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Revolution Re-loaded Palette - Velvet Rose. Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam DUPE!

If you've had your eyes on the Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam palette but just can't click purchase and handing over a hefty amount of money to have it in your hands, then i have THE dupe at a fraction of the ABH's price.

At just £4.00, Revolution has graced us again with a fantastic palette that gives us a replica shade to what soft glam has to offer but with their own twist.

When i purchased this palette, i didn't have it mind of purchasing soft glam, i just saw the shades and immediately fell in love. I'm going to Dubai soon and whenever i travel, i always want to try and pack as little or as compact as i can. I don't want to take numerous eyeshadow palettes with me, just a sleek, slender palette that gives me various looks to go for in one.
That stood out straight away when my eyes copped Velvet Rose.

My eyes were drawn to the dusky roses, the golds, browns, rusts, neutrals, shimmers and mattes, (apart from a rainbow eye which not gonna lie on a summer vacay i'm quite partial to pop a little vibrant yellow on the lid...) this palette has everything i need.

What I'd use the colours for...

Bone - A classic base shade to apply all over the lid and to blend other shades out with.

Orange Rusts - A perfect selection for Autumn and for creating a warm crease transition.

Golds - For a classic sweep of colour across the lid & to create bronze goddess looks in summer.

Browns- For a classic everyday look or an smokey evening look.

Rosey Pinks- Soft everyday look or a simple eye to pair with the burgundy on the lash line.

Black - A classic shade to smoke out the eye for an evening or my favourties to be used as a soft eyeliner.

Unlike ABH's Soft Glam, Velvet Rose has numbers instead of names for shades, which allows more space in the palette for bigger pans yet a sleek compact overall size.




I don't own soft glam BUT i 'did' own Modern Renaissance (i recently sold on Depop).

What i've come across with ABH palette's is that they are highhhhly pigmented. So pigmented that they have ALOT of fall out and i personally found so difficult to use as they are such hard work to blend due to such high pigment. 

Velvet Rose is different. Although i would class these shades as fantastic pigment, i wouldn't class them as pigmented as ABHs. Which i LOVE. They are pigmented enough that they are not just a sheer wash of colour that you can barely see. They allow you to place a colour on your lid with being noticeable, yet still build-able, so you can really customise the intensity you want.

When i tested revolutions palette on my eyes over the weekend, i didn't use a primer to really give it a test with pigment and longevity.
The shades picked up just as well on a brush like on my finger, they placed onto my lid effortlessly, i had no fall out which i was hoping for seems as i had already done my base and they lasted SO WELL! I had the shades on at 3pm until midnight (my brother had a little shin dig at his place, hence the late night, usually my makeup would be off at 5pm and i'd be in bed by 7, #grandma).

I love how the pans are so big, that you can get your brush right in there without having to worry about getting one shadow in another next to it, which i found easily happened with my Modern Renaissance palette. 
The price folks, i mean! £4.00!! It's just a steal and really is a no brainer for me when it comes to choosing Revolution over ABH. 

So if you love ABH's soft glam but don't know if it's worth it but love the shades it has to offer, i highly recommend you check out Revolution Velvet Rose. Revolution offer amazing dupes for SO many other palettes too! I have my beady eyeballs on Revolution's Devision palette which is a fantastic dupe for Anastasia's Subculture palette, still just for £4! 


 Pigmented using fingers & brushes
Long lasting power (personally 8+ hours without primer)
Numerous different eye looks
Big pans
Sleek packaging
Affordable price
Cruelty Free
Accessable via Superdrug and Revolution's Website

Do you think you will get your hands on this fabulous dupe? Let me know if you have any other Revolution palette dupes you have discovered.

Thank you for reading, 

P.S I also have a video of me testing out Velvet Rose for the first time along with other beauty products too.

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