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Collection Extreme Bold Calligraphy Liner Review

Hello lovelies, I am hitting you up a review today of this very different looking eyeliner.
Mooching around Superdrug as you do, the Collection stand caught my eye with an offer that I didn't want to pass. I needed a foundation and wanted to try a specific one from collection anyway (you betcha' there's a review coming for that too) and as a result spending over £6.00 you were given a free eyeliner worth £2.99. I love a freebie especially when I could with replace my half dried up eyeliner that was on the go. 

My first impressions were that of an alien from Toy Story 'ooouuu' 'aaaaarh'.
I had never seen an applicator like this before and not gonna lie was slightly doubtful.
I wouldn't call myself an eyeliner applicator snob by any means, but all of the technics I use for my daily winged look was running through my mind and I couldn't see how I would get on with this.  

So intrigued to try this, I used it for the first time during a get ready with me which I will link here.
Being on camera and not in my natural set up it may have deterred my impressions as eyeliner during a video just puts me on edge!

My first impressions applying this eyeliner, I immediately noticed how stiff the applicator was. It had no movement what so ever which was the biggest issue I found.
I mention in my video how I have recently learnt a new way of doing my eyeliner and this product really doesn't want to tag along for that look.
If your a fan of just lining the upper lash line with a close straight line to you lashes, I think this product would work with practise, but for a wing and extended shapes, I didn't find it worked well. 

The swatches speak for themselves really, the pigmentation isssssn't great but they is versatility when it comes to the thickness of the eyeliner. You can use it on it's side for a thin/medium line depending on the pressure when it's applied and went it's turned flat you can achieve a very dramatic look too. 
The first swipe as you can see isn't pigmented nor does it evenly apply, where as the side lines to each of the faint streaks were built up with a few go overs. With that in mind, I found myself dragging this eyeliner over my eyes and to achieve a pigmented look, I wouldn't want to put my eyes through it. 

So, unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this eyeliner. Which is such a shame as it is so affordable but i do think there are better eyeliners out there and I'll be sticking to my 'felt tip' style ones in future.
The positive side is how affordable it is and it would for those of you or do a very simple straight line across the lash line and don't like a harsh black line either.

Over all I would the Collection Calligraphy Liner a:
2 out of 5

Thank you so much for reading
see you soon 


  1. It's a shame it wasn't good. The collection extreme felt tip one is great but the nib is so thick to that too

  2. It's such a shameee! I was so super excited to give it a go but i think it will have to be popped into my stash when i'm running low on my fave. I don't think i have given that one a go, i will have to pick one up when i'm next in Superdrug! Thank you so much for reading Nicki x