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After spending our first day after arriving in Dubai catching up on the ZZZ's and chilling by the pool to get our skin kissed my the Arabian sun, we woke up on Wednesday morning ready for a day of sight seeing.
My brother in law had his car to take us around all sorts of places in Dubai and for our first stop was Le Mer beach for a breakfast and a gander round.

At around 10:30am it was already over 30 degrees which was just heaven. The heat was unreal so we made sure to lather up on sunscreen. My husband made the describing point of the year... 'the sun basically dries up your sweat before it can even make you sticky'. It did exactly that, i didn't feel overly sweaty at all with all of the heat, it was hot and heavy but as it was such a dry heat, i barely perspired... (just a little insight into my bodily functions there for you)

After parking the car, we totted up the escalators to find almost an outdoor shopping mall, with tons of restaurants, bars and shopping stores. It was so quiet that only a few people were in sight, walking in and out of the stores almost felt deserted and that you had the whole place to yourself at this time in the morning.

I really like the fact that the outdoor amusements were almost a little block between the beach and the main road. It was so peaceful and tranquil and felt like you were miles away from any hussle and bussle from the roads which makes it feel super private. 

Walking to our breakfast destination, we walked along side the beach which looked like those tropical screen savers you find on your desktop. The cleanliness was just UNREAL. No litter on the floor, every thing was tidy and well thought out. There were staff around the beach that could help assist you with directions or anything you needed to know. I often saw many of them with brooms keeping the sand off the wooden decking to keep everything look pristine. 

We stopped off for breakfast, i can't remember what the restaurant was called and can't even find it on google maps, sad times :(
& i unfortunately didn't get any pictures because my mouth was too darn quick to get the food in ma belly. Alls i can tell you is that it was a delicious oven baked hot dish with sweet potato squares, tomato and baked eggs, nom nom.
IT WAS DEVINE. The presentation, the service in there was next to non. Our waiter was so polite and friendly and made us feel so welcome. 

After we took another stroll around to take in every little detail. We didn't stay on the beach this day as we planned to come back for a full on lounging by the ocean type morning a few days later. They had fabulous coloured beach huts which of course i had to get a picture with. The colours complimented all of the little details around the beach, such a surf boards, all of the wooden decking to walk on, shower buckets to wash the sea salt out of your hair, a little rock pool beach where you could paddle your feet into and even some swings, which me and Richard took full advantage of.

They of course also had toilets, changing rooms and shower rooms too, so you didn't have to worry about wearing wet clothes home or holding in all the water you would be drinking to stay hydrated.

Later in the week when we came back for a sunbathing morning. From the place we were staying we took a taxi which took us around 10-15 minutes to get to Le Mer including morning traffic and cost us around 20 AED. 

It was a lot busier on the beach but still so much space to feel you have privacy and room. The sand was scorching so i made sure to bring my flip flops that i could easy walk onto the sand with, without burning my tootsies. We took shade underneath a palm tree and soaked up the warmth listening to the music the had playing throughout the beach as well as hearing a few screams coming from the water park that you could see in the distance.

They also have options to hire out sun beds which not many people decided to do. But it is so nice to have the option there if you want it. I like the fact that you have to pay a little towards them as it means there's more chance of you getting one if you want one rather than them being hogged all day by hardcore beach go-ers. 

When getting into the water, boy oh boy, people wasn't kidding when they said it would be like stepping into a hot bath... it was bliss. No shivering, no plucking up the courage to submerge my shoulders, but still cool enough to get some relief from the heat. It was just right. The sand underneath was so soft i couldn't help but dig my toes into it. Then just before we were hopping out of the water we turned to look at the skyline and there behind us was the Burj Khalifa. I so wish i had a go pro that i could have taken in the water with me to show you the view we saw. It was magnificent. Upon seeing this amazing sight we stayed in the water for 10 minutes more then walked out back to our towels, where we were dried from the heat of the sun so quickly.

The sand was no painfully full of pebbles or shells. A few broken pieces of shell to cause a little 'ou' feeling on your feet but nothing that would give you an unpleasant, hobbling walk to the ocean. 

I highly recommend going to visit Le Mer beach if you are visiting Dubai. Usually when going to the beach you have to plan your day down to the T. Wether that being when your going to have food or even having to bring your own food. Having to organise and find the nearest toilets and dreading getting in faREEZING cold water. 
But not at LE MER.

 It was such a wonderful beach that i have to say it was the best beach i have ever been too, a pure haven. 

Thank you so much for reading my first chapter in my Dubai Diaries!

