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Testing Poundland Makeup

Hey everyone, if you watch my youtube videos you will know how much i love poundland.
I have recently uploaded a haul where i show you the items i've picked up recently.
I thought i would film a video of me getting ready for the day and doing a first impressions on some of the makeup poundland sell in their stores.

I didn't have everything for a full face but LOVE the outcome nevertheless.
All the products gave me such a minimal natural look, which is what i have been going for as of late on a everyday basis.

I mention in my video how i will do a follow up post to let you all know how these products fared in lasting on the skin and how they looked come the end of the day...

The Foundation.

I picked the lightest shade which poundland offered which is number 1, Ivory.

First Impressions
At first glance on the back of my hand, the peachy undertone really stood out and when applied to the face it almost looked like it had immediately oxidised. Grabbing my damp beauty blender i began to buff away the product into the skin to leave a thin layer of foundation which blended into my skin tone like a dream! It gave me a natural healthy glow, a inner lit from within look which was just so pretty! The coverage is very thin, but evens out the skin tone. It didn't cover my friend of a blemish on my cheek but did leave my skin looking healthy and fresh. You can build it up, although i think it you was wanting a heavier coverage, i would just use a different foundation and embrace the natural look this foundation gives.

Final Review
So after wearing the foundation for a good 8 hours i discovered that the lasting power was quite good. It was amazing and my skin didn't look exactly the same as when i first applied it on the video. I did have an afternoon catnap where the one side of my face was slighting worn off than the other but understandable as it probably entailed a lot of rolling around and possible dribble ngl.

Buuuuuuuut, the following day, when i decided i would wear the foundation to work and see what it's like in day light and how it fairs with the work sweat and tiredness.
Well! I have to say i wasn't impressed which is such a shame!!
I did everything the same too, so i don't know what went wrong.
I've put it down to the wear and tear of working working hard in the day.
It looked so super patchy and in the day light the colour was just too orange toned and was so easy to see any unblended patches i may have missed in the morning which my normal foundation doesn't normally show easily.

I was super duper disappointed when i came home to see my terrible makeup face! oh it was a site to see & i don't think i will be wearing it again other than maybe around the house if we have guests over and i want a little coverage to make me look a bit more alive.

Out of 5

The Contour Kit

First Impressions
Bronzer/Contour Powder: Picking up the product was nice and easy with a brush but wasn't overloaded with loose powder from them, which really helped to keep my brush loaded with product exactly where i wanted it to be.
Applying the contour first, i found that it would work better as a 2in1 contour and bronzer as it was a slight bit to warm for a contour but just even bronzer to add a glow to the skin. 
Not overly pigmented which i enjoyed as this way you can build it up to the shade you desire rather than being left with a splodge of contour powder on-yo cheek.
It blended nicely and did give my skin a healthy glow which didn't look muddy either.

Blush: The blush didn't pick up amazingly well on the brush but was noticeable when applied to the cheeks. It wasn't as pigmented as the bronzer from first pick up but definitely builded up to a nice pink flush that it some lights you could see more than others.

Highlighter: This was from first application my favourite from the 3. Using a different brush which was slightly smaller, it picked up well and applied a soft glow to my skin which worked so well with the natural look i was going for and gave a lit from within glow. Not too pigmented so if your like and sometimes want to look like a glazed donut it might not be everyones cup of tea but it's more on the natural side of highlighters which works well with every look. 

When everything was applied something really stood out to me... that all of the products blended together so effortlessly.
Sometimes i find when i apply all of these products from different brands that they are all in 'sections/stages' on the face and all sort of blocked off on the cheeks.
But these guys just blended together and you couldn't see any obvious stages where i have applied them, they really just married each other on ma face.

Final Review
I really like this little palette. I think the packaging is super cute and really travel friendly. I think this face palette would be perfect for the more natural makeup wearers or ones who don't like to wear a lot of makeup. Not super pigmented but does give a natural look to the skin that looks super cute and healthy.
It did last well, although i would recommend not applying on top of the makeup gallery foundation as when that wears, this palette wears so on top of you fave base this will work really well. 

Out of 5

Matte Lip Colour

First Impressions
The shade i picked up is Vintage Pink and is a soft pink shade. The texture is very creamy and also applies matte. The scent is quite sweet and really rather pleasant. First looks of this products gives me Collection Lip Cream vibes. But as a fraction of their price being only a pound. 
Applying to the lips was really nice, it was easy to carve the product around the shape of me lips and instantly felt comfortable. It didn't seem too matte as there is a slight sheen to the colour i chose which throws me off as it slightly gleams in the light. It doesn't feel like it as much product in the packaging but i am presuming that with the creamy whipped like texture it has, it feels a lot lighter than a sticky lipgloss tube would. 
It didn't set on the lips and remained a really soft creamy texture. The shade was slightly lighter and sheerer than what the packaging insists but is a really pretty spring pink shade that would really compliment a natural look.

Final Impressions
Wearing the lip product for as long as i could before it chose to come of itself was quite easy. With the creamy texture, i was concerned about it transferring on to my jam sandwich but with the slight matteness in the formula it help on rather well. I would say after 2 hours it wasn't noticeable, but in that time my nap had taken place and many cups of tea was consumed. 
It wasn't sticky, it wasn't too messy. It did transfer but the colour did remain quite apparent.
I did come to realise that this shade washed me out slightly but with a glowing bronze skin it did suit it a bit better on myself. I wouldn't reach for this product to often i don't think unless i was going for a very minimal look one day where i didn't want a lip colour that wasn't too out there and felt comfy on the lip.

Out of 5

There you have it, my little take on some of the poundland makeup they are selling at the mo.
I really hope you enjoyed this and do let me know if you pick any of these items up and let me know your thoughts too.

See you soon
Emilie xo

If you'd like to watch me applying the products and see my first reactions live then


to see my Youtube video <3