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5 Tell Tale Signs I'm Due On My Period.

I've been wanting to touch on this topic for a while now, that topic being periods.
The dreaded antics that come around every month for most women. The 'time of month' fiasco of rummaging through your drawers looking for your last pad that you are sureeee you saw a few days ago, knowing your going to have many uncomfortable nights sleep from lying on a towel to stop damaging your sheets to changing your outfit choice last minute because white is just too riskay. 

Today being perfect timing as mother nature has greeted me, i wanted to share with you my 5 tell tale signs that my period is due.

1. The most obvious and worst sign for me is a headache/migraine a few days beforehand. It can start as soon as i wake or mid afternoon and continues throughout the day until i sleep. As soon as it hits, that's me for the rest of the day, cue Netflix... I feel so heavy headed, the pain just takes over and creates a muggy like feeling behind my eyes. Nothing but sleep can put it at ease. I am trying to not take pain killers as often but sometimes just taking half a tablet can curve the dull ache ever so slightly. I do want to try some forehead relief patches to see if they can ease it off. Oh the joys!

2. I sometimes find myself hitting a wall and feeling so overwhelmed in the feeling of BLAH! Feeling lost in life and inevitably resulting in a moody mood for the rest of that day. It almost takes over me without no control and is very hard to snap out of. My husband knows when i'm due on also because of this. He can see when i quickly change into a meh state of mind.

3. Watch out kitchen, I'm coming for you! By the end of this exciting occasion each month, the cupboards are looking bare. All but crumbs in the bottom of the biscuit jar. A scraping of Nutella that i just can't seem to reach with knife to butter some bread and a very colourful looking living room bin over flowing with packets of empty crisp packets, classy. I just want to gorge on anything i see. While i'm eating, I'm thinking of what i can have next. I can have a slight control but sometimes i couldn't have a care in the world and there would be no such thing as too much brie on that cracker.

4. I could weep when my pen runs out. I shed a tear when i have slightly over filled my cup, i could bellow in cries when i see the squirrel outside just can't quite get his nuts from the feeder. I am a emotional reck! My husband very strategically picks a film/show to watch that won't involve something remotely sad and warns me to close my eyes if there is. I can almost accept this sign as it means even more chocolate to make me feel better and much to my little cats dismay, the more i pick her up and give her a massive cuddle to ease my sadness.

5. Motivation is dry. Inspiration is next to none, yet the guilt and feeling of unaccomplished still resides. I want to do those things i've been meaning to do, but my brain just cba. Sign numero 2 kicks in and down i go into a spiral. I feel lost in my day and know that i don't want to spend it watching another ep of the Kardashians, but the thought of actually doing something and getting that thing done just makes me feel tired and urge just isn't ever strong enough to boost my motivation to do it. *puts kettle on & admires Kris Jenner's makeup*

I do thank the nature and reasons behind us experiencing periods and enjoyed sharing with you how i can tell this momentous occasion each month shows itself.
 Do let me know if suffer with any of these signs too and let me know if you have any different tell tales when you are due your period.

I hope you enjoyed this tad personal/different post and i look forward to see you again...

Emilie xx

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