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DIY Chocolate Face Mask

When were pampering ourselves, it's quite well known to pop on a face mask (maybe a few slices of cucumber added too). We can find oh so many from most beauty & skincare brands now, but wouldn't be so much fun to make your own! Whats also known on a pamper night is chocolate.
So what better than to combine the 2!
One of the benefits from making your ow face mask is not only is thats its fun to do & quite therapeutic, but you know exactly what is going on your skin & you can use different ingredients to suit your own skin needs.
I thought I'd show you one that suits all skin types & is an all round good egg. 


1 tbsp of Cocoa Powder

1 tbsp of honey

1 tbsp of natural yogurt

Mix all of the ingredients together, chill in fridge for a couple of minutes, to make it nice and refreshing when you apply it & leave on for 15-20 minutes.
(make sure you wear something you don't mind getting a little messy)

Just wipe off with a warm damp flannel & pat dry.

Cocoa Powder is a super duper high in anti oxidants to fight against free radicals, which are tiny chemical particles that can develop in our skin just from our everyday lives. The antioxidants also help repair skin cells, so if you have an pesky scars from blemishes, cocoa powder can really help t fade them, while being so so moisturising too. It helps fight against sun damage & pollution.
And tastes bloody good.

Honey is so well known for so many benefits for our skin. Honey is amazing to hydrate the skin & to also nourish it. Like the cocoa powder, honey is also known for making you have gloriously glowing skin, while also being a little gem at reducing acne & inflammation & even tightens skin!

Natural Yoghurt is AMAZING for you skin, it hydrates it, helps treat blemishes & my favourite... brightens up your complexion, tightens your pores, treats redness if you have discolouration. If your skins a bit this really helps to soothe. Anti-ageing properties it also has!

Over all this mask is the bomb.com.
Its going to help with so many areas of your skin that you don't even just have to use on your face... on your body too! Just up the ingredients a little...

You'll be left with beautiful glowing skin.
I used this myself last weekend & oh my goodness! It's incredible! My skin after felt so soft & so youthful and glowy.
A lit from within, very natural healthy glow. 
It felt so hydrated & clean & just over all AMAZING!!

I can't recommend this mask enough & do let me know if you try it.

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