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5 Ways To Stay Motivated

If your finding yourself lacking in motivation, your not alone. I have been there so many times before and it can make you feel so glum and put you in such a slump.
After so many occasions feeling like this, i have rounded up some tips on how to get the motivation flowing again to get your mojo back. 

1. Tell your friends and family.
By letting others know how your feeling your not only able to get your emotions off your chest and unload, you are then enabling others to give you a push and inspiration to motivate yourself. If your finding your not getting motivated to eat healthier or go to the gym, you could confined in your friends who might be on a health journey of their own and you can encourage one another by having catch ups and spurring each other on. 

2. Routine and Habit
Sticking to a routine and your daily habits can really help keep the motivation tank full. If you let things slip and slide in your daily routine you can feel unaccomplished and mentally feel like your minds in a but of a mess. Staying on top of things as much as you can, will help to keep everything in order which will combat any slumps and feel rewarding which all adds to your motivation in whatever you do. 

3. Wake up earlier.
I LOVE it when i wake up earlier than i normally do. I feel like i am the only one awake in the world and i get to have a head start before anybody else. It some how feels accomplishing that i have awoke early with the chirping birds and am able to crack on with the day before i normally would be. Waking up early in the morning after a good nights sleep instantly makes me feel motivated to tick off my do list and seize the day.

4. Get moving
Endorphins are such an easy way to feel motivated and get yourself going. After a workout i feel so ready to conquer anything i set myself for the day. I instantly feel like i have achieved and been productive with my time and eggs me on for more.

5. Read inspirational/motivational books
There are so so many great books dedicated to pass on motivation. You can find fantastic inexpensive books in the works that target so many different way to get out of a rut. I find Anna Barnes' books great for inspiring me and giving me a motivational boost. I recently have read the book of how to be calm and have just picked up her mindfullness book to get my nose stuck into. She also has in her series, how to be calm, happy and positive. Even though these books aren't necessarily aiming for motivation, reading and flicking through them can ignite inspiration which leads to endless motivation. 

I hope the tips i have picked up along my motivational slumps have helped you to create a plan on how to get your motivational juices flowing.

Thank you so much for reading & chat soon,
Emilie x   

Poundland Makeup Finds - MUA LUXE

I have a little impromptu post to share with you today all about my fabulous finds in Poundland.
Through the grapevine i heard that poundland were selling some MUA goodies that are normally sold in Superdrug. As a huge fan and regular customer of MUA makeup, i got up early yesterday morning and took a wander round a Poundland store to see if i could grab some of these bargains.

And so i did...





If you can't find any in Poundland's regular assigned makeup section, have a mooch around. I found most of these products towards the tills on it's own section at the end of an isle where normally holds biscuits etc, so have a look around so you don't miss out! 

Thanks so much for ready & chat soon,

From, Emilie 

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals In 2019

Lacking hope for achieving your 2019 goals?
Coming towards the end of January you might be thinking about your resolutions and goals you have set yourself for the year and wonder how you are going to achieve them. Previous years may have tarnished your hope when it comes to new years resolutions but with these 5 hacks, you can make way for some 'ticking of the list' action that will make you feel accomplished and achieved for 2019. 

1. Write them down
 Get them on paper. Often we can have so many things going on in our head and to have just one thing taken off our minds can be a huge help when it comes to productivity and motivation. So get your goals and resolutions written down on a piece of paper that can be filed or displayed or down in one of those display notebooks that your not sure what to use it for. If you would rather keep it techy then you could write them in your notes on your phone or even write a blog post sharing with the world what your plans are to give you a little push knowing that you have said these things to the public and feel slightly more accountable to achieve them. 

2. ''Motivation gets you going, but habit gets you there''. 
That quote hits the nail on the head when it comes to achieving your goals... As soon as you make something a habit and create a routine you will soon realise how much less motivation you will need to push yourself to get those goals achieved. Take the gym for example, each week the gym i go to has group classes that are at the same time, same day each week. On their app, i book myself in for the same classes each and every time (of course can depend on prior arrangements etc) but with booking myself and making it my routine, i go there without even thinking as it now a habit and is now part of my weekly ritual if you like. I don't need to plan too hard or really boost myself with motivation to go, because if i miss a class, it almost feels like i am missing part of my usual daily routine and makes me feel unaccomplished; with knowing this, it helps me stay on track to achieve my goals for 2019 of maintaining my gym routine. 

