prepared and looking forward to your plans, rather than last minute ones that might not then happen in the spring season.


Grab your recipe books or look online for some meal ideas for a lighter dish. With the weather getting warmer and the nights getting lighter, we may now want something a little fresher and quicker to prepare rather than stews and hot pots. You could look into different salads to have, lighter breakfasts with seasonal fruit rather than heated up wheatabix which a personally fave in the winter time. 
Lighter and quicker meals will help feeling less heavy and enable us to have a bit more energy to spend more time doing things in the evening now the days will be seemingly longer with the light nights. 


Oh this time of year is my favvvvve for refreshing my makeup bag. I love to delve into my makeup stash and grab all of the lighter wearing makeup. the lipstick that gives me more of blotted lip effect, the blush that lightens and adds a youthful colour to my cheeks. Now we can put away the thicker side of products and lean towards lighter wearing makeup to match the seasonal weather change. 
You could add some pops of colour rather than the berries and brown shades winter lures us into wearing. I love adding a more of a pink lip to my everyday makeup as well as a fresher skin finish with a tinted moisturiser. 

Cleaning & Organising

I've saved the best until last in my opinion ;)
Spriiiiiing cleaning.
Each new year after my new years clean up the next thing for me and my home to look forward to is the big spring clean. Now is the perfect time to get planning on your plan of action will be. What you want to clean, what you want to organise. Spring also brings on car boot sales, where after organising and possible decluttering could bring you a day out of your boot and collecting some coins to put towards savings or some new spring decor. 
Shops will start displaying some of their fave cleaning products too, so there will be plenty on offer to stock up on cleaning supplies for when you plan to have a nice freshening spring time clean.

Planning just ahead or at the start of this season, will mean that you can make the most of spring and relish in every moment of it. 

Thanks so much for reading & chat soon

Emilie xx

How To Organise A New Routine

So your wanting to set up a new routine ay? I'm guessing it could be maybe a morning or evening routine? A fitness, meal prep, housework routine? Even if i haven't listed what your wanting to set up, these tips can help you set up a brand new routine to get all those organised feelings flow'ennnnn.

1. Write down what you want to achieve from this routine. Not just on the back of an envelope, grab your phone or a pretty notebook and brain dump everything down so you can physically see why and how you want to achieve this new routine.

2. Draft up what you want to incorporate in your new routine. Then estimate how long these things will take. By making mock up of how you want your new routine to look, for example an evening routine can consist of... washing your makeup off, brushing your teeth, reading 3 pages of a book, having a herbal tea... Jotting these tasks down in order of how you want them to go can really help you clearly see your routine coming into place. By a lotting an amount of time to these things will then help you determine what day/time of the day for your new routine to take place. 

3.  Get prepared. If it's a cooking routine you could easily get prepared by setting up a shopping cart at a few or your favourite online grocery shop and when your needing to order, you don't have to go round the whole site adding things to your basket as it's already done for you. You can easily add extra things or take things away from the trolley and life has just been made that little easier. Have your meal plan prepared. Know what your going to be cooking and make sure you have all of the ingredients you need before starting your new cooking routine. This will mean that when you come to start your all prepared with all of your ingredients and utensils and get stuck in without having an annoying onion missing for you casserole which can cause fret and stress into your routine which you don't want to have. 
Apply this step to anything. For a new fitness routine... make sure you have a water bottle, your workout clothes, comfortable trainers that are worn in so not to give you blisters that can have an impact on your routine starting. 
Preparing ahead of starting your routine will set a perfect foundation for starting whatever your routine may be.  

I do hope these steps have been helpful & you have some encouragement to organise a whole new routine. Thank you so much for reading, 

Chat soon! 
Emilie xx

February Favourites

Oh my hat, it's March. I can't believe were into the 3rd month of the year all-a-ready! 
I wanted to share with you some things i've been loving through feb and have a ponder over the shortest month of the year together.

1. Turning 25.


Not going to lie, i was dreading it. The weeks leading up to the 20th kept dawning on me that i'll be officially into my MID TWENTIES. 
The day came and after spending 10 mins with my husband on the sofa with a cup of tea and nibbles, chatting about what 24 brought me and what i had achieved in that age, it all started to feel a lot better.
I think when it comes to my birthday, i panic that i haven't appreciated the age i have been for that year, but sometimes it just takes 5 minutes to sit down and look back on all the positives that you have achieved to get ready to make your new age better than ever. I'm now super excited to be 25 and rather lovin' it i must say.

2. Mua Highlighters.

If i were a highlighter, i would want to be a champagne gold, with a smooth texture that gives a wet glossy look to the skin. Mua have only gone and made me in highlighter form!
I got this gem from Poundland believe it or not! See what other MUA makeup i brought from there in this post i did.
It's a beautiful shade of champagne with more gold than silver. It doesn't leave a chunky texture on your cheekbones unlike some cheaper highlighters i've used before and just looks better than a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.

3. Instagram.

I've been loving uploading to Instagram this month and just had a real passion to be more active over there. I will agree, there is probably one too many selfies from the same day but hey, when the hair is doing what you want it too, then you've got to grab the moment while you can.
I want to be even more active on the old stories more too, as a little vloggy style day in life in the future too. Here's what my insta looks like as of now, i know, selfie galore ay. If you like the look of my face gallery you can follow on instagram here.

4. Jonathan Creek


Me and my husband decided that one night in February we would try out a old murder mystery series from back in the day and i tell you from the get go we was hooked.
Jonathan and his companion Maddy entertain with humour, suspicion, intensity and never seizes to hook you in every episode. Whenever we pop on an episode i turn into Jessica Fletcher and find my Cluedo checklist out to figure out who the suspect is.

So there's a little insight into my February. Turning mid 20's, salivating over highlighter (not literally ofc) & being hooked on a old tv show. How was your Feb? Hope you had a grand month and i'll catch you on my next post.

Chat soon,
Emilie xx