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Disney Tsum Tsum Figure Charms from Poundland.

To all my Disney fans out there, i have a little post that with suit your bargain disney needs.
I was having a bit of a mooch in my local poundland for some little gifts over christmas time. So there i was browsing the toy section and my eyes were drawn to my favourite colour combo of white and pink and instantly recognised what they were.
I saw a bunch of these Disney Tsum Tsum mystery packets where you can collect 8 different figurines that are all lucky dips.
I totally wish i had picked up more than two now as since going back various of times, my poundland hasn't stocked anymore.

Buttttt, i am sooo so happy with the ones I managed to pick up. This little trip happened during my lunch break, so the plan was that when i got home for my lunch i would treat myself to opening one as a little 'pick me up' for that afternoon. I knew exactly which one i would have loved and open first but lets face it, theres only so much touchy feely you can do in the shop other than opening the whole packet up.

So, after my afternoon cup of tea which without tooting my own horn i feel like i highly deserved that day... I opened the first packet and to my amazement, there she was... Marieeeee.
I was so so happy to see that i got her and that SHE was the first one i opened.
I managed to restrain my excitement to open my 2nd but the clocked ticked to go back to work. As i had a really long shift that day, i was too tired to even open it that evening still, but it meant i had something to get me out of bed that little bit quicker the next morning.

A little disclaimer:
*The packaging states that children 3 years and under shouldn't have these products and to discard the packaging the products come in. 
They are very small items including the packaging they come in and all need to keep that in mind.*

I'm going to recommend only to adults 18+. I don't want to recommend something to anyone younger as it does contain such a small parts and that is my personal choice. So for the adult Disney and Disney Collector lovers out there, this ones for you. 

As I had my main wish to get Marie, i really didn't mind who i got next but was just as excited all the same. I opened the packet and there i saw a pretty blue dresses with the daintiest little flowers on and yaaaaay i got Anna.

Just like Marie with her dainty little pink bow on her head and her little pink cheeks, Anna had such amazing detail. She even has little plaits in her hair and a side swept fringe.
They each come with their own Tsum Tsum coin on the side with a zoomed in version of themselves which is a nice touch, as well as a key ring to pop on anything you wish.
 They are quite small so of course you would have to be careful with children and follow the age restriction on the packet, but for us adult disney lovers these are perfect to add to our Disney collections.
At the moment they are sitting along side my collection of soft Tsum Tsums on my desk and they look so cute! 

Inside the little figurines also come with a little colouring sheet which is such a cute little touch. You have an array of sizes of Marie and then alongside Anna you have Elsa, Sven and Olaf which are sooooo cute!!

These will be so cute to cute out and use for crafty or easily colour them in and 
pop them in a frame, which i think i might do. 

For a £1.00 each was so thrilled to add them to my collection and will continue popping into any poundland i come across the try and collect the others too. Tesco do sell them at £3.70 but amazon has them slightly cheaper at £1.75.

Thanks so much for joining me on my first Disney post, i really hope you enjoy and please come back to see my future posts all about Disney. <3 
Emilie xoxo

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