See you soon xx


 Almost a month has passed since we jetted off to Dubai for a second honeymoon, ever so kindly brought for us by my brother and sister in law <3 and i wanted to share with you some memories, tips and piccies.
My husband and I stayed with our family in Dubai for a week and it was the most amazing holiday EVER! We had such a blissful time and I can't wait to share with you what we got up too. 

I'm going to bring you along our Dubai adventures in a little series that i can share in the future as a tips and tricks collection to help any of you who is visiting the special place. 

Do come along and join me in my diary of Dubai & hopefully you can see just how wonderful this place on earth is. 

See you soon,

Emilie xx


A £2 mascara? I hear you say... first in my testing Primark beauty we are starting with a right corker! 

Myself, my eyelashes and Maybelline's lash sensational mascara have quite the love affair. It has everything we need.... a curved brush, non clumpy formula, long wearing but the only thing that brings up bickers in our relationship is the price. Now it's not high end at all but still, when your trying to save your pennies, each one of them out of Maybelline's £8.99 soon adds up!

Primark's Lash Contour has sadly but very appreciatively broke myself and one of Maybelline's best selling mascaras up.



The packaging is so very similar to lash sensational, but metallic, which i just love.
The handle is very easy to hold due to the slanted edge where you can place your fingers comfortably while coating your lashes.

The brush and bristles are plastic but not sharp at all and has flexibility too for when your applying it to your eyelashes. 

I'm not to sure if this is where Primark was going with their brush design but one can only describe the shape as like a stegosaurus dinosaur. On its back, it has 4 sections of soft spike like bristles and short stubby ones wrapping around the rest of the brush.

The brush isn't curved but the longer sided bristles almost are in a slight curved angle to give life to the lashes when applied. Unlike lash sensational, because of the no curved brush, it doesn't grab the lashes as well as it's sister from another mister does. But with practice you can easily wiggle the brush to coat your lashes just as it's rival does. 

I first take the longer side to lift and initially coat my lashes and flipping it over to the stubby side where i apply the majority of the product to build thickness and volume. 
Then when the first layer has nearly dried, i take the longer side again to separate and add length to the outer corner lashes. 

Naked lashes 

First coat

Second coat

The packaging states to give curl, lengthening and volume. It does just that.

 It lengthens so quickly, while giving no spideriness in sight! In between coats you don't have to get your mini fan out while waiting for it to dry, it takes around a minute for the perfect time in between layers to achieve a non clumpy exaggerated look. 

 I didn't curl my lashes before applying the mascara for these pictures and although i do still love to use my eyelash curler i think without, still gives a slight curled lift to the lashes. 

The volume it gives is just insane. As you can see from my eyelash before and afters, the difference it gives. With that volume doesn't come uncomfortable lashes either. With some mascaras i find can be heavy and really annoying, but with Lash Contour they are comfy and don't feel sharp and crusty.

The pigment is so black and has no greyness. And when it comes to that hesitant glance in the mirror for any drop down, there is non in sight. PHEW! It's so easy to remove as well with your usual eye makeup remover or usual cleanser. It removes itself so gently and doesn't need any more than a gentle wipe with a cotton pad or flannel to get off your lashes.

If that isn't eyelash gripping enough, lets just mention the price again. £2. TWO POUNDS for this insane mascara. The days of plain black packaging and simple white font for a cheap mascara are no more. 

For £2 you are getting a sleek looking, long wearing, mega volume, curling mascara that you just need to get your hands on. 


Volume is louder than your car stereo

Lengthens longer than my leg hair in winter

Curls better than my hair in summer 

Non clumpy, non spidery formula

No drop down 

Comfortable to wear

Pure black pigment 

Gorrrrrrgeous packaging thats easy to hold

2 sided plastic wand to give your lashes dimension


9ml of product

Thank you so so much for reading and chat soon my lovelies 


Alotta nostalgia comes along whenever i mooch through Miss Sporty makeup. They have been around for years haven't they?! 

I was running low on powder which i can't be doing with so mooched on Superdrug's website at Miss Sporty's range. I had seen this being offered in their makeup range for a while actually and for some reason have never tried it before.

Knowing during my holibobs when using this, i was due a hormonal breakout of spots (great timing mother nature) i thought how handy this powder would be with its 'anti-spot' benefits.


 Product Information on Superdrug.

So Clear Powder combines 4 anti-spot actions for clear & healthy looking skin for up to 7 hours.


Absorbs excess oil from the skin to provide a non-greasy matte finish and helps clarifies skin & minimises the look of the spot breakouts & blemishes.  