3. Break them down.
If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to become more healthy then break it down into categories so it doesn't become too overwhelming at first. Like so many other resolutions we may have, there can be so many elements to each of them that we don't want to be bogged down and pressured all at once. 
You could try breaking it down like this...

Becoming more healthy in 2019: 

Water Intake 
Print off a daily water intake checklist, order some water tracker stickers for your diary or draw your own to tick off each glass you drink.

Healthier Food
Sign up to my fitness pal to get an understanding of where you could make healthier food changes in your diet. Find some new recipes to make some yummy alternative to your calorific faves.

Save some workout videos to your youtube channel to start your fitness journey off. Join a gym and try out some group classes. See you if you have a friend or family member that would like to join in your journey with you.

Ask your GP to advise what you might be lacking in when it comes to vitamins to help with the yearly colds and flu. Book that doctors appointment or dentist appointment you have been putting off. Book yourself in to have an eye test for in 6 months time so you are booked in and ready to see them again.

By breaking each section down they will be so much easier to work towards. 
You can work at one section at a time and then when you have found yourself in the habit of one, incorporate another stage to work towards. 

4. Take steps. 
Similar to hack 3, set yourself steps/milestones to reach throughout the year as time goals and reminders.
You could set a new goal or resolution to aim towards and achieve every 3 months. You can do this 4 times in the year and each of them take steps to ticking those resolutions off your list. You could also set yourself a 3 month reminder to revise and recap on those months, to see how you have been doing and if there is anything you need to work on for the next 3 months. 

5. Reward yourself. 
If one of your steps for the next 3 months was to go to the gym 3 times a week and you have achieved that, you could treat yourself to that dress or new trainers you have been eyeing up. 
If one of your goals was to take more care of your skin and hair and on your 3 month recap have noticed how much it is working wonders, treat yourself to a nice hair treatment or hair cut from a salon you have always wanted to visit. 
You don't have to spend any money either! If one of your goals is to save money and you are working so well doing it, treat yourself to a bubble bath and have a well earned relaxing pamper. 

Treating yourself can work as a great motivator too. By having that dress or hair cut, pamper or holiday even in mind, you will work even harder to achieve your goals to aim towards getting those treats.  

I hope that these life hacks will get you on your way to achieving those resolutions of yours. There's not many other feelings like the one of ticking your goals off the list and feeling accomplished from what you have achieved. 
I shall for sure be using these hacks myself throughout the year to achieve my 2019 resolutions. You can click this post that will take you too them if you would like to know what they are.

Do you have any hacks that help you when it comes to achieving your goals?
I would love to know!!

Thank you so much for reading,

Chat soon
Emilie x

How to beat the january blues - 5 Different ways

Christmas is red, 
January is blue, 
Feeling down in the dumps,
Boo hoo hoo

How d'ya like my little poem? ;) 

January can be the month that you feel a bit glum can't it. If it were a colour, a muddy blue could come to mind. Often in the middle of the month when the fresh and newness has worn off from the start of the new year and work feels like it is dragging it's feet, we can catch the dullness and blueness that January can sometimes give off. I'm going to share with you some tips that i have learnt over the years to combat those blues and turn your January around into an exciting and positive month.

Grab your 2019 diary. 
If you don't have one yet, now would be the perfect time as most places will start to sell them off in the sales. Getcha favourite pen and arrange days out, exciting things to look forward too. After an excited few months of having all the festivities to look forward too, January can feel like a let out balloon, but having something arranged wether it being a day out, a ticket to the cinema, dinner at friends or even taking part in something for charity can add glimmer into your calendar and give you a spur on in your day to day life knowing you have something exciting happening soon. 

Get outside and see people.
Again over the Christmas period, most of us spend so much time with friends and family and see much of other people and again like a orange that you was hoping to be juicy turns out to be a dry boring orange, January can feel a bit lonely and lifeless. So arrange to have a wee get together with your family to catch up after Christmas. Maybe you bumped into an old friend while Christmas shopping and had no time to catch up, arrange to see them. Get outside and see the freshness that January brings, yes it may be a bit nip outside but wrap up and get out and blow the cob webs off. 

