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2018 Resolutions, Goals & Dreams

Hey everyone welcome back & happy new year again to you all!

I thought I'd share a little post on my resolutions for 2018...
I am so so excited for it to be the start of a brand new year. I have always loved the feeling of a fresh beginning as it always gives me a boost of motivation to better myself in all aspects of my life.

I love thinking of my resolutions for the year and what my goals and dreams are. I've got 10 to share with you that are based around my lifestyle, hobbies & dreams. I hope you enjoy seeing what I'm going to be aiming for in 2018. Let me know if you have any resolutions too <3

1. To set a schedule for pampering. 
To set a side some time in the weeks to have a full on body maintenance check like shaving, moisturising, face masking & all that fun stuff to help me feel put together and look the best i can.

2. See and speak to friends and family more.
 You can never have 'too' much time with the ones you love. I simply don't have enough of it, so this year i want to spend more time with the fam and treasure those moments. Even just dropped them a text each week to let them know I'm thinking of them and love them. I'd love to plan get togethers and little parties and day trips out too & there's always the bonus of that to have something to look forward too. 

3. Bake more. 
I love baking, but since moving into our flat, baking as taken a back seat. As we have a lot of surface space in the kitchen, i'd love to use it to its full potential with all my baking mess. I love how relaxing it can be and how satisfying and accomplishing it feels to see what you have made with your own two hands. It didn't do near enough as i wanted to bake in 2017, so this year is going to be jam packed with baking goodness.

4. Do more for charity.
 I've loved the idea for ages of doing a bake sale. 
I'd love to incorporate my baking into giving more to charity. Selling some biscuits and cakes and donating the money i would receive from them. As well as being sponsored in a race or a charity event called the 3 peak challenge with i have my eyes on doing. I'd love to give back in some way & this year I'd like to do just so. 

5. Be more conscious of what I'm putting into my body.
 During 2017 i really got into the mindset of really not caring. I fell into the trap of thinking 'what the hell' my body is just what it is' & it really dawned on me that it shouldn't have been that way. I basically just gave up with it all and really didn't care about what i was ACTUALLY putting into my body. I would buy alllllll the sugary treats and chocolate and garlic and not even think of the ingredients and non clean products in them. Just as i've got out of the loop of feeling cba with caring with food, i'm really passionate to start eating so much for fruit and fresh veggies and the thought of that excites me muchly.

6.Read more.
 I have never really been a book worm but have always wanted to be. Last year i downloaded a few audio books from audible and have been really enjoying listening to them whenever i'm out and about or travelling somewhere, i find it really relaxing. So i'd love to finish the ones i have on the go at the moment & then have some actual hard copy books to read from instead of using any form of technology. I've always been interested in organising and motivational books so i think the Marie Kondo books are first on my list to read.

7. Learn some of a new language.
 I was home schooled at 13 and was just about to learn Spanish. I would love to pick that up again and really relish in learning it. I love the thought of widening/starting my talents in a new skill. I would LOOOOVE to learn Chinese too!

8. To keep my technology organised.
If you could see my camera roll right now it is soooo unorganised and i instantly feel messy whenever i have a little reminder popping up that i'm running out of storage. So my goal this year is to sort everything out on there including texts messages and my computer too. Have everything in order and files for each topic. And to also get printing and storage my memories onto a hard drive.
I know i will instantly feel more organised and have a peace of mind i have packed up everything too.

9. Disney Land Paris. 
I have always loved Disney for as long as i can remember but in 2017 i realised how much it means to me. It would be an absolute dream come true to go to disney land and hope that this year will me and Richard will be able to do that, i will probably cry with happiness every second i'm there!

10. Go blogging full time.
If anyone was to ask me what my dream job would be, it would be to have my blog and youtube as my full time job. Every since i watched my first youtube video and read my first blog, i fell head over heels with the idea of aspiring to be a blogger. This year i would love that dream to come true so so much. 

So there's my 2018 resolutions, goals and dreams. Each month i will look back on these to reignite my motivation so i have the best chance at achieving them.
Let me know if you have anything to reach for in 2018 in the comments too!
Hope your all doing ok & thank you so much for reading.

Love Emilie

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