I want my powder to be silky, slight coverage but yet still lightweight and non cakey, something that locks in my base and doesn't give a frosty flash back. 
This is that powder!

Touching the product feels so silky with the fingers and when used with a brush it has the same effect on the skin, gliding over my base and leaving my skin not tacky but silk to touch.

It has a bit of coverage that isn't too much to cake up the skin but enough to add that little extra touch to help blur out imperfections of blemishes such as spots, although applying on top of a liquid base it doesn't react and become cakey. It keeps up that standard throughout the day, keeping my base locked in place with still helping to blur out pores and imperfections while still looking fresh and non-thick. When needing a shine free look especially in the t-zone, this powder mattifies my skin and base underneath to tackle any sweaty pickles i might get myself in, i.e - running for the bus after hitting that snooze button just that too few many times. 

It doesn't make me feel powdery when first applied nor does it collect together when applying another application when needing to touch up in those pesky sweaty areas. 
With the colour being transparent, it adapts to the shade of your skin and doesn't give me a frosty flash back feel in real life or in photos.

I love the fact it has anti-bacterial properties so it's not only helping to hide blemishes but helps to treat and combat them while keeping others at bay too! The packaging is very sleek coming in a compact that clicks shut with a handy half a circle mirror with a matching powder puff for out and about applications if needed. 

You can pick up Miss Sporty's anti spot pressed powder from Superdrug's website for £2.99 (they always seem to have so many offers on too!)

Thank you so much for reading today's post, i really hope you enjoyed and do let me know if you have given this powder ago and if you have tried anything else from Miss Sporty you would recommend.

Chat Soon
Emilie xx


Anti-bacterial to help keep at bay spots and treats current blemishes


Adapts to skin shade while being transparent

Light to build able coverage

 Light-weight & non cakey

Mattifies skin for a shine free effect

Silky formula

Locks in base to keep its long lasting throughout the day

Buildable for touch ups

Compact Packaging 

9.4g worth of product


Back in the early days of wearing makeup, my eyebrows were the least of my concerns, for me it was all about the eyeliner and foundation covered lips *sinks into chair with embarrassment*.
But nowadays i would consider my brows to be not only my favourite thing to do in my makeup routine but they truly make a difference to how i feel when i have done them.

On a everyday basis, i would love something that i can just run through them and they look done. This is where the Revolution Brow Tint comes in. I noticed that Maybelline have brought one out too but it's over double the price, of this one as it just comes in at £5.00!


The tube comes in a very sleek box, with instructions on the back running through 3 steps to follow. 

STEP 1: Start with a clean brow

STEP 2: Apply to brow to create desired shape. Leave to develop for up to 2 hours.

STEP 3: Peel off for gorgeous brows for up to 3 days. 

Revolution offer 3 shades, Dark Brown which is what i have gone for, Medium Brown & Taupe.

The colour swatched well on my hand looking like a deep chocolate brown. The consistency wasn't like a sticky gloop, but can only be described as a silky gloop? It looked like it would apply well on the brow, without being to thick and messy.

The right hand swatch was what was tinted onto my hand only after a few minutes and washed off after i would say 3 hand washes. So, i was having high hopes for this little product at this point. 

I decided to use my small angled eyebrow brush from Real Techniques to initially get the shape i wanted. I wanted to extend the tail and build up the front of the brow and to create more of an arch.

After making sure my brows were brushed out & squeaky clean, i then started to apply the product. My first impression, was that the colour seemed to match well & it applied pigmented. I then noticed that due to my choice of brush, it was fairly tricky to create a sharp edge for my tail. Then when running the tint through the whole brow and coming back to the tail, due to it being a thin layer, it then started to crumble where my brush was picking up from the layer first applied, which made readjusting the shape harder. 

I also found the product wasn't applying well to my skin underneath my brow hairs, where i wanted a fuller look to get my arch and more of a blocked look at the front of my eyebrow. I found i had to push through the hairs to apply the product which was meaning i wasn't getting a clean sweep of product, which arose concerns as to how it was going to peel. 

After applying my first layer, i decided to take the applicator from the brow tint & try to run a thick layer over the brow to then make it easier to peel later. I found that due to the thickness of the brush from the bottle, it would easily run over the shape i had created meaning i was taking my brow thicker and thicker... i would imagine this wouldn't be too much trouble in future when you have had more practice with it. 

Allowing that layer to dry, I then applied a thin third layer to make sure every gap that was still visible due to it not grabbing to the skin easily before. 

