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I've got a dream - Repunzel

Is there something in life that you long for, that you think of daily? Something that would suit you so well in so many aspects of life and know a few ways to go about it, but don’t always have the motivation or belief to do it.

For me, blogging is my ultimate goal. In so many ways it would suit my life like a glove. My hobbies, my interests, my physical and mental health, financially.

Everyday I think about blogging, becoming a blogger, how life would be, what I could talk about, what photos I would create, the friends I could meet on the way, the ones I could help, the fun that could be had. Alongside the negative thoughts too… I’ve left it too late, I should have starter years ago, no one would read, what if my little blog never took of so I could have my dream of becoming a full time blogger, who would notice me in a saturated sea of other blogs.

Daily, I sit and ponder and some days the motivation is real and I think right, I shall write a blog post and do so. But then other days I have no inspiration and zero motivation to even turn the computer on unless I’m perusing Superdrug.

I saw a quote today that Corrie has made into a phone wallpaper that caught my eye and really struck a spark in my brain… ‘’ Dreams don’t work unless you do ‘’

In the words of Rapunzel, I have a dream and when my eyes scanned across those words the aspiring girl boss inside of me screamed with agreement.

How do I think I’m going to achieve my dreams of becoming a blogger when I don’t even take action or put work in to even begin my journey? I need to work and I need to work hard.

So, I am back & I’m ready to work towards my dream & I can’t wait for you all to come on this journey too.

As Rapunzel continues, ‘’ with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my tower’’ but it my case with every day and post that gets me ever closer I will be so glad I started.

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