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After spending our first day after arriving in Dubai catching up on the ZZZ's and chilling by the pool to get our skin kissed my the Arabian sun, we woke up on Wednesday morning ready for a day of sight seeing.
My brother in law had his car to take us around all sorts of places in Dubai and for our first stop was Le Mer beach for a breakfast and a gander round.

At around 10:30am it was already over 30 degrees which was just heaven. The heat was unreal so we made sure to lather up on sunscreen. My husband made the describing point of the year... 'the sun basically dries up your sweat before it can even make you sticky'. It did exactly that, i didn't feel overly sweaty at all with all of the heat, it was hot and heavy but as it was such a dry heat, i barely perspired... (just a little insight into my bodily functions there for you)

After parking the car, we totted up the escalators to find almost an outdoor shopping mall, with tons of restaurants, bars and shopping stores. It was so quiet that only a few people were in sight, walking in and out of the stores almost felt deserted and that you had the whole place to yourself at this time in the morning.

I really like the fact that the outdoor amusements were almost a little block between the beach and the main road. It was so peaceful and tranquil and felt like you were miles away from any hussle and bussle from the roads which makes it feel super private. 

Walking to our breakfast destination, we walked along side the beach which looked like those tropical screen savers you find on your desktop. The cleanliness was just UNREAL. No litter on the floor, every thing was tidy and well thought out. There were staff around the beach that could help assist you with directions or anything you needed to know. I often saw many of them with brooms keeping the sand off the wooden decking to keep everything look pristine. 

We stopped off for breakfast, i can't remember what the restaurant was called and can't even find it on google maps, sad times :(
& i unfortunately didn't get any pictures because my mouth was too darn quick to get the food in ma belly. Alls i can tell you is that it was a delicious oven baked hot dish with sweet potato squares, tomato and baked eggs, nom nom.
IT WAS DEVINE. The presentation, the service in there was next to non. Our waiter was so polite and friendly and made us feel so welcome. 

After we took another stroll around to take in every little detail. We didn't stay on the beach this day as we planned to come back for a full on lounging by the ocean type morning a few days later. They had fabulous coloured beach huts which of course i had to get a picture with. The colours complimented all of the little details around the beach, such a surf boards, all of the wooden decking to walk on, shower buckets to wash the sea salt out of your hair, a little rock pool beach where you could paddle your feet into and even some swings, which me and Richard took full advantage of.

They of course also had toilets, changing rooms and shower rooms too, so you didn't have to worry about wearing wet clothes home or holding in all the water you would be drinking to stay hydrated.

Later in the week when we came back for a sunbathing morning. From the place we were staying we took a taxi which took us around 10-15 minutes to get to Le Mer including morning traffic and cost us around 20 AED. 

It was a lot busier on the beach but still so much space to feel you have privacy and room. The sand was scorching so i made sure to bring my flip flops that i could easy walk onto the sand with, without burning my tootsies. We took shade underneath a palm tree and soaked up the warmth listening to the music the had playing throughout the beach as well as hearing a few screams coming from the water park that you could see in the distance.

They also have options to hire out sun beds which not many people decided to do. But it is so nice to have the option there if you want it. I like the fact that you have to pay a little towards them as it means there's more chance of you getting one if you want one rather than them being hogged all day by hardcore beach go-ers. 

When getting into the water, boy oh boy, people wasn't kidding when they said it would be like stepping into a hot bath... it was bliss. No shivering, no plucking up the courage to submerge my shoulders, but still cool enough to get some relief from the heat. It was just right. The sand underneath was so soft i couldn't help but dig my toes into it. Then just before we were hopping out of the water we turned to look at the skyline and there behind us was the Burj Khalifa. I so wish i had a go pro that i could have taken in the water with me to show you the view we saw. It was magnificent. Upon seeing this amazing sight we stayed in the water for 10 minutes more then walked out back to our towels, where we were dried from the heat of the sun so quickly.

The sand was no painfully full of pebbles or shells. A few broken pieces of shell to cause a little 'ou' feeling on your feet but nothing that would give you an unpleasant, hobbling walk to the ocean. 

