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2019 Resolutions, Goals & Dreams

Hello 2019, hello 1st of January and hello to you my lovely!

Just like my post i did last year, i wanted to share with you my 2019 resolutions, goals and dreams.
I looooove me a fresh start at the beginning of the year to set myself some goals and hopes for the year ahead and get my motivation on to achieve them.

Today I have 10 resolutions that i have set for 2019 ranging in beauty, lifestyle and dreams and i hope you enjoy seeing what they are <3

1. Devise and maintain a structured morning and evening routine.
To a certain degree i do have a some what set morning/evening routine but it's far from structured. With starting a new job soon, i am going to need to really make myself an organised routine to get the most out of the day and to stay prepared and have all my shizz together. 

2. Time Save.
This should work out quite well when i have my routines up and running. I'd like to set aside time 1 day in the week, i'm thinking a Sunday will suit best, to prep the following weeks meals. I'm hoping that by setting aside time to batch cook a bunch of meals will save so much time in the week.
On the beauty side of things, in 2019 i really want to invest in some laser hair removal treatments. The time that i would save from not having to shave everywhere to feel smooth as a dolphin would make such a difference... also saving on the water i normally would be using too, win win!

3. Spend more time with friends and family.
This is much like my 2018 resolution and as i mentioned then, you can never have too much time spent with your loved ones and it is something that i always want to achieve more at. I really would like to plan days out, wether at a theme park or out for a picnic in the garden or even just a phone call or text to see how my chums are doing. A few little holibobs would be amazing too!

4. Maintain gym and eating plan.
Since June 2018 i have concentrated so much on my fitness and eating and it has changed my life. I can finally say that i am happy with my body and the food that i'm consuming and i would love to carry this on not just in 2019 but beyond! I love me some group gym classes, they are so much fun and motivating, so more of those is wanted. I'm also excited to find some new lunches other than the tuna wraps i've been eating for 6 months straight lol, i'm basically part tuna fish now.

5. Gain a presentable and organised style/wardrobe.
When i look in my wardrobe, i am happy to say that i wear pretty much everything, some more than others but it just depends on the day/occasion. Even though i'm happy with it, i still find it difficult to piece items together or find that the quality of items i own don't last and don't make me feel put together. I'd really like to purchase some items that will become staples in my wardrobe, that are go too's and feel good quality so it will last a good time. 
During down time in my slouchy clothes, i'd like to feel more presentable by finding some outfits that don't look like my usual ensemble of mix matched pyjamas with coco pop stains on. 

6. Take more care of skin and hair.
With devising a new morning/evening routine, i'd like a skincare regime to be added to that too. To purchase some lovely new skincare to really take care of it. I'm thinking of purchasing some Liz Earle products as their cleanse and polish is just *praising hands emoji*.
A few more bookings at the hair dressers to keep my split ends at bay would be lovely this year as well as some evenings slathering on a hair mask to maintain all the goodness.
SPF is going to be added more and more into my skincare routine as turning 25 in February will remind me it's not too early to start preventing mid 20 wrinkles, ahhh.

7. Make a house a home.
This August we will have been in our apartment for 2 years! Cannie believe it! We still haven't got round to finding a table and chairs, as well as a new sofa. So they are first on the list and then will come along some much needed new bedding and a spare bed for our guest room so our guests can have something more comfortable that an air bed when they stay. We just want to put our own stamp on the place, which we haven't been able to do yet and i am so excited to see our place become more us in 2019. 

8. Hit 1k on youtube.
Oh i would looooove this to happen over on my youtube channel. I never ever thought that it would be possible to reach 100 let alone a 1000! Around half way there, i would love my channel to hit 1000 subscribers as that number has always been a little dream of mine. If you didn't know i had a youtube channel you are more than welcome to come and check it out... You never know you might want to stick around and subscribe to be one of my 1000 subscribers in 2019 hehe!

9. Organise regularly.
You should have seen my phone last year, it was a disaster! I had over 6000 photos and videos in my camera roll, ranging from family pics, hundreds upon hundreds of photos of my cat, blurry ones to the screenshot mistakes when my volume sign was over the picture *face palm*. That's now changed as i sat down and took a few days to go through everything and i have managed to maintain an organised photo album yay. I would love that to continue this year. As well as keeping my computer organised and decluttered to keeping a check on bits and bobs i collect around the home so they don't accumulate into clutter.

10. Get a provisional license and take some driving lessons.
I would like to finnnnnnnally purchase a provisional license so i can finnnnnnally take some driving lessons. One of my biggest dreams to achieve is to drive and this year i would love to take a step towards that and finally get behind a wheel, i am beyond excited and pooping my pants a wee bit too. 

So there are my 2019 resolutions, goals and dreams, i really hope you enjoyed reading through them and maybe gave you some inspiration if you are struggling to think of any. Do let me know in the comments what your resolutions are for 2019 and lets smash them <3 

Love, Emilie

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