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Alotta nostalgia comes along whenever i mooch through Miss Sporty makeup. They have been around for years haven't they?! 

I was running low on powder which i can't be doing with so mooched on Superdrug's website at Miss Sporty's range. I had seen this being offered in their makeup range for a while actually and for some reason have never tried it before.

Knowing during my holibobs when using this, i was due a hormonal breakout of spots (great timing mother nature) i thought how handy this powder would be with its 'anti-spot' benefits.


 Product Information on Superdrug.

So Clear Powder combines 4 anti-spot actions for clear & healthy looking skin for up to 7 hours.


Absorbs excess oil from the skin to provide a non-greasy matte finish and helps clarifies skin & minimises the look of the spot breakouts & blemishes.  

I want my powder to be silky, slight coverage but yet still lightweight and non cakey, something that locks in my base and doesn't give a frosty flash back. 
This is that powder!

Touching the product feels so silky with the fingers and when used with a brush it has the same effect on the skin, gliding over my base and leaving my skin not tacky but silk to touch.

It has a bit of coverage that isn't too much to cake up the skin but enough to add that little extra touch to help blur out imperfections of blemishes such as spots, although applying on top of a liquid base it doesn't react and become cakey. It keeps up that standard throughout the day, keeping my base locked in place with still helping to blur out pores and imperfections while still looking fresh and non-thick. When needing a shine free look especially in the t-zone, this powder mattifies my skin and base underneath to tackle any sweaty pickles i might get myself in, i.e - running for the bus after hitting that snooze button just that too few many times. 

It doesn't make me feel powdery when first applied nor does it collect together when applying another application when needing to touch up in those pesky sweaty areas. 
With the colour being transparent, it adapts to the shade of your skin and doesn't give me a frosty flash back feel in real life or in photos.

I love the fact it has anti-bacterial properties so it's not only helping to hide blemishes but helps to treat and combat them while keeping others at bay too! The packaging is very sleek coming in a compact that clicks shut with a handy half a circle mirror with a matching powder puff for out and about applications if needed. 

You can pick up Miss Sporty's anti spot pressed powder from Superdrug's website for £2.99 (they always seem to have so many offers on too!)

Thank you so much for reading today's post, i really hope you enjoyed and do let me know if you have given this powder ago and if you have tried anything else from Miss Sporty you would recommend.

Chat Soon
Emilie xx


Anti-bacterial to help keep at bay spots and treats current blemishes


Adapts to skin shade while being transparent

Light to build able coverage

 Light-weight & non cakey

Mattifies skin for a shine free effect

Silky formula

Locks in base to keep its long lasting throughout the day

Buildable for touch ups

Compact Packaging 

9.4g worth of product


Back in the early days of wearing makeup, my eyebrows were the least of my concerns, for me it was all about the eyeliner and foundation covered lips *sinks into chair with embarrassment*.
But nowadays i would consider my brows to be not only my favourite thing to do in my makeup routine but they truly make a difference to how i feel when i have done them.

On a everyday basis, i would love something that i can just run through them and they look done. This is where the Revolution Brow Tint comes in. I noticed that Maybelline have brought one out too but it's over double the price, of this one as it just comes in at £5.00!


The tube comes in a very sleek box, with instructions on the back running through 3 steps to follow. 

STEP 1: Start with a clean brow

STEP 2: Apply to brow to create desired shape. Leave to develop for up to 2 hours.

STEP 3: Peel off for gorgeous brows for up to 3 days. 

Revolution offer 3 shades, Dark Brown which is what i have gone for, Medium Brown & Taupe.

The colour swatched well on my hand looking like a deep chocolate brown. The consistency wasn't like a sticky gloop, but can only be described as a silky gloop? It looked like it would apply well on the brow, without being to thick and messy.

The right hand swatch was what was tinted onto my hand only after a few minutes and washed off after i would say 3 hand washes. So, i was having high hopes for this little product at this point. 