Set my timer for the full 2 hours to let it develop and got on with some housework to pass the time (& to warm up, it was chilly this day!)

You could do less time if your just wanting to see how it will go for your first time & maybe you don't want a strong change to the shape or fullness of your brow. If this is the case, you could maybe try an hour or 30 minutes even. I may try this if i'm pushed for time.

My timer beeped and now was the moment of truth, the satisfying peel off. 

As i imagined, it didn't come off all in one. I started to peel from the tail where half way through the brow it broke. Working further towards the front, it started to get a little tricky to peel. 
Bits of dried tint still in my brow hairs and skin underneath, almost looking a little crumbly. Not wanting to get my nails dirty (diva), I opted to use a baby wipes to gently buff away the remaining product. This worked really well although it did take off some tint, which i believe was just excess, it still left my brows with a slight tint and shape that i had created. 

Although looking like a dark chocolate brown when first applied and swatched, the end colour result did have a more black tone, which doesn't fuss me too too much, but something to consider if your toying between the medium and dark shade. For the natural lighting moments, next time i'm opting for the medium, which i would imagine as a more red undertone making it a tad lighter.

If your unsure of what shade to choose from and not wanting to waste your money, you could opt for less time for the product to develop. This would mean the pigment of the tint would be less obvious and would blend in more with your natural hairs of your brow.

I was quite chuffed with the end result. As this was my first time, it took me around 15 minutes to achieve my brow shape and to apply additional coats of tint. I don't know wether the extra tint made a difference to be honest as the peel still didn't come off that easily, but next time i'm going to try with the applicator it comes with to see if it's quicker and it makes the initial first coat enough.

I was happy with how it made my brows still look fairly natural and fuller. I still applied product through them to extend the brow a little further as the tint didn't stick to well to that part but when not wearing makeup at all, i felt more put together and like my brows were more there in person that 'in spirit'.

The tint lasted in my brows for just about 3 days. Each day getting a little less noticeable. I don't think thats too bad going if your going on a little weekend break, where you don't want to wear a lot of makeup but still want your brows to look presentable and have a bit more fullness. 

Will you be trying Revolutions brow tint? I think it's a really cool item to have in your makeup collection to have as your just incase moments. Maybe you don't like wearing makeup but you want some fullness and shape in your brows... this could be the product for you!

You can get it on Revolution's website & from Superdrug



Sleek and slender packaging with instructions

Not a huge range of shades but pigment of colour could be adjusted if the length of time is shortened.

Doesn't have a messy consistency & would be easy enough with a firm buff of a makeup wipe to clean any mistakes.

Lasts a good 2 days with most of the pigment & 3 days with a less pigmented tint.

Satisfying to peel

2 hours to develop enabling time to do other things while not feeling uncomfortable

Cruelty Free


6 ml of product

Thank you so much for reading, chat soon!

Emilie x

I have a full video of me testing the Revolution Brow Tint out on youtube too...
Just click HERE


Now let's get down to the root of the problem!
Roots and greys are so damn pesky.
They can cost us not only money to keep them topped up lookin' fresh but cost us some of our confidence too!

I have been wanting to try some root powder for some time now as i do have grey hairs sprouting out left right and centre more than likely due to stress from my OCD (humph). It can cause a little bit of a knock to my confidence when the weeks come along where they are shining brighter than the north star and are so noticeable! 

Knowing i wanted to try some out, my mom told me about this cracking deal good old Poundland had. They are selling Batiste Hide Me Root Concealer! For a £1! What a bargain! 
That day i headed to a Poundland and opted for 2 shades out of the 3 they were offering, the other was a blonde shade, perfect for you bombshells out there and for you highlighted hair babes too!

What the packaging tells us...

Instantly covers roots and greys
Apply to dry styled hair
Quick, easy, no mess
Water resistant & lasts until your next shampoo 
Blends naturally with your existing shade
Extends time between colouring

Medium & Light Brown

Medium Brown 
Left - Applied with brush (came out a very weird bitty consistency hmm)
Right - Finger swatch
 Light Brown 
Left - Applied with brush 
Right - Finger swatch

 My roots before. As you can see the odd grey hair trying to get some lime light...

Using the medium brown, I tried the method of applying with the brush it came with. Pulling my hair flat against my head to get a good even surface of hair to paint the product onto. This method didn't work out too well. As you can see from the swatches, the more pigment i could get from the product was from swatching with my fingers. I think the warmth helped to pick up the product more. After not getting much of a result with the brush i decided to use my fingers to apply the product...

