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Superdrug We Love Face Masks Review

I recently found myself doing a spot of shopping in Superdrug, stocking up my beauty supplies that i was running out of. Approaching the tills, my attention was grabbed towards these cute little pots of face masks. Well done to the Superdrug advertising team there ;)

There was an array of team different types such as a purple jelly which looked super cool, a sea green kale version and this one which immediately accompanied me to the cashier. I picked up the Coffee face mask that Superdrug are selling for £4.99, but i grabbed mine for just £3.29 on offer.

The packaging is very rustic and homemade looking reminding me a lot of what Lush has to offer with their fresh masks. Don't be fooled, the products aren't fresh and won't need using up super quick nor needed to be stored in the fridge but do only last for 6 months once opened. But along with the rest of Superdrug's own brand products are cruelty free which is awesome. 

I decided out of the six masks they had to offer i would first try the Coffee mask.
Needing some vitality into my skincare, this coffee beam scented mask was sure to awaken my senses and give my skin a perk up when it is feeling tired.

The formula has a creamy texture, not one that will slip and slide around the face, but of one that will sit nicely if you decide to sit and relax or have this mask on while cracking on with other tasks. 
It has a slight abrasiveness to it from the grounded coffee seed to add an exfoliating effect while the mask is removed.

I much prefer potted masks like this instead of packets, a lot less mess and so easy to apply. I grabbed my brush and away i went. It dried well when applied in an even layer as well to my pleasure after waiting 15 minutes it rinsed off easy too.

The scent isn't over powering but still gives a lift to the senses of a fresh cuppa 'co-wah-fee'
This is something i would reach for in the morning for sure, especially if i have had a particularly long day before/night out. It's a awakening product that only lifts the senses but gives the skin perky uplift when it's feeling dull and tired. The seed particles aren't to abrasive but had a nice touch when removing to awaken and freshen the skin even more. 

Over all i would really recommend give Superdrug's We Love Facemasks a go, i'm very intrigued with the rest of the range and will pick some more up in the future, their Blueberry Jam & coconut has my eye's averted for sure! 

*Key Points*

Cruelty Free
Feature Natural Extracts
Paraben Free
Contains 75ml

Love, Emilie x

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