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I don't know about you, but when picking a bag of Haribo's, i look for the one that has the most heart sweets inside, they are just the best. Not to mention they last a little longer than the others because not gonna lie, i make them last longer by biting the foam off first, little hack you might not have thought of when scoffing a sweet or two ;)

As I am on a weightloss/healthier lifestyle journey, i am always on the hunt for alternatives to the naughty things i have loved in the past.
I came across this recipe on Chloe's instagram who does slimming world herself and thought it would be a great idea to film an experimental video of me making them, which you can watch here if you like....

I wanted to jot down the recipe on my blog so you can refer back to this if you are wanting to make some for yourself. This recipe is in no way my own as i do believe slimming world themselves came up with this corker of a mixture. So let's get on with what you will need and how to do it. 


2x 11.5g Sachets of Hartley's Sugar Free Jelly in powder form. 
(i got mine in strawberry but you can pick any flavour you wish) 
1.5 syns per sachet. 

1 Muller Light Yoghurt
(i used vanilla but again again flavour you fancy)
1 syn

2 sachets of 12g Gelatine in powder form
Free from syns


Mixing spoon
Table spoon
(i got my heart mould from amazon which you can also get HERE & i also used a plastic box & 2 ice cube trays) 

  • Boil 280ml of water, pour into a jug and add 1x 11.5g jelly sachet and 1 sachet of gelatine and mix together until everything is dissolved.
  • Pour this mixture two thirds full into your moulds (this can get a little messy pouring straight from the jug, so you could grab a spoon and do it instead) then place them into the fridge for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes get your moulds out of the fridge, set aside and make your 2nd mixture but this time with a little twist...
  • Boil 140ml of water then pour into your jug. Add your remaining 11.5g sachet of jelly & another packet of gelatine and again mix until everything is dissolved. Let this cool down in the fridge for 5 minutes.
  • Once your 2nd mixture is cool, add in your yoghurt and mix again.
  • Once combined, pour this mixture onto your already set jelly in the moulds, be careful as this can get even messier with a jug, so i used a spoon to do this step.
  • Pop your moulds back into the fridge for an or longer (mine took around an hour and 20) to completely set.
  • Once they have set you can now take your sweets out of their moulds. The silicone mixture, was a little tricky as they did split in half but with delicate movement they should come out whole, if not they simply just place back together on a plate. If your using a hard mould, you might find it a little tricky to get your sweets out as a they don't just slip and sliiiiiide. So, i grabbed the other end of a teaspoon and gently scoop them out & all was well. With a plastic tub, you can just go right ahead a chomp you way through a nice big slab or you can chop it into whatever shape floats your boat. 

And there we have it, super easy, super simply.
The only difference to haribo heart sweets is the texture really, just not as chewy but just as tasty!! 

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed and chat soon!
Emilie xoxo

P.S Did i mention for the whole lot of sweets it's just 4 syns!! 

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