I also used to of the powder to even out my hair line, which worked perfectly. It needed a little blending out, which after applying with my fingers to get the main pigment on my skin, i used the brush to blend and buff the edges out just like an eyeshadow, to give a more natural look. I loved this technique and also used it where my skin was peaking through around my temples. 

I did notice a slight itchy scalp a few minutes after apply which faded throughout the day, but i couldn't tell wether it was just in my head, knowing i had something sitting on my scalp but something to maybe consider if you suffer with a sensitive scalp.

 I found the method of using my fingers was much more effective than with the brush. I hardly got any coverage at all using it, but applying the product by hand got the initial product on and then put the brush to use to blend, blend, blend. 

I love the way this product evened out my hair line and less prominent hair patches, but on my actual roots was a different story.
I didn't find my hair picked up the product from either the brush nor my fingers. It just didn't apply to it at all. So i definitely disagree to the 'instant covering roots and greys' statement.  It worked best when able to be applied to the skin itself, which i don't really want to do in my centre parting. 

So as for a 'root' touch up, for the greys and colour out growth, i wouldn't recommend. But if you are unhappy with your hair line or have alopecia, this would be a fantastic product to use. It does state it is waterproof, whichhhh if you was caught in the rain it wouldn't come running down your cheek, but when you wash your hair with effort then it will budge. If you make a mistake or go a little messy with it then its nothing that a quick rub with a baby wipe couldn't fix as it doesn't stain the skin. It gives a natural look once you have blended and enables you to build up the colour to your satisfaction too. 

I will still be on the look out for a product i can use on those 'in between' hair dying treatments to cover my grey friends and will for sure let you know when i try my next one!


Affordable if found in poundland but overpriced in boots for £7.99

Does nothing when applied to hair but when applied to skin/hairline, really works well to give a natural illusion of hair 

Comes with a brush, pointless for applying but works well to blend with

Comes in 5 different shades in total


Not tested on animals

3.9g of product

Thank you so much for reading & let me know if you have tried any other root concealers that you would recommend!

Emilie x


** Approach with caution! Were talking all things vaginas in this post and things may get a little TMI. If talking about down belows and turkey basting looking objects doesn't bother you, you may want to grab a beverage as this is quite a long post, you have been warned **

So a brown envelope was pushed through my letter box a few weeks ago from the NHS... it was to arrange an appointment for a cervical screening, a smear test!

My first reaction was oh, i thought i had to be 25 to have one, but immediately was grateful for this early opportunity to have it done.
Booking it in over the phone with the receptionist at the doctors, she booked me in 3 weeks later with the nurse. Realising i had an actual date to be seen and to have this done, arose a couple of quandaries in my head.

What happens during it all?
Even though i had a leaflet telling me what cervical screening is with pointers and drawn images, i still can't quite picture how it's all going to happen. How long will it take? Will it depend because it's my first smear test or will it just be a go in get out occasion?

Will it be awkward?
Now if you know me at all, you will know i'm very chill, down to earth, an easy breezy kinda gal. 
But having hearing experiences from friends and family and seeing the diagrams in this leaflet i'm not gonna lie, this clam might go back in its shell. 

Will it hurt?
Again from hearing past experiences from others, some say they don't feel any discomfort at all and others say how uncomfortable and slightly painful it can be. I know the nurse will be gentle but i mean, you should see this instrument this leaflet is showing me, it looks like something ann summers would sell in their ''torture'' section if there were to be one.

What the flip do i wear?
With jeans i'm going to be hot and if i'm nervous, my legs might get sweaty which means when coming to the undressing situation, i'll feel all sweaty and like i need a shower, which will make things more awkward, plusssss it will take ages to peeeel them off my legs moments before i have to ''lay down comfortably''.
A skirt would be a better option, i could just hoink it up and be ready in seconds, but it's nearly October! I can't be walking up to the doctors in a summer skirt, i'll get goosebumps and she will think i haven't shaved my legs!

Will she pull the curtain around while i undress?
I'm hoping that theres some sort of curtain to pull round while i get my shizz together. I mean how awkward is it going to be, me standing there all unbalanced while yanking my jeans and knickers off and then ungracefully positioning oneself on the rickity doctors bed with that kitchen roll they usually use that always bloody twists and turns every time you do. 

Do i shave down there?
I am one to prune down below, i just feel a little put together and a little fresher. But, i don't want to shave it allll off do i? Or shall i so i feel a bit cleaner or will she be shook? I can't do a pretty pattern, i'm not talking a vajazzal, but you know, your classic cocktail glass or landing strip? 
Will she even be looking that close? Will she even notice? When do i shave, i don't want that itchy stubble you can get let alone a shaving rash!