I decided to use my small angled eyebrow brush from Real Techniques to initially get the shape i wanted. I wanted to extend the tail and build up the front of the brow and to create more of an arch.

After making sure my brows were brushed out & squeaky clean, i then started to apply the product. My first impression, was that the colour seemed to match well & it applied pigmented. I then noticed that due to my choice of brush, it was fairly tricky to create a sharp edge for my tail. Then when running the tint through the whole brow and coming back to the tail, due to it being a thin layer, it then started to crumble where my brush was picking up from the layer first applied, which made readjusting the shape harder. 

I also found the product wasn't applying well to my skin underneath my brow hairs, where i wanted a fuller look to get my arch and more of a blocked look at the front of my eyebrow. I found i had to push through the hairs to apply the product which was meaning i wasn't getting a clean sweep of product, which arose concerns as to how it was going to peel. 

After applying my first layer, i decided to take the applicator from the brow tint & try to run a thick layer over the brow to then make it easier to peel later. I found that due to the thickness of the brush from the bottle, it would easily run over the shape i had created meaning i was taking my brow thicker and thicker... i would imagine this wouldn't be too much trouble in future when you have had more practice with it. 

Allowing that layer to dry, I then applied a thin third layer to make sure every gap that was still visible due to it not grabbing to the skin easily before. 

Set my timer for the full 2 hours to let it develop and got on with some housework to pass the time (& to warm up, it was chilly this day!)

You could do less time if your just wanting to see how it will go for your first time & maybe you don't want a strong change to the shape or fullness of your brow. If this is the case, you could maybe try an hour or 30 minutes even. I may try this if i'm pushed for time.

My timer beeped and now was the moment of truth, the satisfying peel off. 

As i imagined, it didn't come off all in one. I started to peel from the tail where half way through the brow it broke. Working further towards the front, it started to get a little tricky to peel. 
Bits of dried tint still in my brow hairs and skin underneath, almost looking a little crumbly. Not wanting to get my nails dirty (diva), I opted to use a baby wipes to gently buff away the remaining product. This worked really well although it did take off some tint, which i believe was just excess, it still left my brows with a slight tint and shape that i had created. 

Although looking like a dark chocolate brown when first applied and swatched, the end colour result did have a more black tone, which doesn't fuss me too too much, but something to consider if your toying between the medium and dark shade. For the natural lighting moments, next time i'm opting for the medium, which i would imagine as a more red undertone making it a tad lighter.

If your unsure of what shade to choose from and not wanting to waste your money, you could opt for less time for the product to develop. This would mean the pigment of the tint would be less obvious and would blend in more with your natural hairs of your brow.

I was quite chuffed with the end result. As this was my first time, it took me around 15 minutes to achieve my brow shape and to apply additional coats of tint. I don't know wether the extra tint made a difference to be honest as the peel still didn't come off that easily, but next time i'm going to try with the applicator it comes with to see if it's quicker and it makes the initial first coat enough.

I was happy with how it made my brows still look fairly natural and fuller. I still applied product through them to extend the brow a little further as the tint didn't stick to well to that part but when not wearing makeup at all, i felt more put together and like my brows were more there in person that 'in spirit'.

The tint lasted in my brows for just about 3 days. Each day getting a little less noticeable. I don't think thats too bad going if your going on a little weekend break, where you don't want to wear a lot of makeup but still want your brows to look presentable and have a bit more fullness. 

Will you be trying Revolutions brow tint? I think it's a really cool item to have in your makeup collection to have as your just incase moments. Maybe you don't like wearing makeup but you want some fullness and shape in your brows... this could be the product for you!

You can get it on Revolution's website & from Superdrug



Sleek and slender packaging with instructions

Not a huge range of shades but pigment of colour could be adjusted if the length of time is shortened.

Doesn't have a messy consistency & would be easy enough with a firm buff of a makeup wipe to clean any mistakes.

Lasts a good 2 days with most of the pigment & 3 days with a less pigmented tint.

