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My Winter Skincare Essentials

I love co-ordinating in most aspects of life but matching ourselves to winter effects is not a choice i would quickly take.
Dry hair, chapped lips, dry and tight skin, lacklustre complexion is something that these products keep me successfully battling against in winter months.
I wanted to share with you my essentials for doing just so, with products that don't break the bank, but do break winter threats to our skin.

My hair and winter are far from BFFs. Before finding products to help my hair lacked so much lustre, softness, healthiness and ended up looking like a dry knotty mess that needs a good brush. 
I quickly came to realise that it all need to start from the beginning. In the shower. A good conditioning shampoo and conditioner that would seep it's goodness into each strand and something that would get it back to looking shiny and luxurious. The only problem with having those things is GREASE. A deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner almost is asking for a heavy thick, greasy enticing product to be popped through your locks. 
Here's some shamps and condishes that i use over the winter that add all the gleam and cream i need without turning my head into an oil slick...

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk. 
I buy mine from the poundland. Hello bargain. 

Dry shampoo is always a good one to have in, on those freezing days that you don't even want to think getting out of the shower with wet hair. You can put off the battle of the grooling task of drying it and opt for a spritz of dry shampoo to freshen up for one more day. 

If your locks are need of a pamper, grab your coconut oil and slather it on girl. Coconut oil is SO moisturising and strengthen for your hair that it will combat the stresses the cold wether has on our bonnets. 


Nivea Creme Care Cleansing Cream wash is a statement piece in my facial skincare regime. It is SO affordable and available at most drugstores and supermarkets, so easy to get your hands on. It's a creamy delight to use in winter and it just feels like your applying a moisturiser. It's super effective at taking off make-up including mascara (also doesn't sting our precious eyeballs while doing so). It keeps my skin so soft and supple and after cleansing leaves my skin soothed and calm. You know some cleansers leave you with such a shrivelled prune like tightness that you just want to slather up in face cream? Well this gem doesn't do that, the absolute opposite. It keeps the winter dryness at bay and feels a treat to use both morning and night.

I know the sun doesn't seem likes its baring it's warmth at all to us but trust me when i say it still has an effect on my skin. We should wear spf all year round to combat the harshness from the brightest star in the sky. I loveee this one from Hawaiian Tropics, it's spf 30, glides on and smells like a holiday by a pool and is a great base for your makeup. 

I have got no time to be standing shivering in my shower naked lathering up in a body butter for 10 minutes. Nur hur *clicks fingers & walks away*. I need something that is quick and easy to apply and something that doesn't take 84 years to absorb. Here's when i discovered spray moisturisers. My fave is from vaseline. A tad pricey but when you can get it on offer, it's a fab little investment (still drugstore price). 

Vaseline Spray and Go Cocoa Radiant. 

YACK to brittle nails. I have had such a journey with my nails and finding something that works for them. I am soon to be getting a UV gel machine to keep my nails looking tip top and put together but before then, the winter gets its paws on my paws and does my nails some damage, poor things.

The little regime i have to combat the harsh wether conditions threatening my nails to dry, flakey and brittleness, works a treat.

I use a clear base coat polish from Loreal, again i got this from the poundland but you can find this online too. Slather a layer onto my nails which dries in about a minute so hassle free. Then a couple of nights a week slather by cuticles in oil, again for Loreal from poundland. The cuticle oil keep my fingers looking flake free and bite-tempting skin at bay. The nail hardener creates a barrier between my nails and winter to help keep them healthy and strong. 


We don't want your luscious lips looking dry and flakey now do we. So I always remember to slap on a bit of lip balm throughout the day. But i cannot be doing with a thick ass butter like texture! But finding a lip balm to battle dryness and fight against even more chapping is hard to find. Or so i thought. Nivea have amazing affordable lip balms that are light to wear but heavy in moisturising. The aloe vera version also has your daily spf in too, to protect those puckers. 

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my winter beauty essentials. Do let me know if you have any faves to combat the conditions winter can throw at us, i would love to know!

See you on my next post, chat soon...
Emilie xx

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