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4 Ways To Fix a Bad Day

I've been there. Where your body is slouching in meh-ness & you even know if it's a possibility for your day to get any better.
Having a few bad days in my time, i have been remembering some ways to perk myself up and turn that bad day around, i think these tips could help you too!

Step 1... Wash the day away

This can be at any time of the day... 11am, 5pm even 3am if you so wish; get in the shower/bath. Wash away all of the day that has been weighing your body down. Hot water can make you almost feel your emotions melting away with the heat. Wether you can quick refresh in the shower or a relaxing soak, relish in the fresh feeling your body gets from being washed as this will only help to wash away the negative vibes from the day and almost feels like you can start again. 

Step 2.. Vent

Call or see your family and friends and have a good ol natter. You could call them up, even face time them. Speaking to somebody can instantly change your mood around. This can especially happen if they are having a particularly good day themselves, as their positivity will on pass onto yourself naturally. With their permission to have a little vent, as you don't want to dampen their mood without them being warned of it first, get it all out. Sometimes just sharing your feeling with someone can be everything you need to clear your mind and leave way for your day to be turned into a good one. This way you are sharing your feelings and thoughts rather than letting them build up and chances are that your friends and family will help you, give you some advice and encouragement and throw in something to make you giggle here and there. 

Step 3... Treat Yo'self

If your day is feeling so crappy and you just want comfort which is exactly what i want on days like this, then treat yourself.
Don't feel like cooking? Order yourself a takeaway. If your budget isn't so kind this evening for a cheeky Chinese then grab a can of soup, hot crusty bread slathered in butter (oh hey carbs) for a budget friendly easy meal. 

Step 4... Immerse yourself. 

Send yourself off into a good film or book. 
Take your off into a a film on Netflix or raid your DVD collection for a classic. Blow the dust off a book you've been wanting to read for ages and soak up what your watching/reading to quieten down your mind and take it off the days events. My particular thing to do is watch an episode of a series i'm currently watching. I almost feel productive at the same time as i'm ticking another ep of the list.

The most important thing to remember when your having a bad day, is knowing that it shall pass. Tomorrow will soon be round again, where you can have a fresh start.
I hope my steps have helped your current/future bad day and i shall see you soon on my next post...

Chat Soon, 
Emilie x

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