So before my appointment, i thought best thing to do is do a little research on it so i'm as prepared as i will ever be to go and strip from the waist down to the local GP nurse.


Cervical screening isn't a test for cancer, it's a test to check the health of the cells of the cervix.

Most women's test results show that everything is normal, but for around 1 in 20 women the test shows some abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix.

Most of these changes won't lead to cervical cancer and the cells may go back to normal on their own.

But in some cases, the abnormal cells need to be removed so they can't become cancerous.

About 3,000 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK.

It's possible for sexually active women of all ages to develop cervical cancer, although the condition is most common in women aged 25 to 29. The condition is very rare in women under 25.

Being screened regularly means any abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix can be identified at an early stage and, if necessary, treated to stop cancer developing.

Cervical screening isn't 100% accurate and doesn't prevent all cases of cervical cancer, but it's the best way to pick up any abnormal cells that could later turn into cancer.

Screening is a personal choice and you have the right to choose not to attend.

The leaflet with my letter contained points and diagrams about cervical screening. Although still not completely in the know about what will happen as there's only so much detail they can go into, 
I found it motivating as i read, as to why i am going in the first place and how important it is that i attend now and in the future. 

Quite honestly that is all i needed to know. I could have easily but hastily google imaged it and looked at some youtube videos that other women have uploaded with there experiences which is something i wouldn't turn down if your curious too. But knowing why i'm going to a cervical screening in the first place is all the encouragement i need to go into the unknown. I did have a look on the NHS website which has a fantastic video where you are given a much more detailed approach to what to expect from the nurses point of view that what the leaflet contained. 

I know that i'm probably just over thinking it, but it's only natural to be dubious and anxious and this situation when you have never done it before. But knowing that SO many women do this and knowing that the nurses have preformed smear test SO many times, it does but my mind at ease.

So, my appointments tomorrow afternoon, i'll check back into this post and give you my experience. I'm going to go in there and try and remain calm and relaxed in the environment knowing why i am doing this and that the nurse is there to help and who is there as part of a programme that is designed to reduce the number of women who develop cervical cancer. Isn't it amazing that these nurses are there to do such an incredible thing to help us women. 

See you tomorrow, i'll letcha know how it goes down below.

If your unsure like i was as to what a smear/cervical test is and what to know more, i'll leave the link right HERE which will take you to the official NHS website.

Right, I'm back home, i've had my cuppa and a belvita hazelnut bar that went perfectly well together and here's the part where i tell you what happened when i went to see the nurse who i bared all and sundry too...

So, the day started off well, i wasn't feeling too nervous, still a bit unsure as to what to expect completely but wasn't feeling overly worried.

I had my usual shower in the morning to feel daisy fresh and decided not to scare the poor women and whip of every strand of hair off oneself, i decided to go for the ever so classy martini glass..(basically an upside down triangle if you don't want to google bikini waxing options.)
Also, just before i left for my appointment, i had a quick wash down below with my usual femfresh to make sure i was squeaky clean and feelin' fine.

I opted to wear jeans, casual top and a coat. The coat was an absolute fail, as it happened to be VERY hot today, so having a steady walk up to the GP resulted in me feeling a bit sweaty to say the least.

Signed myself in, went round to the waiting room where only a lady was there and someone in the loo. Finally took my coat off, plocked myself down and began to feel a bit more nervous. The type of nerves you have before you have a blood test or the nerves you get when visiting the dentist the sort that feels like butterflies but not the good ones. So, to try and calm myself down i began researching the best top coats for nails superdrug had to offer, as you do.

After waiting 5 minutes, my name was called electronically through the other waiting room and the nurse came out to greet me. I recognised the nurse from previous appointments and was comforted straight away as she remember me and asked how i was doing since i last spoke to her regarding another matter.

I noticed that there was a curtain, phew. That had a your typical doctors ''bed'' with the annoying tissue that always moves around on.

She confirmed with me that i had been invited to have my smear test, which i was agreed, then passed me over some paper to double check my name and address were correct, so my results would be sent to me correctly. After that, she confirmed with me that i had read through the leaflet and double checked that this was my first time having a cervical screening.

She then said, ''Right if you just want to pop around the curtain, strip from the waist down, pop yourself on the bed with your head at this end and your feet down the other and cover yourself with the tissue provided and just make yourself as comfortable as you can.''
She also said how sometimes it can be difficult to get comfy as it's not the nicest of a experiences but just take your mind elsewhere and when your lay down, she said she'll talk through whats going to happen.

