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January/February Favourties

Ahhhhh this is so late, but one of my little blog/youtube goals was to always do my favourties each month.
Got off to a good start didn't it? haha
Buttttt one will not give up, its never too late & better late than never are some of my well used quotes ;)

I've never done a favourties post on my blog before and can't wait to get the ball rolling each month.
Over on my youtube channel, i made a few favourties vids over there & love doing them.
For each month i set myself 5 topics. This just makes it a lot more structured and also makes me less rabble less...

The topics i always go by are:

Youtube Channel.

To change it up a tad for my blog, ill change the YT channel to a favourite blog.

So without further ado, lets get on with the joint faves :)


 Most mornings more in January i would wake up, stick 2 weetabix in my bowl with a splash of milk & stick it in the microwave, then douse it with sugar. 
Not only in the mornings would this happen, i often wanted it in the afternoons.. evenings.
It's such a warming bowl of goodness that can be so versatile too. You can stick whatever you like on it and tastes incredible. I just stick with lashings of sugar, not the healthiest obvs but still YUMS.
As it was January and was cold. I wanted something for breakfast that was warming and filling and weetabix did just that.

Sweets in general really not a specific kind.
Although in asda you can pick 5 things out of a big selection of sweets and chocolates for just £1.
My usuals are strawberry cables, fizzy strawberry & cola laces, rainbow fizzy strips & then a double of any of the previous ones for my fifth. 
SOOOOOOO naughty but SO naaaaace ;)


These are both more the end of Jan through to the middle of feb i would say which are...


Both songs are quite opposites but are equally amazing.

Touch is just a fun, upbeat song that just makes me instantly want to dance and sing a long too.
And as its little mix, the music videos is so gorgeous and sassy & sexxxxxay.

Moana is just BEAUTIFUL.
I haven't even watched it yet but you betcha i'm counting down the days until i can get my hands on the dvd.
I have listened to this song so many times and it never gets boring, The meaning of the lyrics, the way that it is sang, moanas voice is just amazing & is such a goose bump giver.
The video is out of the actually film, but literally looks like real life so magical.


My ultimate fave is the rimmel lasting finish foundation but after quite a few bottles i just fancied at little some different to try.
And boy'o'boy i have mu little rimmel baby and sister.
Its the aybelline fit me, matte & pore less. They are similar pricing & do pretty much the exact things. But the maybelline is more matte than the rimmel being a little less matte and just a slight dew.
It has amaaaazing lasting power, doesn't look cakey or dry on the skin. Matches perfectly to my skin tone. Blends out like a dream and is just everything i want & need in a foundation.
And if im just wanting more of a matte finish or something different from the lasting finish foundation i will 100% reach for this bad boy.

If you like getting your nails done but don't like how much its costs, just like me. Head yourself over to get some primark nails & they will change your nail lifeee.
I cannot recommend primark nails enough.
On me they last more longer than getting false nails done in the salon.
The price ranges from £1.00 to £1.50.
They look so natural and comfortable on and have been LOVING them.
I'm going to do a post all about them soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Me and my husband Richard traveled to London in January and we absolutely love it. We cannot wait to go back there.
I had never been there before and it was such an amazing experience, Richard had been there but not for the tourist sites.
We did pretty much most of the tourist sites in the matter of the 3 days which was pretty cool. We just sort of stopped took it all in for a couple of mins took some pictures and then went on to see more.
Even though we fitted a lot in. It was so super chilled. We just took our time, didn't rush and really appreciated what an amazing city we was in. 

My blog has been such a favourite of mine since i started it but i really found such a bond and love with it in February when i did, the fall in love with yourself February series, where i uploaded a blog post every day, you can see them here.
I loved every minute of it & has given me such a drive to continue making posts for you and for my little online garden.


Every month Becca Rose is my inspiration for my own blog.
She has the most beautiful blog that is so inspiring with all the posts she creates and the pictures she creates are just BEAUTIFUL.
Becca does an a ray of posts that are always so interesting and helpful with little added sparkles of her personality shining through. 

Love, Catherine has THE most beautifulest blog i have ever seen. Everything i would want my blog to be like in the future. The posts Catherine makes are so easy to read & so interesting too.
She takes the most beautiful photos that i just want hanging on my wall!
Definitely go and check Catherine's blog out if you want some gorgeous pretty pictures to ponder over!

So there is my January & February Favourites combined. So sorry that it is late, but i just couldn't wait to tell you and recommend everything that has been my fave throughout these months.
I hope that you are all doing ok and ill see you on my next post.

Thank you so much reading xx

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