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Now let's get down to the root of the problem!
Roots and greys are so damn pesky.
They can cost us not only money to keep them topped up lookin' fresh but cost us some of our confidence too!

I have been wanting to try some root powder for some time now as i do have grey hairs sprouting out left right and centre more than likely due to stress from my OCD (humph). It can cause a little bit of a knock to my confidence when the weeks come along where they are shining brighter than the north star and are so noticeable! 

Knowing i wanted to try some out, my mom told me about this cracking deal good old Poundland had. They are selling Batiste Hide Me Root Concealer! For a £1! What a bargain! 
That day i headed to a Poundland and opted for 2 shades out of the 3 they were offering, the other was a blonde shade, perfect for you bombshells out there and for you highlighted hair babes too!

What the packaging tells us...

Instantly covers roots and greys
Apply to dry styled hair
Quick, easy, no mess
Water resistant & lasts until your next shampoo 
Blends naturally with your existing shade
Extends time between colouring

Medium & Light Brown

Medium Brown 
Left - Applied with brush (came out a very weird bitty consistency hmm)
Right - Finger swatch
 Light Brown 
Left - Applied with brush 
Right - Finger swatch

 My roots before. As you can see the odd grey hair trying to get some lime light...

Using the medium brown, I tried the method of applying with the brush it came with. Pulling my hair flat against my head to get a good even surface of hair to paint the product onto. This method didn't work out too well. As you can see from the swatches, the more pigment i could get from the product was from swatching with my fingers. I think the warmth helped to pick up the product more. After not getting much of a result with the brush i decided to use my fingers to apply the product...

I also used to of the powder to even out my hair line, which worked perfectly. It needed a little blending out, which after applying with my fingers to get the main pigment on my skin, i used the brush to blend and buff the edges out just like an eyeshadow, to give a more natural look. I loved this technique and also used it where my skin was peaking through around my temples. 

I did notice a slight itchy scalp a few minutes after apply which faded throughout the day, but i couldn't tell wether it was just in my head, knowing i had something sitting on my scalp but something to maybe consider if you suffer with a sensitive scalp.

 I found the method of using my fingers was much more effective than with the brush. I hardly got any coverage at all using it, but applying the product by hand got the initial product on and then put the brush to use to blend, blend, blend. 

I love the way this product evened out my hair line and less prominent hair patches, but on my actual roots was a different story.
I didn't find my hair picked up the product from either the brush nor my fingers. It just didn't apply to it at all. So i definitely disagree to the 'instant covering roots and greys' statement.  It worked best when able to be applied to the skin itself, which i don't really want to do in my centre parting. 

So as for a 'root' touch up, for the greys and colour out growth, i wouldn't recommend. But if you are unhappy with your hair line or have alopecia, this would be a fantastic product to use. It does state it is waterproof, whichhhh if you was caught in the rain it wouldn't come running down your cheek, but when you wash your hair with effort then it will budge. If you make a mistake or go a little messy with it then its nothing that a quick rub with a baby wipe couldn't fix as it doesn't stain the skin. It gives a natural look once you have blended and enables you to build up the colour to your satisfaction too. 

I will still be on the look out for a product i can use on those 'in between' hair dying treatments to cover my grey friends and will for sure let you know when i try my next one!


Affordable if found in poundland but overpriced in boots for £7.99

Does nothing when applied to hair but when applied to skin/hairline, really works well to give a natural illusion of hair 

Comes with a brush, pointless for applying but works well to blend with

Comes in 5 different shades in total


Not tested on animals

3.9g of product

Thank you so much for reading & let me know if you have tried any other root concealers that you would recommend!

Emilie x

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