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Cutest Little Cat Bag - Handbag Review

I couldn't help but share with you this gorgeous little bag from Primark.
I've been eyeing this bag up for a while, well i say eyeing like i need convincing to buy it. I soon as i saw a glimpse of it on primarks website it was practically in my wardrobe. 
I picked this little cutie up from the children's section which i believe may be why it was a teensy bit cheaper from the ladies selection of bags.

It has a gold chain which leads on to a matching pink strap to make it more comfortable on your shoulders.
Its not the biggest of bags but during the warmer months i don't want to be lugging round a heavy bag, so this will help me to be minimal and just take the essentials.

I am obsessed with this shade of pink at the moment. I definitely need more of this colour in my wardrobe for spring.
I think its going to go with almost all of my spring outfits that i have planned as this shade is so versatile and goes with so much.

The style. Lets just take a moment to revel in the cuteness of this little kitty.
I love the ears and whiskers & the cutest little gold heart nose. 
The nose reminds me of some earrings from ted baker, how lovely to wear them with this bag though, a little subtle matchy matchy.

For only £5 i think its soooo adorable & purrrrrfect for spring!
(i couldn't resist)

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