I was immediately put at ease. She knew exactly what to say, knowing it was something i hadn't had done before, she calmed my nerves and really put me at ease.

Admittedly, it was a bit cramped round the curtain and i may have flashed her my bottom a few times but i thought hey, this ladies going to probably see more than i've ever managed to see of down there in a minute so a bum cheek isn't going to hurt... I placed my jeans and underwear underneath my head as a pillow (may as well get comfy) while she washed her hands and put gloves on and grabbed the equipment. I cocked me legs up on the bed thinking to i just lay me legs down or spread my legs, but i just did whatever was natural which my were to have my knees slightly arisen. I placed the tissue over my hips and then she came around the curtain. She said again ''just relax as best you can, again it's easy said than done as it's not most pleasant of experiences, but just take you mind off elsewhere''.

I said, ''I'm going to think of my sister in law'' (easy now, let me finish), i told the nurse how she has just had another little baby boy and if she can do it, i can do this for sure! The nurse laughed and said ''Yes! that's a great thing to think of, this is nothing compared giving birth.'' She then told me to let my body go floppy to just open my knees a little wider. At this point i only caught a glimpse of this tool she was going to use and it looked like something you would baste a turkey with... Also at the bottom of the bed was a light, so i imagine she could everything even more bright and beautiful. As she inserted the turkey basting lookalike instrument she was asking me about my day, which i happily accepted to be a bit of small talk to take my mind off what was going on below deck, which helped, so much!

If your a tampon wear, it basically felt like you was inserting a tampon, but maybe a tampon the size of a smartie tube? She warned me before hand that this next bit might be a little painful and to let her know at any point if it was too much to bare and we can stop.
Then i felt a clamping sensation which not gonna lie, was a little uncomfortable. The more it clamped against me, the slightly more painful it became. But it was nothing that i couldn't bare and just remained calm. I knew that if i was to become tense it would only make the discomfort worse. 

The way i can only explain the clamping/pain sensation is if you have ever had an x-ray in your mouth. I one time had to have one where i put this hard, plastic covered square in my mouth against my cheek that dug right into my gums that was really quite uncomfortable, it felt a but like that but in your vag-a-jay. 

She then told me again how she knows that it can feel uncomfortable but comforted and supported me saying that i was doing really well, which really helps in moments like that more than you would think. She then told me she was taking a swab sample which i didn't feel at all really, only the sensation of her twiddling a stick like you see someone at a fun fair, when they are twiddling up your candy floss on a stick. 

''There we go, all done.'' And she exited my body ever so gently and that was it, finnito. 
She said i hope that wasn't too bad for you, i said '' No, it felt great!'' Quickly realising thats not what i meant to say at all and told her how quick it was over and done with. She left the curtain to clear up and told me that i may experience some spotting which is common and to just wear a panty liner for the next couple of days. 

The whole process from lying on the bed to 'elegantly' getting off the bed was no longer than 3-4 minutes, 5 mins max. 

I popped my clothes back on, while admitting i wish i wore a summer skirt as it was so hot today, we laughed and chatted more about the weather (where was our tea and biscuits) and then that was pretty much it.

She told me that i will receive a letter in the post with my results and again pre-warned me about possible spotting. 
I made sure to thank her for putting me so at ease and for being so gentle, we said our goodbyes and i was on my merry way.

It has been a few hours since my first smear/cervical screening test and i haven't felt any pain whatsoever. Maybe a slight uncomfiness when going to use the loo for the first time but that's it, a little spotting which i doubt will go into the next few days. So all in all, i had nothing to worry about. I knew that i was just over thinking it all but also knew that my worries were only natural as it's something i had never done before. I believe i have to go back every 3 years for another test which now i know what to expect, doesn't worry or concern me at all.

If your worried about your first smear test, then trust me it will all be ok. My mom offered to come with me to support me but i said that i'd be ok and try to brave it on my own. You could ask someone who you trust to go with you too, even if they just wait in the waiting room knowing someone you care for and who cares for you is there in the other room can be of great comfort.

I totally over thought it and I am so thankful and grateful that i had a nurse that made me feel at ease. I can tick this off the to-do list now and take comfort in knowing that i have had a test to detect any abnormalities that could be there which then can be removed to prevent cervical cancer. It is so so important that us ladies go for our regular check ups and not to leave off booking our appointments and sticking the letter in the drawer to come to 'another day'. As soon as your time comes around to booking your smear/cervical screening test, book it! It shall soon be over and done with and you will feel empowered that you have braved it all and have peace of mind knowing that you are keeping an eye on your hoo hars.