Don't exit this post, i know your possibly tempted ;) But trust me when i say, exercise is key to feeling more positive throughout January. In no way does it have to be for the physical side of things, to lose weight or to get fitter. Just exercising alone can do so much mentally too. The endorphins after a workout can make us feel so accomplished and instantly motivate us to be more productive with our time. If were feeling bogged down with all the work thats piled up over the holidays, getting in a workout can release so much stress and tension in our bodies that we leave feeling that workout mentally relaxed to tackle anything that January throws at us. 

Have a good organise and clean. 
Maybe you still have some baubles lying around or some gifts you haven't found a home for yet. Set yourself sometime throughout January to sort those things out, find a home for items that don't have one, clear out that junk drawer you've been meaning to do, clean cookie mixture off the oven from baking over Christmas... having a bit of organisation around the home and a new year spring clean here and there can physically make everything look great but again, can mentally feel refreshing. Having an unorganised and messy environment can instantly lower our moods. As soon as i clear something out to either go in the bin or give away, i feel instantly accomplished and my mood is instantly lifted from feeling down. 

Getting back into the swing of things in January can be trying. After maybe having lie ins for a few mornings and then your hit back into reality with a loud bell chime at 6:30am. Preparing ahead can get you straight back into your routine FAST. It also makes things so much easier if you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning or are too tired to do anything of an evening which can add to your low mood. Preparing your lunch the night before could get your an extra 10 mins in bed. Get your clothes ready for the following day can add more zzz's and not add any more stress to your morning. Get your diary and write a list of the upcoming tasks and events for the week so your mentally prepared and have reminded yourself in advance to save hassle and stress later on which adds more drama than needed to your January blues. 

I hope my tips are helpful in fighting the January blues and find yourself having a fun, productive and positive start to the year.

Thank you so much for reading, 
Emilie x


Hello my lovely, today over on my youtube channel i have set live my 2nd OCD video, talking about my time in school and what it was like living and trying to deal with the viscous OCD life. 

I would love to create more written posts in the future about my OCD, but for now i hope you enjoy and somewhat helps you or someone you know going through OCD too.
The best advice i can give you, if you yourself is going through this or you know someone that is, go and tell somebody especially your doctor who can help so so much. I don't even know how i would have coped or where my life would be if i hadn't had told someone. It was the best thing i ever did and have received so much help with how to bare my OCD so so much! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading...

Emilie x 

2019 Motivational Quotes

The new year, resolutions goals and dreams we need every bit of motivational help that we can get to make this the best year yet & achieve all of our hopes for 2019.

I have accumulated my favourite motivational quotes i am loving right now that i shall be remembering daily to boost my motivation and inspire me daily. 

New Year

365 new days, 365 new chances

This is the beginning of anything you want

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.
Brad Paisley

Although no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
Carl Bard


Don't expect to see a change if you don't make one.

It always seems impossible until it is done.

Motivation gets you going but habit gets you there.

There's no such a thing as a bad workout.


Sometimes in a dark place you think you have been buried but actually you have been planted.

Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.
Lao Tzu

The grass is greener where you water it. 

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.
Edwin Elliot

Don't you dare shrink yourself for someone else's comfort, 
Do not become small for people who refuse to grow.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.
Antoine De Saint-Exupeng.

When someone says you can't do it, do it twice and take pictures.

The two things in life you are in total control over, are your attitude and your effort.
Billy Cox

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Don't tell people your dreams, show them. 

I hope you enjoyed having a look at some of my favourites quotes for motivation for a bunch of different aspects of life and found them inspiring.

Thank you so much for reading, 
Emilie x

2019 Resolutions, Goals & Dreams

Hello 2019, hello 1st of January and hello to you my lovely!

Just like my post i did last year, i wanted to share with you my 2019 resolutions, goals and dreams.
I looooove me a fresh start at the beginning of the year to set myself some goals and hopes for the year ahead and get my motivation on to achieve them.

Today I have 10 resolutions that i have set for 2019 ranging in beauty, lifestyle and dreams and i hope you enjoy seeing what they are <3

1. Devise and maintain a structured morning and evening routine.
To a certain degree i do have a some what set morning/evening routine but it's far from structured. With starting a new job soon, i am going to need to really make myself an organised routine to get the most out of the day and to stay prepared and have all my shizz together. 

