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5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals In 2019

Lacking hope for achieving your 2019 goals?
Coming towards the end of January you might be thinking about your resolutions and goals you have set yourself for the year and wonder how you are going to achieve them. Previous years may have tarnished your hope when it comes to new years resolutions but with these 5 hacks, you can make way for some 'ticking of the list' action that will make you feel accomplished and achieved for 2019. 

1. Write them down
 Get them on paper. Often we can have so many things going on in our head and to have just one thing taken off our minds can be a huge help when it comes to productivity and motivation. So get your goals and resolutions written down on a piece of paper that can be filed or displayed or down in one of those display notebooks that your not sure what to use it for. If you would rather keep it techy then you could write them in your notes on your phone or even write a blog post sharing with the world what your plans are to give you a little push knowing that you have said these things to the public and feel slightly more accountable to achieve them. 

2. ''Motivation gets you going, but habit gets you there''. 
That quote hits the nail on the head when it comes to achieving your goals... As soon as you make something a habit and create a routine you will soon realise how much less motivation you will need to push yourself to get those goals achieved. Take the gym for example, each week the gym i go to has group classes that are at the same time, same day each week. On their app, i book myself in for the same classes each and every time (of course can depend on prior arrangements etc) but with booking myself and making it my routine, i go there without even thinking as it now a habit and is now part of my weekly ritual if you like. I don't need to plan too hard or really boost myself with motivation to go, because if i miss a class, it almost feels like i am missing part of my usual daily routine and makes me feel unaccomplished; with knowing this, it helps me stay on track to achieve my goals for 2019 of maintaining my gym routine. 

3. Break them down.
If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to become more healthy then break it down into categories so it doesn't become too overwhelming at first. Like so many other resolutions we may have, there can be so many elements to each of them that we don't want to be bogged down and pressured all at once. 
You could try breaking it down like this...

Becoming more healthy in 2019: 

Water Intake 
Print off a daily water intake checklist, order some water tracker stickers for your diary or draw your own to tick off each glass you drink.

Healthier Food
Sign up to my fitness pal to get an understanding of where you could make healthier food changes in your diet. Find some new recipes to make some yummy alternative to your calorific faves.

Save some workout videos to your youtube channel to start your fitness journey off. Join a gym and try out some group classes. See you if you have a friend or family member that would like to join in your journey with you.

Ask your GP to advise what you might be lacking in when it comes to vitamins to help with the yearly colds and flu. Book that doctors appointment or dentist appointment you have been putting off. Book yourself in to have an eye test for in 6 months time so you are booked in and ready to see them again.

By breaking each section down they will be so much easier to work towards. 
You can work at one section at a time and then when you have found yourself in the habit of one, incorporate another stage to work towards. 

4. Take steps. 
Similar to hack 3, set yourself steps/milestones to reach throughout the year as time goals and reminders.
You could set a new goal or resolution to aim towards and achieve every 3 months. You can do this 4 times in the year and each of them take steps to ticking those resolutions off your list. You could also set yourself a 3 month reminder to revise and recap on those months, to see how you have been doing and if there is anything you need to work on for the next 3 months. 

5. Reward yourself. 
If one of your steps for the next 3 months was to go to the gym 3 times a week and you have achieved that, you could treat yourself to that dress or new trainers you have been eyeing up. 
If one of your goals was to take more care of your skin and hair and on your 3 month recap have noticed how much it is working wonders, treat yourself to a nice hair treatment or hair cut from a salon you have always wanted to visit. 
You don't have to spend any money either! If one of your goals is to save money and you are working so well doing it, treat yourself to a bubble bath and have a well earned relaxing pamper. 

Treating yourself can work as a great motivator too. By having that dress or hair cut, pamper or holiday even in mind, you will work even harder to achieve your goals to aim towards getting those treats.  

I hope that these life hacks will get you on your way to achieving those resolutions of yours. There's not many other feelings like the one of ticking your goals off the list and feeling accomplished from what you have achieved. 
I shall for sure be using these hacks myself throughout the year to achieve my 2019 resolutions. You can click this post that will take you too them if you would like to know what they are.

Do you have any hacks that help you when it comes to achieving your goals?
I would love to know!!

Thank you so much for reading,

Chat soon
Emilie x

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