Satisfying to peel

2 hours to develop enabling time to do other things while not feeling uncomfortable

Cruelty Free


6 ml of product

Thank you so much for reading, chat soon!

Emilie x

I have a full video of me testing the Revolution Brow Tint out on youtube too...
Just click HERE


Now let's get down to the root of the problem!
Roots and greys are so damn pesky.
They can cost us not only money to keep them topped up lookin' fresh but cost us some of our confidence too!

I have been wanting to try some root powder for some time now as i do have grey hairs sprouting out left right and centre more than likely due to stress from my OCD (humph). It can cause a little bit of a knock to my confidence when the weeks come along where they are shining brighter than the north star and are so noticeable! 

Knowing i wanted to try some out, my mom told me about this cracking deal good old Poundland had. They are selling Batiste Hide Me Root Concealer! For a £1! What a bargain! 
That day i headed to a Poundland and opted for 2 shades out of the 3 they were offering, the other was a blonde shade, perfect for you bombshells out there and for you highlighted hair babes too!

What the packaging tells us...

Instantly covers roots and greys
Apply to dry styled hair
Quick, easy, no mess
Water resistant & lasts until your next shampoo 
Blends naturally with your existing shade
Extends time between colouring

Medium & Light Brown

Medium Brown 
Left - Applied with brush (came out a very weird bitty consistency hmm)
Right - Finger swatch
 Light Brown 
Left - Applied with brush 
Right - Finger swatch

 My roots before. As you can see the odd grey hair trying to get some lime light...

Using the medium brown, I tried the method of applying with the brush it came with. Pulling my hair flat against my head to get a good even surface of hair to paint the product onto. This method didn't work out too well. As you can see from the swatches, the more pigment i could get from the product was from swatching with my fingers. I think the warmth helped to pick up the product more. After not getting much of a result with the brush i decided to use my fingers to apply the product...

I also used to of the powder to even out my hair line, which worked perfectly. It needed a little blending out, which after applying with my fingers to get the main pigment on my skin, i used the brush to blend and buff the edges out just like an eyeshadow, to give a more natural look. I loved this technique and also used it where my skin was peaking through around my temples. 

I did notice a slight itchy scalp a few minutes after apply which faded throughout the day, but i couldn't tell wether it was just in my head, knowing i had something sitting on my scalp but something to maybe consider if you suffer with a sensitive scalp.

 I found the method of using my fingers was much more effective than with the brush. I hardly got any coverage at all using it, but applying the product by hand got the initial product on and then put the brush to use to blend, blend, blend. 

I love the way this product evened out my hair line and less prominent hair patches, but on my actual roots was a different story.
I didn't find my hair picked up the product from either the brush nor my fingers. It just didn't apply to it at all. So i definitely disagree to the 'instant covering roots and greys' statement.  It worked best when able to be applied to the skin itself, which i don't really want to do in my centre parting. 

So as for a 'root' touch up, for the greys and colour out growth, i wouldn't recommend. But if you are unhappy with your hair line or have alopecia, this would be a fantastic product to use. It does state it is waterproof, whichhhh if you was caught in the rain it wouldn't come running down your cheek, but when you wash your hair with effort then it will budge. If you make a mistake or go a little messy with it then its nothing that a quick rub with a baby wipe couldn't fix as it doesn't stain the skin. It gives a natural look once you have blended and enables you to build up the colour to your satisfaction too. 

I will still be on the look out for a product i can use on those 'in between' hair dying treatments to cover my grey friends and will for sure let you know when i try my next one!


Affordable if found in poundland but overpriced in boots for £7.99

Does nothing when applied to hair but when applied to skin/hairline, really works well to give a natural illusion of hair 

Comes with a brush, pointless for applying but works well to blend with

Comes in 5 different shades in total


Not tested on animals

3.9g of product

Thank you so much for reading & let me know if you have tried any other root concealers that you would recommend!

Emilie x