Thank you so much for reading, i know it has been a long winded post and has honestly helped me process it all and remember the reason why it is so important to spread awareness and motivation to go to your smear test.

Thank you for joining me on my experience and adventures of my down belows and i'll see you on my next post...

Emilie xx

I just wanted to pop a little p.s... I'm not promising that all experiences are going to be like mine. All of our bodies are so different which means your experience might be different to mine or sally's down the road. But don't let that put you off, something that is so important that takes just a couple of moments to go through really is all worth it in the end.

I'll leave the link HERE again if you need more information on smear/cervical screening tests.
If you are unsure about something with your lady bits even if your under 25, call your GP where you can discuss it all with them. That's what they are there for. <3

Revolution Re-loaded Palette - Velvet Rose. Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam DUPE!

If you've had your eyes on the Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam palette but just can't click purchase and handing over a hefty amount of money to have it in your hands, then i have THE dupe at a fraction of the ABH's price.

At just £4.00, Revolution has graced us again with a fantastic palette that gives us a replica shade to what soft glam has to offer but with their own twist.

When i purchased this palette, i didn't have it mind of purchasing soft glam, i just saw the shades and immediately fell in love. I'm going to Dubai soon and whenever i travel, i always want to try and pack as little or as compact as i can. I don't want to take numerous eyeshadow palettes with me, just a sleek, slender palette that gives me various looks to go for in one.
That stood out straight away when my eyes copped Velvet Rose.

My eyes were drawn to the dusky roses, the golds, browns, rusts, neutrals, shimmers and mattes, (apart from a rainbow eye which not gonna lie on a summer vacay i'm quite partial to pop a little vibrant yellow on the lid...) this palette has everything i need.

What I'd use the colours for...

Bone - A classic base shade to apply all over the lid and to blend other shades out with.

Orange Rusts - A perfect selection for Autumn and for creating a warm crease transition.

Golds - For a classic sweep of colour across the lid & to create bronze goddess looks in summer.

Browns- For a classic everyday look or an smokey evening look.

Rosey Pinks- Soft everyday look or a simple eye to pair with the burgundy on the lash line.

Black - A classic shade to smoke out the eye for an evening or my favourties to be used as a soft eyeliner.

Unlike ABH's Soft Glam, Velvet Rose has numbers instead of names for shades, which allows more space in the palette for bigger pans yet a sleek compact overall size.




I don't own soft glam BUT i 'did' own Modern Renaissance (i recently sold on Depop).

What i've come across with ABH palette's is that they are highhhhly pigmented. So pigmented that they have ALOT of fall out and i personally found so difficult to use as they are such hard work to blend due to such high pigment. 

Velvet Rose is different. Although i would class these shades as fantastic pigment, i wouldn't class them as pigmented as ABHs. Which i LOVE. They are pigmented enough that they are not just a sheer wash of colour that you can barely see. They allow you to place a colour on your lid with being noticeable, yet still build-able, so you can really customise the intensity you want.

When i tested revolutions palette on my eyes over the weekend, i didn't use a primer to really give it a test with pigment and longevity.
The shades picked up just as well on a brush like on my finger, they placed onto my lid effortlessly, i had no fall out which i was hoping for seems as i had already done my base and they lasted SO WELL! I had the shades on at 3pm until midnight (my brother had a little shin dig at his place, hence the late night, usually my makeup would be off at 5pm and i'd be in bed by 7, #grandma).

I love how the pans are so big, that you can get your brush right in there without having to worry about getting one shadow in another next to it, which i found easily happened with my Modern Renaissance palette. 
The price folks, i mean! £4.00!! It's just a steal and really is a no brainer for me when it comes to choosing Revolution over ABH. 

So if you love ABH's soft glam but don't know if it's worth it but love the shades it has to offer, i highly recommend you check out Revolution Velvet Rose. Revolution offer amazing dupes for SO many other palettes too! I have my beady eyeballs on Revolution's Devision palette which is a fantastic dupe for Anastasia's Subculture palette, still just for £4! 


 Pigmented using fingers & brushes
Long lasting power (personally 8+ hours without primer)
Numerous different eye looks
Big pans
Sleek packaging
Affordable price
Cruelty Free
Accessable via Superdrug and Revolution's Website

Do you think you will get your hands on this fabulous dupe? Let me know if you have any other Revolution palette dupes you have discovered.

Thank you for reading, 

P.S I also have a video of me testing out Velvet Rose for the first time along with other beauty products too.