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Get it all down on paper

I thought the most helpful thing to start this month off of loving yourself, pampering yourself, enjoying yourself, would be really tricky is you mind is bombarded with stress, thoughts, to do lists, jobs that need to be done...

So before we start this month with more 'fun' things (to be honest, i do quite enjoy doing this...)
The most important thing we need to do is have the most clear, stressless mind to take on the month.

What really helps me clear my mind of all life's stress, is to write it all down.
I prefer to do it on paper, but you can do it on your phone as well.
I just find a blank piece of paper, grab a nice pen & get jotting down everything thats whirling around in my head.
It can be the smallest of things... tonights dinner, needing some more shampoo, making an appointment, rearranging an appointment, wrapping up & taking some parcels back... ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.

By getting it down on paper, your moving every thing onto a visible object. You are then more likely not to forget anything, remind you daily if placed in a easy seeing place & make you more inclined to tick them odd jobs off.

My mind instantly feels clear.
Even though most time you will have a list as long as your arm in front of you, it seems more possible to get them done.
When you have written everything out, you can then categorise & prioritise your list.
Which will then be your plan of action on where to start. 
If you have items you need picking up from the shops, instead of being in your brain, most likely forget an item while your there which will mean another journey to the shops. (for me will mean more money being spent on other items that catch my eye, possibly still forgetting the item i went in for.)
Instead categorise your list into sections, you will then have a list made for you to take to the shops, not forgetting anything & the most enjoyable thing about this, is that can tick a bloody big chunk off that list!

I promise you that you will feel so much better getting it all out on paper & you almost feel like you have already accomplished something. 
Your mind will be feel a lot clearer, a lot cleaner & so much much more ready to take on February! 


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