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Covering my grey hair with Garnier Express Retouch - Review


I'm coming at you today with a grey covering tool from Garnier. I wanted to share another review in what seems to becoming a wee little series on blog, to cover grey hair.

If you didn't know, i started getting greys at the age of 15. Yikes! I know right?!
One turned into five then five turned into fifteen and now look...

10 years later my roots are full on grey. yay.

I must say i'm not the biggest fan of it believe it or not, so regularly i use a box dye to banish them for a week or so. In between that though as lets face it, dying you hair not only costs money but time to do it so sometimes i walk around town with my greys baring to all. 
 As of late, i have been looking into root/grey hair covering products, you can see my last reviewed product here from Batiste. 

Today we have something from Garnier, that is sold online, in most drugstores and some supermarkets. In boots it is currently on sale for £9.99... worth it? I'll let you know later in the post. 

Soo let's get down to business and look at the details. 

Garnier markets this product as a root concealer for grey hair, has precise application and has anti transfer technology, hmm.

In it's 10ml of product, it is enriched with mineral clay and pearl pigments to help achieve a natural look and give 30 applications (estimation when only used on the parting)

It comes in 5 different shades including... Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Blonde, Dark Blonde and Black. Today i'll be sharing my thoughts on the Dark Brown shade. 

Inside the box is a very sleek compact bottle containing the product and applicator. 
The applicator is a sponge to absorb the product that is placed at the bottom of the bottle in a loose liquid form. Upon first opening it seemed to only disperse a small amount of product on the applicator, but opening the next time, after rolling around in my beauty desk for a couple days, the sponge was SOAKED and the product quite clearly had spilt out of its area and soaked the applicator. 

The instructions are marked in diagrams as you can see above. Quite clear and easy to follow which is exactly what i am about to show you now...

My hair was washed the previous day, so not at it's freshest but not at its greasiest either. I did have to scrape quite a lot of product of the sponge back into the bottle as it would have just been to much to put onto my hair. I started my pulling the one side of my hair torte and started to dab the product onto my greys. 

On the left side if where i applied the product. 
As you can see it has covered them and the shade sooooort of blends into my hair colour and admittedly looks a lot better than the right side. 

Heres both sides with the product on. It definetly covers the greys with not a lot of bother at all really. The good thing about the sponge being rather soaked with product is i didn't have a faff of going back into getting some more. I continued with pulling my hair flat against my head to get a good base to dab onto which seems to work well. 
I went over my first layer to make sure all stray greys got covered.

My issues. I don't like how it looks on my hear or how it feels. You can for sure tell it contains clay as it feels thick and hard like. It also leaves a greasy look to my roots which doesn't look attractive at all. You do have to wait for the product to dry for around 5 minutes before the wet look goes away but you then are left with a dry paint look on your roots. 
It also made my head tingle a little, maybe just me, but something to look out for.

After the product dried, i followed the instructions and brush my hair.
Results? Yes it has covered my greys, BUT my hair now looks greasy and feels full of product. 
And as for the anti-transfer technology?

 Gosh oh darnit, it's not that non transferable Garnier babes...
This is after running my fingers through my hair as i'm just most of us to during the day to shift it out the way and along feeling a thick gel like texture, it leaves your finger tips looking rather cocoa coated.

So, my over all opinion? Would I recommend? Is it worth the money?
Yes, it is an express product and covers your greys rather quickly but...
I wouldn't repurchase it, i would much rather go for a powder when it doesn't have leave a stiff texture and make my hair look greasy. 
For a wet, greasy looking formula i wouldn't pay £10. My hair just felt dirty after using it and felt like it needed a good wash.

I hope you enjoyed my grey root covering review of the Maybelline Express Retouch, let me know if you have used this and think differently or the same, i'd love to know.

Thank you so so much for reading, chat soon..
Emilie xx


Small & Compact

Good colour selection

Fast Application

Leaves hair feeling & looking greasy

DOES transfer onto fingers

Does cover greys with enough product to cover

Leaves hair feeling in need of a good wash after applying

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