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NEW L'Oreal Fine Flowers Milk Review

Hey flower pots.
Happy 1st of September to you all. 

Today i have a review of the new L'Oreal Fine Flowers Milk. 
My lovely mom brought this for me as i was eyeing up the L'Oreal stand a few weeks ago.

The minimal clean look with the soft petal picture really drew me in and got me intrigued.
I was on the look out a new cleanser and was so excited to get my paws on this.

On the bottle this product is described to remove makeup, cleanse and nourish.
It contains rose and jasmine & is suitable for dry & sensitive skin. 

You can 400ml which is a very generous size. I love the fact it has a pump as it is so easy to leave on your bathroom side, pump some on a cotton pad and just makes life that little easy when it comes to a tad laziness with skin like i have myself.
I like simple products with not a lot of work to it.

I'll be honest, i did think this would be like a hot cloth cleanser. But as i read the description it is more of a leave on cleanser if you will.
The type where you swipe the product along your face and neck using a cotton pad, which will remove any dirt and makeup which then you can leave on, to give a cleansed, smooth finish.
I personally like to really make sure i get my makeup off, so after using this i will either go in with face wash or a splash of water, to remove any excess dirt/cleanser residue.
On days where i don't wear makeup, this cleanser is nice to sweep over the face to remove any dirt and impurities that may have developed through the day/night.
With the cleanser slightly still remaining on the skin, it does not feel tacky or greasy just a small lotion like feel. With the milky constancy, it allows the product to smoothly and easily distribute over the skin and give a light feeling of softness.

The 'how to use' section on the back of the bottle, says to complete the skin, follow up with Fine Flowers toner. Which they would obviously recommend as a brand, but i do believe that this would answer my qualms to washing my face after removing my makeup. I believe it would just fresh up the skin and make the face feel that little but more cleaner.

The scent is very soft and delicate which matches the power of the cleaner. Its not going strip your skin and will be a perfect makeup remover/cleanser for those who suffer with sensitive skin. 

I love the combo of rose and jasmine.
The bottle also tells us that Rose is known for its soothing and comforting properties & jasmine, is renowned for its protecting and moisturising properties. So not only a fab skincare mixture but it also smells so lovely. 

My mom treated me to this from Superdrug at a offer price of £3.50 i believe, but as now gone up slightly to £5.99.
For the quantity i think this is quite good & if your on the look out for a delicate calming gentle cleanser then i would definitely check this out.  

L'Oreal also have other products in the Fine Flowers range which i will definitely check out in the future, especially the toner and also their gel cream wash, to see if it changes my mind on the whole gel cleansers, but thats for another post.

Until Monday Sweeties

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