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Shaving 101.

I always feel pampered when i have shaved.

From around, i want to say 8-9? years old, i have shaved. Well, i did start off with 'nair' a hair removal cream that slightly burned not gonna lie....
Having quite dark hair and a slight olive tanned skin when i was younger i had dark body hair.
In the usual places, legs, arms etc.

I was quite embarrassed of my arm hair. I remember one of cousins say, ''wow you've got really hairy arms'' erghhh'' Out came nair. 
When i was a bit more older i was allowed to razors lol.
Now, it wouldn't bother me. 
When i saw what u like to call fluffy arms, i am so jealous, what it would be like to not shave my arms every day (pff i say everyday but i've gotten to lazy, every other lets say)

I still shave my arms just because its sort of me now i guess. I quite like how smooth they are when they are freshly shaved.
Not only do the arms get shaved....


i know what your thinking, yes everywhere.
I'm not saying you have to do this, don't shave at all if thats your thing.
Its just what i have always done, i'm just so used to doing it & love the feeling after...

On an every other days basis i do the usual.. legs, arms, underarms.
On a Saturday, which is usually the day i might do something like an event etc or even just have a full on pamper,  i'll do the whole
toes, ankles, lady bits, cheeky bits, shoulders, backs of thighs, wrists, knuckles... a clean sweep.

My face is slightly different. Occasionally ill get my eyebrows threaded usually for the special occasion or if i've let them slip to much & its sort of fresh start with them.
But most of the time, i'll prune them once a week, twice if they're lucky. 
My whole face e.g cheeks, forehead, nose i'll do once a week, again mainly when i have a special occasion something like a party, cinema, meal etc.
My upper lip the FEIND! I'll do once a week as well as da chin.

This may be extreme to some people, again you do you.
Whatever you suits you. I'm not in the slightest saying you should be doing the same, just giving you a little run down of my weekly shaving menu ;)

Here's a few items i use to keep my body hair free...

General Razor
You cannot beat mens razors, confession i used to borrow my brothers to shave my legs when i was younger.... SORRY SI!
The difference to women's is unbelievable! You get such a close shave & actually leave your legs stubble & smoother for longer.
I haven't used a mens razor for ages... (my husband better watch out, now i've just reminded myself)
they can be so expensive just like some women's razors most of the time. But you can get really good ones for such a good price. I get mine from either asda or wilkos or just anywhere who has the best offer on some really. I always use disposable ones.
You don't have to spend a lot on razors, but definitely don't recommend super cheap ones, like the 20p ones, for your sake only. I usually can get mine for under £3.

Here's the ones i chop & change between...

I find that these particular razors are nice to hold & gives you a good grip which really helps, cuts less & gives a nice close, smooth shave. Just as long as you keep changing them up every week or so to keep them sharp & clean they you'll keep everything you shave smooth and hairless :)

Shaving Creams
I don't actually use shaving cream again only on a special occasion haha, ones got to treat yourself. 
I really like this one from Olay, its smells delish & is really moisturising.
I quite like own brands too. from wilkos & asda.

But when that can runs out until the next event (which runs out so quickly doesn't it?)
I just use whatever shower gel i've got going.
I just plop some on my lufa, lather up on both part & shave. Simples.
I would never dry shave, even when i haven't got a lathery lather i get really sore skin & skin rashes esp on my legs, so bubble it up before you shave babes. 

Lady Shaver
I get mine from amazon for £1.98! So inexpensive and yet so good. I only really use this on my face or awkward areas on my body. You have to keep the batteries nice & fresh as when they start to lose power, then comes the tugging ouch!
I definitely don't recommend around your 'down belows'.
Perfect for your upper lip, around the face, a quick touch up of the brows if too much in a rush to tweeze... BEWARE NOT TO GO CRAZY.
I am not going to insert the picture of when i SLIPPED & shaved a patch out of my brows... :(

Laser Hair Removal
I would LOVE to have laser hair removal all over my body.
The time i would save would be unreal!
The thought of not having to shave would be amazing to know i could just go out & be smooth without having to get my lady shaver on my moustache,
It's on the wish list & look out in the future for a part 2 of this where i hopefully tell you all about it! 

So all in all, when i want to feel smooth and some how feel accomplished when i have shaved every inch of body. I grab my razor, lather oneself & blitz it all off.
If your not into shaving thats absolutely fine! But you look to maybe maintain your eyebrows, go and get them threaded. It does save so much time & even though there's a little pain involved, its a little treat and pamper for yourself. 

* If your under 16, ask permission to remove body & facial hair & alway be careful with sharp items *

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