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5 Ways To Stay Motivated

If your finding yourself lacking in motivation, your not alone. I have been there so many times before and it can make you feel so glum and put you in such a slump.
After so many occasions feeling like this, i have rounded up some tips on how to get the motivation flowing again to get your mojo back. 

1. Tell your friends and family.
By letting others know how your feeling your not only able to get your emotions off your chest and unload, you are then enabling others to give you a push and inspiration to motivate yourself. If your finding your not getting motivated to eat healthier or go to the gym, you could confined in your friends who might be on a health journey of their own and you can encourage one another by having catch ups and spurring each other on. 

2. Routine and Habit
Sticking to a routine and your daily habits can really help keep the motivation tank full. If you let things slip and slide in your daily routine you can feel unaccomplished and mentally feel like your minds in a but of a mess. Staying on top of things as much as you can, will help to keep everything in order which will combat any slumps and feel rewarding which all adds to your motivation in whatever you do. 

3. Wake up earlier.
I LOVE it when i wake up earlier than i normally do. I feel like i am the only one awake in the world and i get to have a head start before anybody else. It some how feels accomplishing that i have awoke early with the chirping birds and am able to crack on with the day before i normally would be. Waking up early in the morning after a good nights sleep instantly makes me feel motivated to tick off my do list and seize the day.

4. Get moving
Endorphins are such an easy way to feel motivated and get yourself going. After a workout i feel so ready to conquer anything i set myself for the day. I instantly feel like i have achieved and been productive with my time and eggs me on for more.

5. Read inspirational/motivational books
There are so so many great books dedicated to pass on motivation. You can find fantastic inexpensive books in the works that target so many different way to get out of a rut. I find Anna Barnes' books great for inspiring me and giving me a motivational boost. I recently have read the book of how to be calm and have just picked up her mindfullness book to get my nose stuck into. She also has in her series, how to be calm, happy and positive. Even though these books aren't necessarily aiming for motivation, reading and flicking through them can ignite inspiration which leads to endless motivation. 

I hope the tips i have picked up along my motivational slumps have helped you to create a plan on how to get your motivational juices flowing.

Thank you so much for reading & chat soon,
Emilie x   

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