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Garnier Mineral Pure Active Anti-Perspirant

Is it just me or do you love a good deodie review?
I think it's because, I of course use it on a daily basis and is so stuck into my daily routine that I'm always open minded to try new ones.

After trying different brands and different scents, I have really narrowed my list down to my faves and not so faves in the deodorant world.

Over the years I have had a love for Garnier with loving most of all the products I have tried from them but most of all their anti-perspirants. 
They offer many a variety of scents and offering different ones for different needs. 

This one in particular is my favourite by far. I think what might be a big factor is that I'm drawn to the 'anti-bacterial' statement. I love to know that all the bad bacteria from my under arms are rid of those germs. So when I copped this doing my weekly grocery shop, I added it right into my basket. It was only £1.00 too, such a good price.

The main thing I want my anti-perspirant to do is keep those sweat patches at bay and keep those stinky smells away too. Sometime's with certain brands of deodorant that really is too much to ask, but I have gotten on so well with this gem I have never looked back.

The bottle states that it is a pure active formula with natural tea tree essential oil that eliminates 99% of bacteria which is where the anti-bacterial comes in.
I loveeee myself a bit of tea tree and love how they incorporated something natural to eliminate the dreaded smells.

Apart from Ethyl alcohol this anti perspirant contains no other alcohol nor parabens.  
It also tells us how it will last 48hrs...
I don't know what is going on behind the scenes with the anti-bacterialling in this instance but i have never personally tried to test this out but when I put this on in the morning it keeps both sweat and odour at bay for a good 4-5 hours dependant on what i'm doing that day, a quick little spritz to freshen up and I'm good to go again.
It keeps the wetness away from appearing through my clothes and keeps me feeling fresh throughout the day until I re-apply. 

As far as leaving white patches, if I apply too much then it can get a little powdery but thats only when i'm in a rush and thinking quick quick douse myself in the stuff, which i really don't need to do. Then if i put on a top, specifically black, white marks will show up a little but nothing compared to others i have tried in the past.
A little spray to cover the under arm area from 15cm away, will keep you dry and smelling fresh and not feeling like you have to hang around waiting for it to set in as this stuff dries quickly. 


I remember the first time I picked my first Garnier anti-perspirant up was for my holiday. I love the size of the bottle and how travel friendly it was and wouldn't bulk my handbag/suitcase down. You get 150ml is the perfect amount to take away on holiday.

The MAIN thing i love about the packaging is the safety lock. I've had deodorants in the past where i have popped them in my bag and then getting a waft of powered lily flower in the air realising i have been spritzing it all around my stuff. With this little device after every use, i simply flick the switch back to lock and never have that problem. 

Among the other scents and purpose tackling formulas, Garnier also do roll ons. So if your not a fan of spray then the roll on might float your boat. I haven't personally tried the roll ons from Garnier before as i don't like them in general, so i can't give you my fullllll recommendations on those. 

The Scent

The scent isn't over powering at all. You can smell a verrrrrry faint tea tree ness but nothing over baring. It smells ever so slightly powdering but very clean and delicate smelling. 

Out of 5

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this anti-perspirant from Garnier in my daily routine and really recommend giving it ago for keeping the sweat and odours away. 
 So it's going to be a 5 out of 5 for me!

* looking for links wasn't easy and Superdrug nor Boots are selling this gem, but I got mine from Sainsburys and have noticed other grocery stores selling them too. The bonus to that is it's perfect when doing that weekly shop to add in the basket and save ordering from the beauty stores *

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