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How to be a Morning Person


Oh hello... Sorry, let me just wipe the dribble from my chin and rinse my eyes of sleep.

Waking up at the crack of dawn is an art, a skill. Something one has to master overtime and can take weeks to learn. If you are a natural born early bird then wow, you possess a magical ability most of us would love to have.
But! I now know your secrets ;)

Doing some research and using testing out theories over time and gradually building myself a steady routine, i know am able to share what truly works to be at one with the chirping birds and become a morning person. 

You neeeeeed to have a good night sleep. It's crucial. It's the groundwork for your success in starting the day off bright and early.
So before trying to start any routine of waking up early, start it the night before. Get yourself into a routine of going to bed 5-10 minutes early each night. If your already going to bed at 9pm i think your safe to stick with that... but if you night owls are more like 11-12am then get those minutes rolling back hun. 

Too much sleep though can sometimes cause grogginess and often make think your still tired. 
If your plan is to wake up at 6am, going to bed at 9-10pm is going to give you an average sleep of 8-9 hours. Which is perfect to set yourself up for success. 

You need to remind yourself of why you wanting to wake up early. Is it because your finding yourself late for work or school? Having a too longer lie in that you are feeling like your wasting the day? Or you could just want to wake up earlier to have more time in the morning to get more things done in your day, to have more you time in the morning before starting your daily routines.

Reminders of why your wanting to turn yourself into a morning person is a huge way to succeed. If you don't give your self a prompt every known again, you might lose passion and therefore not put your all into cultivating the early morning life.

If you getting to work later because you are finding you are rushing around in the morning, preparation the night before is another key factor to achieving your goal. The evening before you could prepare your breakfast. I'm sure you will have heard about over night oats and all of their glory. They are so easy to prepare and you can customise them to your likings. Prepare you lunch for the following day. While your getting the kitchen messy with that nights dinner, grab a few more ingredients to make your lunch so it's ready to grab and go without faffing about making it in the morning. 
Lay all of your beauty products/makeup out. Instead of having it all in a makeup makeup bag jumbled up, line all of you makeup in order of application, including brushes, so when your showered and ready to get your slap on, it's all there ready in order and can save a few precious minutes that soon add up. 
Lay your clothes out. Not knowing what to wear the morning if your day can be a stressful and time consuming task, ponder over your outfit the night before so you know exactly what to chuck on in the morning and hey! you might even be able to grab an accessory too to jazz up an outfit with all that time you've saved. 

Think of the positives waking up early will bring. Here's a few to consider if your ready this the night before your 5am alarm and struggling to come up with some...

It feels like your awake before everyone & have a head start before the rest of the world.
More productivity.
Everything is still and quiet, perfect for some morning peace/meditation.
You can fit tasks in that you couldn't normally fit in. 

Grab and notebook the night before, this is especially good to do just before getting to sleep to give your eyes a rest from the tv or phone. Jot down everything you have plans for in the morning/next day. Doing this will help clear your mind from whizzing around with tasks for your tomorrow self that can stop you relaxing and getting your allotted hours of sleep in. 

Also, when you wake up in the morning you have saved yourself sometime writing your list and means you can get straight on with you jobs to do. 

There are 5 steps to help you on your way to becoming a morning person. Just remember your zzz's and preparation and you'll be a morning pro before you know it!

Thank you so much for reading, chat soon...
Emilie xx

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