I highly recommend going to visit Le Mer beach if you are visiting Dubai. Usually when going to the beach you have to plan your day down to the T. Wether that being when your going to have food or even having to bring your own food. Having to organise and find the nearest toilets and dreading getting in faREEZING cold water. 
But not at LE MER.

 It was such a wonderful beach that i have to say it was the best beach i have ever been too, a pure haven. 

Thank you so much for reading my first chapter in my Dubai Diaries!

See you soon xx


 Almost a month has passed since we jetted off to Dubai for a second honeymoon, ever so kindly brought for us by my brother and sister in law <3 and i wanted to share with you some memories, tips and piccies.
My husband and I stayed with our family in Dubai for a week and it was the most amazing holiday EVER! We had such a blissful time and I can't wait to share with you what we got up too. 

I'm going to bring you along our Dubai adventures in a little series that i can share in the future as a tips and tricks collection to help any of you who is visiting the special place. 

Do come along and join me in my diary of Dubai & hopefully you can see just how wonderful this place on earth is. 

See you soon,

Emilie xx


A £2 mascara? I hear you say... first in my testing Primark beauty we are starting with a right corker! 

Myself, my eyelashes and Maybelline's lash sensational mascara have quite the love affair. It has everything we need.... a curved brush, non clumpy formula, long wearing but the only thing that brings up bickers in our relationship is the price. Now it's not high end at all but still, when your trying to save your pennies, each one of them out of Maybelline's £8.99 soon adds up!

Primark's Lash Contour has sadly but very appreciatively broke myself and one of Maybelline's best selling mascaras up.



The packaging is so very similar to lash sensational, but metallic, which i just love.
The handle is very easy to hold due to the slanted edge where you can place your fingers comfortably while coating your lashes.

The brush and bristles are plastic but not sharp at all and has flexibility too for when your applying it to your eyelashes. 

I'm not to sure if this is where Primark was going with their brush design but one can only describe the shape as like a stegosaurus dinosaur. On its back, it has 4 sections of soft spike like bristles and short stubby ones wrapping around the rest of the brush.

The brush isn't curved but the longer sided bristles almost are in a slight curved angle to give life to the lashes when applied. Unlike lash sensational, because of the no curved brush, it doesn't grab the lashes as well as it's sister from another mister does. But with practice you can easily wiggle the brush to coat your lashes just as it's rival does. 

I first take the longer side to lift and initially coat my lashes and flipping it over to the stubby side where i apply the majority of the product to build thickness and volume. 
Then when the first layer has nearly dried, i take the longer side again to separate and add length to the outer corner lashes. 

Naked lashes 

First coat

Second coat

The packaging states to give curl, lengthening and volume. It does just that.

 It lengthens so quickly, while giving no spideriness in sight! In between coats you don't have to get your mini fan out while waiting for it to dry, it takes around a minute for the perfect time in between layers to achieve a non clumpy exaggerated look. 

 I didn't curl my lashes before applying the mascara for these pictures and although i do still love to use my eyelash curler i think without, still gives a slight curled lift to the lashes. 

The volume it gives is just insane. As you can see from my eyelash before and afters, the difference it gives. With that volume doesn't come uncomfortable lashes either. With some mascaras i find can be heavy and really annoying, but with Lash Contour they are comfy and don't feel sharp and crusty.

The pigment is so black and has no greyness. And when it comes to that hesitant glance in the mirror for any drop down, there is non in sight. PHEW! It's so easy to remove as well with your usual eye makeup remover or usual cleanser. It removes itself so gently and doesn't need any more than a gentle wipe with a cotton pad or flannel to get off your lashes.

If that isn't eyelash gripping enough, lets just mention the price again. £2. TWO POUNDS for this insane mascara. The days of plain black packaging and simple white font for a cheap mascara are no more. 

For £2 you are getting a sleek looking, long wearing, mega volume, curling mascara that you just need to get your hands on. 


Volume is louder than your car stereo

Lengthens longer than my leg hair in winter

Curls better than my hair in summer 

Non clumpy, non spidery formula

No drop down 

Comfortable to wear

Pure black pigment 

Gorrrrrrgeous packaging thats easy to hold

2 sided plastic wand to give your lashes dimension


9ml of product

Thank you so so much for reading and chat soon my lovelies