2. Time Save.
This should work out quite well when i have my routines up and running. I'd like to set aside time 1 day in the week, i'm thinking a Sunday will suit best, to prep the following weeks meals. I'm hoping that by setting aside time to batch cook a bunch of meals will save so much time in the week.
On the beauty side of things, in 2019 i really want to invest in some laser hair removal treatments. The time that i would save from not having to shave everywhere to feel smooth as a dolphin would make such a difference... also saving on the water i normally would be using too, win win!

3. Spend more time with friends and family.
This is much like my 2018 resolution and as i mentioned then, you can never have too much time spent with your loved ones and it is something that i always want to achieve more at. I really would like to plan days out, wether at a theme park or out for a picnic in the garden or even just a phone call or text to see how my chums are doing. A few little holibobs would be amazing too!

4. Maintain gym and eating plan.
Since June 2018 i have concentrated so much on my fitness and eating and it has changed my life. I can finally say that i am happy with my body and the food that i'm consuming and i would love to carry this on not just in 2019 but beyond! I love me some group gym classes, they are so much fun and motivating, so more of those is wanted. I'm also excited to find some new lunches other than the tuna wraps i've been eating for 6 months straight lol, i'm basically part tuna fish now.

5. Gain a presentable and organised style/wardrobe.
When i look in my wardrobe, i am happy to say that i wear pretty much everything, some more than others but it just depends on the day/occasion. Even though i'm happy with it, i still find it difficult to piece items together or find that the quality of items i own don't last and don't make me feel put together. I'd really like to purchase some items that will become staples in my wardrobe, that are go too's and feel good quality so it will last a good time. 
During down time in my slouchy clothes, i'd like to feel more presentable by finding some outfits that don't look like my usual ensemble of mix matched pyjamas with coco pop stains on. 

6. Take more care of skin and hair.
With devising a new morning/evening routine, i'd like a skincare regime to be added to that too. To purchase some lovely new skincare to really take care of it. I'm thinking of purchasing some Liz Earle products as their cleanse and polish is just *praising hands emoji*.
A few more bookings at the hair dressers to keep my split ends at bay would be lovely this year as well as some evenings slathering on a hair mask to maintain all the goodness.
SPF is going to be added more and more into my skincare routine as turning 25 in February will remind me it's not too early to start preventing mid 20 wrinkles, ahhh.

7. Make a house a home.
This August we will have been in our apartment for 2 years! Cannie believe it! We still haven't got round to finding a table and chairs, as well as a new sofa. So they are first on the list and then will come along some much needed new bedding and a spare bed for our guest room so our guests can have something more comfortable that an air bed when they stay. We just want to put our own stamp on the place, which we haven't been able to do yet and i am so excited to see our place become more us in 2019. 

8. Hit 1k on youtube.
Oh i would looooove this to happen over on my youtube channel. I never ever thought that it would be possible to reach 100 let alone a 1000! Around half way there, i would love my channel to hit 1000 subscribers as that number has always been a little dream of mine. If you didn't know i had a youtube channel you are more than welcome to come and check it out... You never know you might want to stick around and subscribe to be one of my 1000 subscribers in 2019 hehe!

9. Organise regularly.
You should have seen my phone last year, it was a disaster! I had over 6000 photos and videos in my camera roll, ranging from family pics, hundreds upon hundreds of photos of my cat, blurry ones to the screenshot mistakes when my volume sign was over the picture *face palm*. That's now changed as i sat down and took a few days to go through everything and i have managed to maintain an organised photo album yay. I would love that to continue this year. As well as keeping my computer organised and decluttered to keeping a check on bits and bobs i collect around the home so they don't accumulate into clutter.

10. Get a provisional license and take some driving lessons.
I would like to finnnnnnnally purchase a provisional license so i can finnnnnnally take some driving lessons. One of my biggest dreams to achieve is to drive and this year i would love to take a step towards that and finally get behind a wheel, i am beyond excited and pooping my pants a wee bit too. 

So there are my 2019 resolutions, goals and dreams, i really hope you enjoyed reading through them and maybe gave you some inspiration if you are struggling to think of any. Do let me know in the comments what your resolutions are for 2019 and lets smash them <3 

Love, Emilie